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v24564.92019-02-14 at 14:59mikuxdriftNekogami-sama to, Nanatsuboshi -Imouto no Ane-removing the a part of the desc. it seems to be that part was the blog authors comment about the VN. P.S. feel free to revert it back
c4059.282019-02-11 at 22:26mikuxdriftSakurai Yoshiyukiadded to VN.
c4053.382019-02-11 at 22:24mikuxdriftAsakura Otomeadded to VN.
c4049.292019-02-11 at 22:23mikuxdriftTsukishima Kokoadded to VN.
r62156.22019-02-11 at 22:22mikuxdriftD.C. II C.C. ~Da Capo II Character Collection~ Tsukishima Koko no Raburabu Ba...title fix. note: exact release date is unknown