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t10371.262019-05-11spoiler questionI'm just speculating as it hasn't been translated yet (and by the speed everything is going for Re;Lord 2, it won't be for over a year now at least
t12191.12019-04-14Thanks !Thanks for rating my WTC VN's ! Hope to have a short new one (the OVN) out by the end of May, whilst WTC Redux is upgrade and WTC 3 is done
t12034.12019-03-10Fine's uniformIs it ever mentioned what the symbol on Fine's uniform represents?
t11649.52018-12-21Is the pc version different from android version?Indeed - It is a shame.
t11702.12018-12-21Greiz/GriesvaltIn Re;Lord 1, it's mentioned by Erika that the terrorist incident happens in Griesvalt (the capital of Saarland) - is this the same place as Greiz
t11649.32018-12-15Is the pc version different from android version?Oh... it looks like it's Pay To Play with the ticket system. That's a shame...
t11649.22018-12-15Is the pc version different from android version?I hope not... It's why I left it a year or so ago...
t11643.12018-12-13JimmyWhilst I have only found 2 endings, I was expecting Jimmy to be a lot nastier than in the demo - but he does seem to be pretty okay (so far at least).
t11502.52018-11-20VoicesAh, good - it's been updated now.
t11502.42018-11-12VoicesAnd the VA's don't list Re;Lord 3 in their resumes
t11502.12018-11-11VoicesAre Erika and Fine voiced in this game ?
t11420.72018-10-28Lackluster -- Hikari! Clover Rescue GDWhat really annoys me about this is the dodgy English. The story is rather derivative, and its humourless and dry. The characters are nicely
t11193.12018-09-08Delete v24224Unfortunately I accidentially created Welcome To... Chichester : Katherine's Game twice, and so was wondering if someone could delete the Welcome To
t11055.162018-08-14Sekai Project Lays off Staff@7: Ah, good!
t11055.62018-08-13Sekai Project Lays off StaffJust hope it doesn't affect Re;Lord 3...
t11017.12018-08-03Erika and Fine's conditionDo Erika and Fine still suffer from their headaches in Re;Lord 2?
t10371.242018-08-01spoiler questionI presume by the end we'll find out what the witches ultimate aim was - no doubt it was to do with Wilfried and his ambition (although saying that
t10371.232018-07-15spoiler questionIt's hard to say - nothing is listed for Escu:de projects, beyond Revenger. It would be nice to have an alternative view of things, perhaps from Fine
t10371.212018-07-15spoiler questionThe latter implying you can re;play the game (see what I did there - heh)
t10371.192018-07-14spoiler questionAt the end it says "Re;Lord Disaster of Witches is finished. to be continued... Another re;story." so maybe there is a plan for further stories but
t10371.182018-07-14spoiler questionWas Ria fighting Wilfried to usurp his power, or was she finally doing something good for once and prevent him from becoming the dictator he's always
t10371.142018-06-23spoiler questionFair enough! I do hope Sekai hurry up and translate 2 & 3 and not leave it at just 1... The main problem I can see is it's a bit of an... acquired
t10371.122018-06-22spoiler questionIs the witch in 3 a drug addict or is she so afraid of Wilfried that she needs extra help in trying to fight him?
t10371.112018-06-18spoiler questionTrue, but then she doesn't mention terrorist incident either. I wouldn't be surprised if all the witches have (or will have) had some of their lives
t10371.92018-06-18spoiler questionHopefully we'll also find out who Erika and Fine's master is. Most likely it's either Ria or Wilfried - going all Bioshock on us Also, whether the
t10569.32018-06-18Heartbreaking end?Saiha tolerates the protagonist, but that's about it. She probably did it just to complete her mission, and nothing much else. It's a bit more
t7130.122018-06-18Actually good, for steam achievement I mean.I liked the story and was quite touching - don't remember getting any achievements for it though.
t10371.72018-06-18spoiler questionI presume it's not a particularly ending for most of them, although with Wilfreid, it's terminal... Does Ria kill him because she wants to usurp him
t10371.52018-06-17spoiler questionAre there actually any plans for further stories though, or has Escu:de totally finished with it ? From what I've seen, the ending text seems to be
t10371.32018-06-14spoiler questionWon't know exactly until it is translated (if it ever is), but it looks like Wilfried starts a war against the other nearby races; possibly kills
t9655.42018-06-07Surprisingly goodIt is a good game - some of the endings are pretty sad, but the main characters are likeable.
t10343.262018-06-06It's surprisingly funCant say I totally agree regarding Wilfried being a gentleman towards the girls - he did defer from killing Fine against Ria's suggestion and he was