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s13706.52021-02-06 at 15:13mikuxdriftRingo SuiRevert name to Sui. source: from her twitch channel. link (her TTS on Pixiv live was messing with up with her name when the "Mizu" entry was made.)
s3392.22021-02-05 at 17:15mikuxdriftNatsumiya YuzuSite update + SNS links. (the normal "http" link doesn't work. "https" does.)
c94233.32021-01-30 at 10:05mikuxdriftNazo no Shoujo+1 new image. (official game sprite) -added some visual traits
v24472.162021-01-17 at 16:39mikuxdriftLoveKami -Healing Harem-Reverted to revision v24472.14 Just following d5#3. if that's the case then v20337 and v21188 would get the same treatment. (feel free to revert.)
v24472.142021-01-17 at 15:58mikuxdriftLoveKami -Healing Harem-Reverted to revision v24472.10 Reason: The original base game was released for the English speakers first. (AKA: LoveKami -Healing Harem
c66910.92021-01-10 at 09:08mikuxdriftKosaka Miyorisome edit.
v30029.32021-01-10 at 08:22mikuxdriftDrapri Guu-ta-life LOVE + PLUSadded screenshots and img cover. -copy pasta some staff credits from v28634
c91243.32021-01-10 at 08:04mikuxdriftIchinose Akino+1
v22357.252021-01-10 at 06:57mikuxdriftTenpure!!......
v22357.242021-01-10 at 06:54mikuxdriftTenpure!!re-added screenshots. Tried my best to follow d13#2 and d2#6 as much as possible. Recaptured in Infranview and forced my monitor to run 720p to get