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t15266.12020-12-27Adding a tag at once?Is there any way to add a tag that applies to every character at once. It can be a bit of a hassle having to change every single character
t14553.12020-08-20Search character by artistExactly what it says on the tin. Is it possible to add a search for character by their artist or what company they're from? I'm just curious.
t14486.72020-08-08How big is big ass?I have another question. How do you delete tags from visual novels? Character tags are find, but I can't find it on the overall visual novel
t14486.52020-08-08How big is big ass?I honestly don't mind modifying it in the future if there's ever a distinction between the ass size. Thing is, I do think the CGs and especially text
t14486.32020-08-07How big is big ass?Side note, but what tag do you apply to the mating press?
t14486.22020-08-07How big is big ass?I'm sorry about if I'm bothering you. It's just that, i also read the eroges themselves as well. And a lot of them describe the asses as big
t14262.22020-06-27Regarding c89344.9Yes, but rape by protaganist only is not a very common trait. And I prefer to keep them both. to make sure each character could be searched by either
t13786.12020-04-06This game h-codeI use textractor, and I can't find this games proper text. A litttle help here?