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c92529.42021-09-22 at 19:00mikuxdriftMisora Saku+39 traits and H-traits (some may not be accurate.)
v29052.82021-09-22 at 17:19mikuxdriftAibeya 2- removed a screenshot to accommodate new-ish ones from the r73982 release. tried my best to follow d13#2 and d2#6 as much as possible. note: feel
c100145.12021-09-22 at 16:09mikuxdriftTokisaki Youichi+1 protagonist. name reading from synopsis link
s24622.12021-09-16 at 04:53mikuxdriftS-Prism+1 company (with rubbish description. fix at your own will.)
v4412.122021-09-14 at 13:43mikuxdriftK☆Ten-added screenshots tried my best to follow d13#2 and d2#6 as much as possible. note: feel free to change any screenshots IF it needs to. #2
c93625.42021-09-09 at 02:44mikuxdriftSagisawa Arisa+7 -Added back to v24351 just only for the h-traits. reasons: The H-scene only occurs after the epilogue. In which her powers got weaker at this
c77136.132021-09-09 at 01:43mikuxdriftTokisaka Nino+7
c77131.162021-09-09 at 01:38mikuxdriftShirakawa Hiyori+7
c77134.122021-09-09 at 01:31mikuxdriftSagisawa Arisu+5
c77137.132021-09-09 at 01:26mikuxdriftOumi Sorane+8