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t13802.112020-06-14favorite heroine#8 - Right. Arisa is really good. Madoka is obviously the one that fits him best and would be my personal 'best girl' choice. As for the dateable
t12835.92020-04-13Cross†Channel English versionSo I finished c+c (Shaft) and then had a quick look at the amaterasu tl for comparison. Seems to me it's more mainstream in style and flow, easier to
t12835.82020-04-05Cross†Channel English versionI'll probably read the amaterasu tl too after a while. Now you've got me interested. stay healthy
t12835.52020-04-03Cross†Channel English versionMy version has the Amaterasu translation with the Shaft patch on top. I'm halfway through now, and I don't share beliar's opinion. Or maybe I'm a
t13365.192020-01-01Happy New Lists!Thanks for all your hard work and Happy New Year from Vienna!
t11657.112019-12-11how old are they?#10 by what means? (and how old is she? 13? 15? 12?)
t13095.52019-11-02Cups for All AgesApparent breast size *is* a nice idea, but there should be a good guideline. E.g., how to deal with the 'magical' breast enlargement quite common in
t12031.72019-03-11length (again)you're absolutely right, of course. People do stupid things sometimes, this was one of those.
t12031.52019-03-10length (again)I just reverted it myself. it's ok, seems to be consensus and I didn't know extra/bonus episodes, however important or long, don't count for the time
t12031.42019-03-10length (again)I know that voiced vn usually take me two to 2.5 times the hours a printed novel would take to read for multiple reasons. On the other hand, that's
t12031.22019-03-10length (again)@beliar: I just saw you've been reverting it before. I think the (over 30) bonus episodes are an integral component that is not just something added
t12031.12019-03-10length (again)So this is another game (referring to the 'Full Chorus' version) where I haven't seen anyone finish it - including the many bonus episodes - in less
t11105.352019-02-02Another title to be butchered by SakuraGame#33 I don't agree with your second paragraph at all. I'm sure the vast majority of vn readers in the west are proficient in English (or at least can
t11105.272019-01-24Another title to be butchered by SakuraGame...and butchered it was, according to the first two reviewers on steam. MTL, all HCG removed, allegedly the last chapter is missing and there seem to
t11816.222019-01-17HaraChuchu Translation NotesThanks for your great work, as always!
t11765.92019-01-16majiro.bin crashThe frequency of the game shutting down at startup (when loading the company logo animation) has increased with playtime here. And now it crash
t7646.52019-01-15Am I...?I'm starting to play it right now. @ #1 -- I felt like that after watching Srpski Film (A Serbian Film). It was a work of art, but I swear, I'm not
t11810.12019-01-14Translation statusThere is a newer release of r49908 with file dates 2018-01-27. The link is on the translator's website, in a post dated 2018-07-07. link I have not
t11809.12019-01-14English translation - info?I just found the game #elsewhere in an English translation. In the files there is no information at all about who did the translation. There are no
t11788.42019-01-10#u2ah, ok. ty and sry.
t11788.22019-01-10#u2sorry, I wanted to open a user report post to u2
t11788.12019-01-10#u2new account, 8 votes, all with "1". Should be banned u102357 govno
t3617.16002019-01-07Tags suggestions/fixesa question regarding Stereoscopic By now real 360° VR visual novels start getting released (e.g. Innocent Forest 2: The Bed in the Sky). I think it
t11677.122019-01-06progress systemOk. I take back everything. The common route (if you can call it that) is a grind at the first playthrough, but the routes are really top class.
t11677.112019-01-04progress systemThe routes are really good though.
t11677.102019-01-03progress system#8 - thx. I clearly deserved what I got. I'll give it another try this weekend...
t11677.72019-01-01progress system#6 - exactly. I've paused for a week now after reaching the neutral or a bad end a few times. Maya (like Aoi and probably Eri) is so obviously
t4234.182018-12-31Walk-throughThere's yet another (early) ending that has no CG: -Do her -Eat with Saki -It's a home visit, so I boot Saki and Maika out -Tell Saki I need to use
t11677.52018-12-25progress systemit's sooo booooring!
t11646.62018-12-20Just Finished It, Here's my ReviewOf course we have to differ. There are excellent oelvn's out there, e.g. those by Ebi-hime, Soviet Games or Keinart Lobre. On the lighter side, e.g. F
t11677.12018-12-17progress systemFirst off, I'm only a few hours in by now. In the beginning I thought that this progress system with the calendar and multiple choices for each day
t10700.52018-12-15DeveloperI think I better discuss this here considering u4762's statement. Having finished the game right now and regarding it as a complete game, I think a
t950.5312018-12-12VNDB Suggestions!Oh, I completely missed the "my lists" section in the filter list. thx for pointing me there... also tia for future improvements!
t950.5292018-12-12VNDB Suggestions!Hi yorhel, I have a suggestion (I'd even like to request it ;-) ) for /u<#>/list: It would be great to have "rating" as an additional sortable
t7401.52018-12-12This isn't a VNBoth can be argued, but I'm glad it's in here, else I'd never have found it. Great art and a beautiful moment.
t11565.12018-11-26Actually... (GD)....this is better than the main game. The seriousness of the stories fits the characters well and I think especially Charlotte's and Sophie's parts
t3314.15312018-11-22Traits^^ ok, will do if I find something worth changing.
t11323.222018-11-22Someone on 4chan released 3 TLs in one go#21 thanks for the fast reaction to my edit! And also for the work on extracting and reuploading the patch!
t3314.15292018-11-22TraitsI get that traits are moderated and can't be edited by users for a good reason. However, I often see minor typos/misspellings or missing pronouns or
t11528.172018-11-20Good god, this is so bad#16 you've a good point there...
t11528.152018-11-20Good god, this is so bad#12 While I like good H-CG, I don't use them for 'relieve', so that's not my motivation to play such games. That's still regular porn in HD. The
t11528.112018-11-20Good god, this is so badWell, the choice of the (quite good in itself) BGM adds some comedy to the game. I've played worse, and it's nukige after all. What really made me
t11512.302018-11-20Female anatomy / internal ejaculation in vnSo this beats it all... link (Tenshi to Akuma to Elf ga Oyome ni Kimashita! ~Minna Haramase Love icha Harem~)
t11291.212018-11-16Great another episodic crap showAnyway, considering how boring this first episode is, I doubt they will get enough backers on kickstarter. Loca Love - Dousei x Kouhai was an "all or
t11512.292018-11-15Female anatomy / internal ejaculation in vn#27 that's why I said scientifically sound. Although I worked in the pharma industry for some years I do know only a little about marketing, but that
t11520.82018-11-15Princess Evangile - gog releaseThank you! Yes, I'm in the EU too. Vienna, Austria. I already got it, pirating it without any bad conscience. I got hapymaher, but haven't played it
t11520.62018-11-14Princess Evangile - gog releaseGog refunded it as a wallet deposit. I wrote to mangagamer nonetheless to let them know this happened.
t11520.52018-11-14Princess Evangile - gog releaseThat's what I'll do. They were helpful before... Thanks for the comfirmation. I already requested a refund, but gog isn't too refund friendly... I
t11520.32018-11-14Princess Evangile - gog releaseI gave it a skip- run and it is definitely NOT UNCENSORED! Now I have to deal with gog and/or mangagamer without a proof of their reply, because of
t11520.12018-11-14Princess Evangile - gog releaseI asked @MangaGamer when they announced the release on twitter and they replied that the GOG version is 100% the same as the one they sell. They did