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t12057.12019-03-16Can you avoid . . . Can you avoid the gang bang with the antagonist in this? Does she have a route or is she always the villain? Idk if I really had to put this in
t10315.162018-12-31parting ending :(bump
t11269.92018-12-11Anyone read this?Oh so its on a different route from hers?
t11551.112018-11-25How does the NTR work in this?#10 lol I already said I took a look at the CG. I already know all this. Unfortunately this still leaves some big questions unanswered. Thanks for
t11551.42018-11-23How does the NTR work in this?#2 Does my question bother you? Why don't you just ignore it if you hate it that much? Thanks for that really helpful comment. #3 I already did but
t11551.12018-11-22How does the NTR work in this?1. Can you prevent it even when on a different heroines route? 2. Is it easily avoidable?
t11269.72018-11-04Anyone read this?bump
t11269.62018-10-25Anyone read this?Here's a link with the CGs I'm talking about: link
t11269.42018-10-21Anyone read this?#3 Here is the link from the cg: link Are their like routes for each heroine?
t11269.22018-10-18Anyone read this?bump
t1104.292018-10-13Story infoAnyone mind spoiling the NTR and why it happens?
t10563.142018-09-30Is it possible to get a normal good ending?Funny enough, if its by the MC then I'm usually fine with it.
t10563.122018-09-30Is it possible to get a normal good ending? Does it show the rape scenes? I think I have seen one scene in particular but it might have been from the anime. I've heard conflicting info on if
t10563.102018-09-30Is it possible to get a normal good ending?Can you get to a good number of endings without the friend (Taisuke) raping/hooking up with a main heroine?
t11269.12018-09-23Anyone read this?Anyone read this and think it was any good? Is the NTR involving Shinji only in a bad ending?
t10563.72018-09-07Is it possible to get a normal good ending?Can you avoid kotohona being raped by Makoto's friend if you are trying to do a different girls route like sekai? Does she only end up sleeping with
t6599.162018-08-31Absolutely beautifulAre all the H-scenes unlockables that don't take place during the story?
t6916.82018-08-13Furifure2 -GD-I just finished this and I liked it. I decided to only play the good route and it was overall a feel good story. I think i'll check out the first one
t10655.162018-08-12Questiongood to hear. Some VNs make the dumbest most insignificant choices make a huge impact (Yume Miru Kusuri i'm looking at you).
t10655.142018-08-11QuestionThanks. Do you think the choices are straightforward as to which lead to good and bad endings with the heroines?
t10655.122018-08-11QuestionForgot to ask one last question. I'm approaching the prostitute girls route which I know has the rape scene. Does she continue to be a prostitute
t11022.12018-08-05Question about storyIs the NTR in this VN regarding just rape? I heard its just Mitsuki who does it, but idk if thats true. Which routes does she sleep with someone
t10956.102018-07-28Rape and Netorarebump
t10956.92018-07-26Rape and NetorareI was look at the cgs here: link Is the boy on the page 2 cgs the protagonist? If not, who is it? Is that blonde girl a romanceable character for
t8941.52018-07-24My Fair Angel -GD-even in her good end you just end up getting NTR'd? That should be a federal crime to not actually give a heroine a happy ending
t10958.12018-07-212 questionsI want to know if I should put this in my queue of VNs to read. I like to have 3 lined up. My questions are: Is the ntr avoidable? Also, what is
t9821.72018-07-14We need a after story!!#5 There is no such thing as too much of a nukige. As long as there are nuts to bust, there must be more
t10898.12018-07-06Something similar?I liked the theme of the mc being hypnotized and forced to have sex for some cost. Does any one know of similar VNs? It doesn't have to be hypnotism
t10852.362018-07-04Sprite is in deep, and will probably go bankrupt.Is there eve a Chinese market? I feel like they would be piracy kings
t10315.152018-07-03parting ending :(How does it end for the girl that gets a parting ending?
t10882.12018-07-03Heroines questionDo the heroines have sex with anyone other than the MC?
t10852.112018-06-27Sprite is in deep, and will probably go bankrupt.#6 eroge no longer profitable? God I hope ths isnt true. Anyone know any stats on the industry and sales that I could see?
t10852.52018-06-26Sprite is in deep, and will probably go bankrupt.#4 ya i thought so. I also loved Koichoco and would love to see more things like that from them. Here's hoping they figure their shit out
t10852.32018-06-26Sprite is in deep, and will probably go bankrupt.they actually mention that bankruptcy was likely or is that what you inferred?
t10838.72018-06-23long name real?ok what happened today? do you want to talk about it? I'm here for you.
t10836.12018-06-2318+ coming?the eng version is a steam release but will there be an 18+ patch / version?
t10798.42018-06-12All ages vs 18+are there h-scenes for each heroine?
t10797.12018-06-12Compared to Cartagra?I loved cartagra and i'm going to wait a while before playing KnS , but in the meantime this looks like something that would be good to check out. Is
t10781.12018-06-09single or multiple endings?As the title says. Same for their other game Valkyrie Runabout!. I always prefer multiple endings rather than a single unavoidable harem type one
t10771.32018-06-07Routes + walkthrough?thanks friend
t10771.12018-06-06Routes + walkthrough?If there are routes that lead to different endings in this, does anyone have a walkthrough?
t10718.32018-05-29Sub routes?How long is the step sister route?
t10719.52018-05-29No Saeko route?jebaited
t10719.32018-05-29No Saeko route?Oh that's good to hear. I thought she might only have one in the first game. Thanks for the reply
t10719.12018-05-29No Saeko route?As the title says.
t10718.12018-05-29Sub routes?How do the sub-routes for Saeko and Azusa work in this? How long are they compared to the main 3?
t8413.992018-05-26The protagonistlets take a breather
t10697.62018-05-26Fortissimo picked up by SakuraGameThey doing an 18+ patch for English?
t6034.72018-05-25How is the game?is the tag "only avoidable sexual content" for this vn due to the scenes being unlockable extras or something like that? Or are they just choices