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c63514.152019-04-25 at 05:21sarah101Amami MarikaPlay the game. its both, other female MC sets it up and steals MC away.
c63514.132019-02-08 at 00:47sarah101Amami MarikaNTR
c63536.82019-01-26 at 09:48sarah101Uesugi RumiEnding 2.
c63536.72019-01-26 at 09:48sarah101Uesugi RumiShe was never with MC until the end.
c24274.62018-11-04 at 01:29sarah101Nonohara AoiStop lying
c69666.72018-09-22 at 00:36sarah101Yuuki IsamuNTR's other dude
c74113.32018-09-22 at 00:35sarah101Yuuki MichiyasuGet NTR'd by MC
c74113.22018-09-22 at 00:34sarah101Yuuki MichiyasuRole added
c42869.282018-08-06 at 13:42sarah101Ebina NadeshikoShes a virgin at the start
c23142.82018-08-06 at 12:53sarah101Connie Il RequilAdded traits
c57908.32018-06-29 at 21:45sarah101Tsuchioka MiriAdded personality tag, and 2 things she engages in