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t14270.12020-06-30ReviewWith the exception of a few kemonomimi VNs, this is probably one of the cutest looking ones I've ever seen, so I thought I should read it. It's also
t14218.22020-06-21Hook CodeTry HSN4@156ED0:oniichan.exe
t14219.22020-06-20Hookcode?HS932#10@1F4BB0:shoukoujohd.exe Found using textractor's search for hooks button. Make sure textractor is up to date as Tanuki Soft was supposed to
t14200.22020-06-17UGHHHHActually judging by the screenshots and the developer this game might have the same problem as True Blue. If it is then it's still playable, but it
t14125.82020-06-06Problems Siglus engine.exe@#7 I'm not OP but judging by the number of games he claimed to have in his previous posts on various loli VNs I'm going to assume that he pirated
t14125.52020-06-05Problems Siglus engine.exeIt's strange that you're having problems with it, I played it on Windows 10 and had no issues with it. This game I bought though, I didn't have to
t14125.22020-06-05Problems Siglus engine.exeYou can also try opening it through Siglusextract, it does the same thing but you can ignore the extra window that comes up when the game opens. I
t14126.22020-06-05Windows 10?Is it the package version? I bought the download versions of Daisuki na Sensei ni H na Onedari Shichau Omase na Boku no / Watashi no Puni Puni and Ri
t14113.42020-06-04VN Translation 101Looking at our previous chat, did you want to translate Bye? It's an nscripter game and since I'm pretty bored atm I attempted it briefly and already
t13022.32020-05-24My thoughtsI only finished Anne's route and that character doesn't appear in it, so I can't say for sure. Didn't personally like the game enough to read the
t14001.12020-05-16ReviewIn this VN the protagonist finds a shady looking website that pairs people with the opposite gender so that they can spend the night at his place for
t12568.22020-05-16helpNo, there's only 1 choice in the base game and it's meaningless. I think Another Story has one as well but you just have to save then load after you
t13928.32020-05-04Age of the girlsYeah that was me who mentioned the toilet/age thing. I played it about 2 years ago and it was my first lolige, so it goes without saying that I
t13918.22020-05-03Is this VN good?It's unlikely you'll get an answer anytime soon as PCSX2 support for textractor has been added only recently and the only person who voted on this VN
t13891.22020-04-28Yukiwari no Hana youtube translation(partial)link A lot of console game translators are there, so if you ever decide you want to patch the actual iso then that place most likely has someone who
t13883.52020-04-26it has english version now@#2 All fan TLs are illegal period as they are derivative works of copyrighted materials, but almost all developers just don't feel like suing fans
t13050.512020-04-20Sales@#50 You sound surprised about feeling like you're in the stone age. Japanese companies can be strangely backwards about a lot of things in general
t13836.22020-04-18Sakuranbo Shougakkou and Mermaid MelodyWhile their games are well programmed from what I've seen so far and the art is to my liking, I thought they were a bit lazy for reusing the same
t13050.492020-04-15SalesI also found Monobeno+happy end+all the append patches and what not for 500 yen. Aside from that and the Interheart collection, are there any other
t12414.182020-04-05GREATSome people seem concerned about understanding presumably Japanese references/memes and the kind of impact it will have on translation/enjoying the
t12520.42020-04-02ReviewIf you have to ask, there very likely isn't one, you'll have no choice but to do this link , or machine translate it if you're lazy or don't have
t13773.12020-04-02Summary, ThoughtsHaving recently read Musumaker after it was suggested to me almost a year ago, I can say that it was quite an interesting experience, but not
t13762.32020-03-31Number of protagsI wish they made a sequel to Musumaker rather than a fandisk that requires reading 3 different VNs. Especially after Mikan's route, that would've
t13745.22020-03-29Application not opening.It says, "failed at loading system data." Last time I had an error like that in one of my games I had to go through my new PC's region settings
t13741.22020-03-28Walkthroughlink That's the only walkthrough I could find. If you have the CD version (see my review to figure out which version you have) the walkthrough won't
t13720.52020-03-25Coronavirus/Quarantine ExperiencesWait, so you're still here after all of this? t10813#3
t13705.22020-03-22some thoughts about this series so farI have a question about these games; in your opinion, do any of the protagonists ever pressure the heroines to perform sex acts they aren't
t13696.32020-03-21Translation patchI remember many years ago someone posted a Youtube video showing a partial English translation for this game that was being worked on, but sadly it's
t13614.32020-03-08Most fun I've had playing a Visual Novel in agesDo you still think the game is good? I like the character designs better than Musumaker and this doesn't look like a raising sim where you will spend
t13592.152020-02-29Copying visual novel discs?#11 I tried something similar (installing a game on an external HDD then playing on another PC) and it doesn't often work.
t13592.82020-02-29Copying visual novel discs?I don't know what kind of external drives you were looking at, but the asus ones that google showed me have decent reviews. They make good hardware
t13565.12020-02-23Do you REALLY need 1 million yen by Feb 28th?Alright so I've been playing Musumaker for the past couple of weeks or so, and I've reached the point where I'm supposed to pay off February's
t13551.22020-02-17What Visual Novels would Animemers love?Apart from DDLC I can't think of many meme VNs, unless you're looking for non-serious OELVNs. The only other series I know of are the Futaba Channel
t13522.32020-02-09ReviewI checked out the CG gallery on e-hentai, which is from 2015 so it was the original release, and I did not notice any CGs that were removed from the
t13522.12020-02-09ReviewTheガッツ2についてあんまり言うことがない、最初のゲームより短編エロゲ、あるいは日本語の読み腕を鍛えていた。一プログラムで、Theガッツ2のHD版はTheガッツ3相俟っていた。Theガッツ2を楽しむのために、最初のゲームは必要じゃない。 残念ながら2000版から若干の中身を捨てたかもしれない
t13516.22020-02-08Search for some relativly specific gamesProbably anything involving LiLiM. Check the sexual content tags to be sure, and read t13451 because some routes are exactly what you're looking for.
t13488.72020-02-01EGS mirrorFrom my experience the original url works for 2 or 3 days then it doesn't, as if the site owner can't ban all foreign IPs automatically and has to
t13466.82020-01-28A new site for VN OpeningsI think would be a good place, they have very lenient policies regarding porn, violence, etc and you can download stuff as well, not just
t13451.12020-01-21ReviewMany years ago I came home from school one day feeling really horny, and wanted to fap to some hentai. Not knowing what I wanted to watch, I picked
t13341.32019-12-28I liked it
t13264.12019-12-08PlagiarismSo I'm reading Snow at the moment, and I've noticed that North Wind kind of plagiarized its story. So here's what's going on in both of these games
t12774.132019-12-04Super CuteAnimal☆Panic will get released a month earlier too.
t13229.52019-12-03Old blue VNs work on Win 10?@#4 I never use autoplay so I didn't think to check it. I got past the prologue with your instructions, so I think I can manage from now on. Thanks a
t13229.32019-12-03Old blue VNs work on Win 10?@#2 I have the blue box version as well but the disc is corrupt. The download version should be the Blue Box version then, thanks.
t13234.52019-12-02Air Pocket AdvanceI would try opening said links through, or asking on said forums/other rom forums to see if anyone still has it. Like you I've been
t13229.12019-12-01Old blue VNs work on Win 10?Hi I want to check out True Blue after briefly seeing the anime 8 years ago. The 2002 disc version crashes on windows 10 after a few lines of text
t13221.62019-12-01User reviewsIt's too discouraging knowing that any review posted in the "discussions" section will never be read by the majority of people visiting such game's
t13192.22019-11-27Is it dead?Yes it's dead, but still accessible: link
t13167.32019-11-22AlpharomDie Error#2 What's wrong with the newer builds? They fucked it up and left it as is?
t12961.92019-10-18[SPOILER] VERY CAREFULWhat if it's like Madoka Magica, where it looked like another moe anime at first but by now everyone knows it's something totally different? I don't