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r57771.102019-03-14 at 09:03marantanaLilycle Rainbow Stage!!!removed Notes
v8508.422019-03-10 at 16:38marantanaOkujou no Yurirei-sanreverted. it's ok, this seems to be consensus.
v8508.412019-03-10 at 13:21marantanaOkujou no Yurirei-sanA 100% read of the 'full chorus' version seems to take 35-45 hours for most people including myself (times on steam, other sites). There's a poll in
r62564.32019-03-05 at 18:48marantanaZuihou de 47 Xiaoshi - The Last 47 Hoursvoiced
r61763.22019-02-28 at 20:10marantanaLate-night Nurse Callremoved from steam.
r37312.22019-02-26 at 15:51marantanaCherry Tree High Comedy Club (Original Setting Version)typo
v22580.62019-02-23 at 23:58marantanaRed Embrace60k words
r6397.32019-02-23 at 00:47marantanaThe Nettestadt Trollthe link given here is down. replaced with the link from the vn main page.
v19283.32019-02-08 at 23:53marantanaGyakuten Yoshiwara ~Ougiya Hen~source: play times on howlongtobeat.com
v15231.132019-02-08 at 23:52marantanaGyakuten Yoshiwarasource: play times on howlongtobeat.com
v24823.22019-02-07 at 02:42marantanaSakura MMO 24-7 h for 100%
v22206.22019-02-06 at 14:57marantanaBaptism~5000 words
v24710.32019-02-05 at 08:25marantanaSnowed IN10 screenshots. There's only ONE sprite with various expressions for each char, so it's mostly CGs.
v18747.42019-01-27 at 00:55marantanaMajor\Minorlength according to steam play times
r27109.22019-01-23 at 17:42marantanaJosou Kaikyou - Download Editionvoiced
r59617.62019-01-22 at 20:41marantanaRomance Detective v1.51.5 version date 21.1.2019
r58635.32019-01-22 at 15:46marantanaSummer Pocketsupdated completion status
r35862.82019-01-21 at 11:49marantanaCorpse Party 2: Dead Patient Neues; - Chapter 1removed typo in title ('Neues' is German for new like in 'a new chapter')
v3030.72019-01-15 at 13:24marantanaDustmania Grotesque ~Kaitai Sounyuu Shinsho~typo
p6831.22019-01-14 at 21:20marantanaSchoolfield Gamesconcluded from their last twitter port and the website being offline (domain not registered).
r48218.52019-01-14 at 14:51marantanaBad Medicine -Infectious Teachers-the address link is dead, as is the translator's website under the same domain! His tumblr is active and the new link to the patch can be found there.
p6094.102019-01-14 at 14:34marantanaGalGameremoved dead link to website - couldn't find a new address for the translator (link)
r44551.62019-01-13 at 00:26marantanaPlanet Stronghold: Colonial Defenseparent game added to the notes
v23200.22019-01-12 at 12:14marantanaPerceptions of the Dead 2according to playtimes on steam
r50722.32019-01-11 at 17:50marantanaTailor Talesresolution added
c40319.42019-01-11 at 15:01marantanaRinaLucas -> Lukas
v22633.132019-01-10 at 16:45marantanaZapovednik "Zelirija""15+ h" according to the devs (steam page)
v24896.22019-01-10 at 15:32marantanaEvent-D10 in-game screenshots in chronological order
v24743.42019-01-07 at 18:28marantanaKorona iz List'evaccording to steam play times
r60753.22019-01-07 at 18:25marantanaThe Crown of Leavespartially voiced
v21773.32019-01-07 at 14:13marantanaXOXO Dropletsaccording to steam playtimes
v23029.42019-01-06 at 20:42marantanaTiandian Lianrenaccording to steam play times
v20006.72018-12-22 at 16:22marantanaSakura Maida few more screenshots, most of them only unlocked via password
v23017.32018-12-21 at 21:22marantanaLove WitchesIt's nukige after all...
c34573.112018-12-17 at 15:58marantanaHimekami AyameReverted to revision c34573.9
c34573.102018-12-16 at 22:11marantanaHimekami AyameCorrected a mistake in mangagamer's description. (She's not in the same class).
r53892.52018-12-15 at 23:55marantanaOmni Linkcorrected release date (month and day were swapped)
r13610.42018-12-15 at 23:16marantanaMy Magical Cosplay CafeThe project site does no longer exist. dl page on deviantart - link added.
r58559.82018-12-15 at 01:46marantanaFxxx Me Royally! - Horny Magical Princesslink
v24389.42018-12-11 at 20:21marantanaLegend Of Mercy - shenyi mo daothats sfw ;-)
r60898.32018-12-11 at 01:28marantanaLightning Angel Litona Liliche - Seomgwangcheonsa Litona Lilisyethe steam version is voiced
v93.492018-12-05 at 18:06marantanaMuv-LuvExchanged one ultimate 800x600 for an ultimate 1024x600 (steam edition)
r48266.52018-12-01 at 00:02marantanaHer and Her and My 7 Days -Seven days with the Ghost-voices, voices, all those voices everywhere...
r59241.22018-11-22 at 18:25marantanaKanoBitch - Partial Patchbroken link. probably retracted.
v21729.42018-11-21 at 16:33marantanaHoly Slavesnot officially cancelled, but 'on hold'.
v24472.82018-11-21 at 12:47marantanaLoveKami -Healing Harem-correction
v24472.72018-11-21 at 12:47marantanaLoveKami -Healing Harem-according to moenovel (personal communication)
s928.32018-11-21 at 12:44marantanaHazuki Rielovekami ~healing harem~
v93.482018-11-20 at 23:55marantanaMuv-Luva few corrections to the text. checked the wp before doing so.
v8491.112018-11-20 at 01:59marantanaTenshi to Akuma to Elf ga Oyome ni Kimashita! ~Minna Haramase Love icha Harem~removed cg from old version (replaced by new version)