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v29896.172022-10-18 at 19:28triorityWTC : Relentless ProtagonistUpdated staff
v29896.152022-09-22 at 16:11triorityWTC : Relentless ProtagonistUpdated screenshot
v29896.142022-09-22 at 16:02triorityWTC : Relentless ProtagonistUpdated screenshots
c71435.342022-09-12 at 10:37triorityGrendel JinxUpdated traits
v29896.122022-08-19 at 19:48triorityWTC : Relentless ProtagonistNew screenshots
v29896.102022-08-19 at 15:32triorityWTC : Relentless ProtagonistAdded demo screenshots
c95631.42022-07-24 at 10:51triorityGrendel JinxRemoved error
v29896.72022-07-11 at 19:57triorityWTC : Relentless ProtagonistUpdated details
s27058.12022-07-11 at 19:55triorityMehwish Sher AliAdded
r76549.32022-07-11 at 19:50triorityWTC : Relentless ProtagonistUpdated details
c95632.92022-06-29 at 14:14triorityProtagonistUpdated list
c95632.82022-06-29 at 14:13triorityProtagonistUpdated list
c71433.242022-06-29 at 14:13triorityProtagonistUpdated list
c71435.332022-06-29 at 14:12triorityGrendel JinxUpdated list
r92810.32022-06-26 at 05:12triorityWTC : Love's Labour's LostUpdated
v36645.12022-06-22 at 11:34triorityWTC : Love's Labour's LostAdded entry
c82626.102022-06-17 at 14:48triorityChloe YatesUpdated traits
c82626.92022-06-17 at 14:47triorityChloe YatesUpdated details
v25727.202022-04-02 at 19:19triorityWelcome To... Chichester 2 - Part II : No Regrets For The FutureUpdated shared characters
c105944.12022-03-26 at 18:31trioritySaniya PerryAdded character
c74633.92022-03-15 at 18:59triorityThe BossUpdated list
c99737.32022-03-15 at 18:57triorityProtagonist's MotherUpdated list
v29896.62022-03-15 at 18:55triorityWTC : Relentless ProtagonistUpdated image
r87232.72022-02-23 at 17:15triorityWTC : Recruitment DayUpdated date of release
r87373.22022-02-14 at 18:19triorityWTC : Relentless Protagonist (Demo)Updated release date and name
r87373.12022-02-14 at 18:18triorityWTC : Relentless ProtagonistUpdated demo link
r87344.62022-02-14 at 17:57triorityWTC : Recruitment Day DemoUpdated links
r87232.52022-02-14 at 17:56triorityWTC : Recruitment DayUpdated links
r87232.42022-02-13 at 19:34triorityWTC : Recruitment DayNot Freeware
v33923.72022-02-13 at 18:24triorityWTC : Recruitment DayUpdated list
v33923.62022-02-13 at 18:23triorityWTC : Recruitment DayUpdated screenshots
r87344.42022-02-13 at 18:22triorityWTC : Recruitment Day DemoUpdated
r87232.22022-02-13 at 18:22triorityWTC : Recruitment DayUpdated
r87344.32022-02-13 at 18:21triorityWTC : Recruitment Day DemoUpdated
r87344.22022-02-13 at 18:20triorityWTC : Recruitment Day DemoUpdated
r87344.12022-02-13 at 18:20triorityWTC : Recruitment DayAdded release
v33923.52022-02-13 at 17:13triorityWTC : Recruitment DayUpdated staff
v33923.42022-02-12 at 11:42triorityWTC : Recruitment DayUpdated image
c104235.52022-02-11 at 17:00triorityJaniceUpdated
c104235.42022-02-11 at 17:00triorityJaniceUpdated
c104235.32022-02-11 at 16:59triorityJaniceUpdated
c104235.22022-02-11 at 16:59triorityJaniceUpdated
c104235.12022-02-11 at 16:58triorityJaniceAdded character
c74633.82022-02-11 at 16:57triorityThe BossUpdated
c71434.202022-02-11 at 16:56triorityLorinda EllaUpdated
s25599.22022-02-11 at 13:13triorityAngelGirlAsmrUpdated name
r87232.12022-02-11 at 12:54triorityWTC : Recruitment DayAdded
v33923.32022-02-11 at 12:50triorityWTC : Recruitment DayUpdated
v33923.22022-02-11 at 12:49triorityWTC : Recruitment DayUpdated cast
s25599.12022-02-11 at 12:42trioritySarahSize1084Added VA