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t19645.32023-01-25Still happening?Looks like it's dead
t19595.22023-01-24Difficulty setting?You start a new game, and get past the "introduction" and a fair bit in. You then get the choice of difficulty. What did you think of the story
t19715.12023-01-24PuffI wonder what Puff did to get trapped in the windchime. It's a shame there wasn't a sequel, as there are quite a few loose ends.
t19692.12023-01-19TVIn the first two episodes, there is a very sudden switch to Ria and co watching one of two TV programs - presumably to get people ready for when the
t19645.12023-01-09Still happening?Is this VN still in development, or has it been abandoned ?
t19637.12023-01-08The developerDoes anyone know what happened to the developer (Andy Church) ? He's been missing for a while now.
t18776.82022-11-11Gone missing from Sekai's Project Status pageTo answer your first question, the only status pages they have is link for Sekai and link for Denpasoft. As for your second query, I've no idea. It
t18776.62022-11-09Gone missing from Sekai's Project Status pageI did tweet Chris @ Denpaoft, but all he said there has been no change in status (presumably for anything). As 5 of the 18 games are in QA and
w5407.12022-10-31WTC : Relentless ProtagonistI am thinking of adding a little detail to the main characters when they are first introduced - whether or not I'll do it for this or my next one, I
w4150.22022-09-22Re;Lord Dai San Shou ~Grossen no Maou to Saigo no Majo~The worst of it is that it only happened because of Wilfred's ego - instead of going down a political path in order to improve the Demon realm, he
t19004.32022-08-26Why the hate for Sekai Project in t7461?The only real problem I've had with Sekai is that they never did update Re;Lord 1 to fix the errors I pointed out (several times too) - duplicated
t18693.352022-07-18Sekai Project New TitlesMind you, with Re;Lord it was generally Escu:de's problem : Re;Lord 2 was delayed because Escu:de were busy and didn't prioritise sending the code to
t18776.42022-07-16Gone missing from Sekai's Project Status pageIt looks like the Project page is being cleared of R18 games (and will be moved to the Denpasoft site). In addition, it looks like it won't
t18776.32022-07-16Gone missing from Sekai's Project Status pageI hope they haven't - really looking forward to the last part (in English, that is.)
t18776.12022-07-16Gone missing from Sekai's Project Status pageWill this still be released, or is it because they know that can't get the source code for a few years yet?
t18619.32022-06-26Regarding v36645.1Finally been accepted : link
t18619.22022-06-23Regarding v36645.1An early preview video : link I'm waiting for Valve to accept the Steam store page at the moment. I have had most of it up and running (barring CG
t18234.12022-04-23Ria's warnings in Re;Lord 1No doubt it was probably missed due to not translating the section, but does Ria actually voice her warnings to Wilfried - or was it just part of her
t18224.12022-04-22ReplayJust started replaying 1, and just had a few thoughts about it, especially after finishing 3 1) Whilst future Rias goal is fine, it also shows a
t17454.72022-04-19CrashingNice to see Ria having the crap beaten out of her, even if it is by Adler
t17454.62022-04-16CrashingWe all know that Darius was busy with his secretaries, but it appears that he was also physically abusive to Wilfried and Ria
t17454.52022-04-06CrashingMust admit, I was very surprised at how it start. I wasn't expecting Wilfried to team up with the Jager Unit to locate and kill Erika
t17462.72021-12-07DLsite sales estimatesOh yes - I knew I wouldn't get many sales, especially as they are all in English too. I did it because I could, and I have no regrets (no pun
t17462.42021-12-07DLsite sales estimatesIf it's any help, my English VN's have sold far better than I expected (although that is relative), mainly I have them constantly on sale for around
t17454.42021-12-04CrashingYes, Locale Emulator got me through the relevant part
t17454.32021-12-04CrashingYes, I've using Japanese UI and keyboard layout. I'm might see if the Locale Emulator works
t17454.12021-12-03CrashingJust bought Re;Lord 3 from DLsite (as I really needed to try and work out how it ends), but the game crashes with a load_file error / file: gfx/...l
t10343.342021-11-22It's surprisingly funYes, and about time too ! I've completed it now, and it's great
t17390.12021-11-22IrisYou can't help feeling sorry for Iris... Not only being raped twice by Wilfried, but losing her arm and family (almost certainly again), as well I
t11017.22021-11-21Erika and Fine's conditionApparently not. And it appears that all the witches (or at least Iris and Kaya) lose their memories at the same at Erika lost hers. It seems that
t17381.32021-11-21Great gameYes, trying to add over-the-top comedy to the subject matter, just wouldn't work. The light-hearted moments so far have certainly been toned down
t17381.12021-11-20Great gameIt's been a very long wait, but it's certainly worth it. The story is a lot more serious now, with a fair bit of intrigue in it.
t13668.82021-11-19StatusLooking forward to this. It's been a very long wait
t13668.72021-10-16StatusApparently it's being reviewed by Valve now, so with any luck, we'll get it this year. At last !
t10302.3172021-09-29Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadI have a suspicious I know who it may be, and if so they voted for the wrong episode 😁 Either way, it's of no consequence
t10302.3152021-09-29Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadHave to say someone (u182889) managed to score a VN before it's out (and I very much doubt I gave him an advance copy) : link If his review was
t17101.12021-09-29WTC 2 - Part IIHello I was wondering how you managed to derive a score for a visual novel that isn't out yet Nicholas
t16601.32021-07-14Regarding r59246.13Oh yes - that's fine. The demo is free, the full version isn't
t16601.12021-07-13Regarding r59246.13Hello Actually, there is an Android version : link and link I've just never bothered updating them. Nicholas
t16539.12021-07-04At lastGood to see that Sekai has finally announced that they are releasing it in the West. Considering that translation has been completed and is being
w2276.12021-06-23Re;Lord ~Herford no Majo to Nuigurumi~Unless Japanese laws change, it's doubtful it will happen. Saying that though, it would nice.
w858.12021-05-28Axiom AlternativeUpdated review
t15147.62021-05-24The Final Chapter?!I can certainly see an adult version being done - it is pretty risque in parts
t15578.542021-05-14First VN?My neighbour is an Yandere on Android years ago now.
t13668.62021-05-01StatusUpdate status has regressed a bit as Sekai found that bugs were added when fixing other bugs (link)
t15578.412021-04-26First VN?My Neighbour was an Yandere
t13276.42021-04-09Next partIndeed. It ended on a bit of a cliffhanger too.
t15723.62021-03-20WarningI get the "Warning Child sexual abuse imagery is illegal If you see sexually explicit imagery of under 18s, report it. If you need anonymous
t10343.322021-02-21It's surprisingly funFortunately, it's finally being worked on (after two and a half years for silence), so it could arrive early this year, or more likely now towards
t15493.32021-02-03What VNs are coming out this year?Hopefully Re;Lord 2 will be out this year, and by the rate QA testing is going, it could be around April/May Although how you can do QA testing