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t16058.12021-05-16arc_conv script extraction?I found out that the program arc_conv at link is able to convert the .asb files from Ouka's script.arc file into .txt files. It seemed I was so close
w1957.22021-05-04Low Spec!? ~Ore to Toshishita Kanojo to Seikyouiku!~Because worms and insects are gross, that's why. I'll admit it's just ignorance on my part, because I've never heard of it until I read that H scene
t15969.22021-05-02Why isn't the GameCube listed as a platform?You'd better believe it. Typically console ports of visual novels will almost all release on the same home console per generation. To my knowledge
t10038.132021-04-30Not running on Windows 10Couldn't find a guide like that, although in theory you could extract the .BCS files from the game's archives using Garbro then decompile them to see
t15942.22021-04-29There's going to be a sequel... Right?I haven't read this one (yet) so I don't know much about it, but I can recall reading somewhere that this series sold poorly due to it being too
t10038.92021-04-16Not running on Windows 10For those of you from the future reading these threads about this game, I just checked and the copy I bought from link (nsfw) still works on Windows
t10038.72021-04-15Not running on Windows 10It says to please insert the original disc. That's the pathetic drm that some old games had where you had to leave the disc inside the machine in
t15801.462021-04-11Kanji DataFinally it appears to be working! I giggled like a school girl feeling like I don't need to look up stuff anymore while I'm reading. Thank you so
t15801.432021-04-11Kanji DataSame problem after installing then opening PyCharm community edition, however I don't know what plugins you are using for it or anything.
t15801.422021-04-11Kanji DataThe only other file in that folder is .gitkeep, it came with the .zip after I downloaded from github. I tried deleting it and running the program
t15801.402021-04-11Kanji DataThe 22 words problem was from itsusora.txt. The word count does not change regardless of whether or not I use the non-spoiler-list. IDLE input is as
t15801.382021-04-11Kanji Datalink It's itsusora.txt, fortissimoexs.txt and harumade kururu.txt that I tried.
t15801.362021-04-11Kanji DataIDLE showed no error messages, but this was the resulting WORDS.txt :( `=== Уникальные слова/Unique words (22): 動詞%F4@2; 形容詞%F1; 名詞%F2@1; 形容詞%F6@0
t15801.332021-04-11Kanji DataSadly it still didn't work, but I got a different error this time: `Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\エロゲ\jpscriptscanner\", line
t15801.302021-04-11Kanji DataUsing IDLE I got this message after kanji progress reached 100%: `Failed initializing MeCab. Please see the README for possible solutions: https
t15801.282021-04-11Kanji DataSorry I was confused, I installed 0.996 of MeCab itself from link but MeCab-Python3 is like a separate thing in link , I have 1.0.3 of that. Are the
t15801.272021-04-11Kanji DataI followed all your instructions, tested the program and it appears to work perfectly for displaying the kanji list. But the words list is missing
t15801.252021-04-10Kanji DataNow for the blacklist: All of these words (they are verbs btw): 命を絶つ, 死を選ぶ, 死に追いやる, 轢く, 縊る, 息の根を止める, 討ち果す, 仕留める, 轢き殺す, 亡き者にする, 血塗る, 釁る, 盛り殺す, 取り殺す
t15801.222021-04-09Kanji DataSo I compared both and the fix you used that reduced it to 732 is perfect, please keep it that way. If you were wondering what happened, most of the
t15801.202021-04-08Kanji DataThank you for your work so far. You don't have the original list anymore, do you? There used to be 835 words but now there's 732. I think your fix
t15801.172021-04-07Kanji DataTokenizing, so that's what this is called... Alright, I read all 835 words and the majority of the output is okay, and it would still be pretty
t15801.132021-04-06Kanji DataThanks kiru, I didn't know about that program beforehand. Although it appears to be abandonware, it still works on Windows 10 and can be found on
t15801.22021-04-02Kanji DataHave you thought about releasing your tool on github or something? That would make my hobby so much easier. Thanks for the list!
w1656.12021-03-11Izumo 2Having seen Studio e.go's games before on vndb I sometimes felt like I should try one because I really like how Kazue draws characters and what-not
w145.22021-02-14Heroine wa Tomodachi Desu ka? Koibito Desu ka? Soretomo Tomefure Desu ka?"any example of uncommon words for common things? " It's been too long since I read Tomefure so sadly I can no longer pick out any examples from this
t15258.82020-12-26some adviceGenerally if it's not a visual novel .exe then it's less likely to work, but unless somebody has posted a hook code for it on the internet, the only
t15258.62020-12-26some adviceIf the translation software in question is textractor than iirc it will only be able to find it when textractor is also ran as admin.
t14906.22020-12-05HookcodeTry submitting an issue to Artikash's Github here link . I tried hooking this myself and it just isn't possible, even if you can type in Japanese to
t14972.32020-11-07The preservation of Flash-based VNsI remember playing some of those on school computers... Will Adobe's actions make Counter-Strike NEO -White Memories- unplayable? It's an exe so it
t14915.32020-10-26Why were you drawn to visual novels?Caramelldansen meme, Katawa Shoujo threads on 4chan, friend in high school that read them, etc. VN stuff was everywhere in my life 9 or 10 years ago
t14913.42020-10-25Is the plot too similar to this?"VNs, especially nowadays, aren't doing anything even remotely different. Same character types, same stories, same drama." I'd argue that at least
t14913.12020-10-25Is the plot too similar to this?I was thinking of reading Shugaten in the near future since I watched Gochiusa years ago and liked it. I went to Youtube to watch the first few
t14843.12020-10-10Mars of Destruction hook codesUse one of the following: HS932#20000000+-C@30151E76 HS932#20000000+-C@30151E9D HS932#20000000+-8@30151ECA Tested with PCSX2 1.6.0 and Textractor 4
t14825.22020-10-05VN Protagonists with a brother and a sisterTrue Blue is the only game I can think of, though I don't know if you can call it a "regular eroge" since it's full of NTR, but at least I found it
t14790.62020-09-27Laptop for VN's#4 My old laptop was only 8 GB and ran Nekopara without lagging. More than that will be above the OPs price point probably.
t14790.22020-09-27Laptop for VN'sI'd suggest any used gaming laptop will do, the reason I say "gaming" is because most other laptops have horrible viewing angles as they're meant to
w202.32020-09-12Chicchakunai Mon! ~School Bus de Omukae Chu Chu♥~#2 Thank you, now I remember why the common route in Shuki Shuki Daishuki was more interesting. I was worried the novelty of this kind of game was
t14639.1002020-09-06Reviews in Preview#91 Yorhel if you're migrating threads and not already keeping track of all of mine, can you migrate all of these? Thanks! t12240 t13451 t14270 t1218
t11993.72020-09-01My thoughts on thisThis is the first VN review I've written and looking back at it, I don't really like what I wrote. A few statements seem like generalizations or they
t14526.92020-08-15Why animated visual novels are so rare#6 For me it's because there are other things that are much more important besides animation, such as whether or not the story is interesting to read
t14401.112020-07-27Which VN rating site is more credible out of the 3@#10 Actually there's a few examples of games with poor scores on EGS that have good ratings on VNDB. The worst offender I'm aware of is Pia Carrot e
t14396.22020-07-25How to obtain?I imagine this can be done using the Bluestacks emulator's device profile setting, entering the make and model# of a Japanese phone: link
t14377.82020-07-24learning how to read"thanks for answering my question guys, i just think kanji is 2 hard i have been watching this video link and many similar like it and i just cant
t14353.42020-07-19What is your favourite "Quirky" Eroge-OP?I had a WTF moment when Youtube's crappy algorithm recommended me Wanwanshiishii~'s opening years ago, and to this day it's still my favorite among
t14218.22020-06-21Hook CodeTry HSN4@156ED0:oniichan.exe
t14219.22020-06-20Hookcode?HS932#10@1F4BB0:shoukoujohd.exe Found using textractor's search for hooks button. Make sure textractor is up to date as Tanuki Soft was supposed to
t14200.22020-06-17UGHHHHActually judging by the screenshots and the developer this game might have the same problem as True Blue. If it is then it's still playable, but it
t14125.82020-06-06Problems Siglus engine.exe@#7 I'm not OP but judging by the number of games he claimed to have in his previous posts on various loli VNs I'm going to assume that he pirated
t14125.52020-06-05Problems Siglus engine.exeIt's strange that you're having problems with it, I played it on Windows 10 and had no issues with it. This game I bought though, I didn't have to