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t17462.72021-12-07DLsite sales estimatesOh yes - I knew I wouldn't get many sales, especially as they are all in English too. I did it because I could, and I have no regrets (no pun
t17462.42021-12-07DLsite sales estimatesIf it's any help, my English VN's have sold far better than I expected (although that is relative), mainly I have them constantly on sale for around
t17454.42021-12-04CrashingYes, Locale Emulator got me through the relevant part
t17454.32021-12-04CrashingYes, I've using Japanese UI and keyboard layout. I'm might see if the Locale Emulator works
t17454.12021-12-03CrashingJust bought Re;Lord 3 from DLsite (as I really needed to try and work out how it ends), but the game crashes with a load_file error / file: gfx/...l
t10343.342021-11-22It's surprisingly funYes, and about time too ! I've completed it now, and it's great
t17390.12021-11-22IrisYou can't help feeling sorry for Iris... Not only being raped twice by Wilfried, but losing her arm and family (almost certainly again), as well I
t11017.22021-11-21Erika and Fine's conditionApparently not. And it appears that all the witches (or at least Iris and Kaya) lose their memories at the same at Erika lost hers. It seems that
t17381.32021-11-21Great gameYes, trying to add over-the-top comedy to the subject matter, just wouldn't work. The light-hearted moments so far have certainly been toned down
t17381.12021-11-20Great gameIt's been a very long wait, but it's certainly worth it. The story is a lot more serious now, with a fair bit of intrigue in it.
t13668.82021-11-19StatusLooking forward to this. It's been a very long wait
t13668.72021-10-16StatusApparently it's being reviewed by Valve now, so with any luck, we'll get it this year. At last !
t10302.3172021-09-29Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadI have a suspicious I know who it may be, and if so they voted for the wrong episode 😁 Either way, it's of no consequence
t10302.3152021-09-29Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadHave to say someone (u182889) managed to score a VN before it's out (and I very much doubt I gave him an advance copy) : link If his review was
t17101.12021-09-29WTC 2 - Part IIHello I was wondering how you managed to derive a score for a visual novel that isn't out yet Nicholas
t16601.32021-07-14Regarding r59246.13Oh yes - that's fine. The demo is free, the full version isn't
t16601.12021-07-13Regarding r59246.13Hello Actually, there is an Android version : link and link I've just never bothered updating them. Nicholas
t16539.12021-07-04At lastGood to see that Sekai has finally announced that they are releasing it in the West. Considering that translation has been completed and is being
w2276.12021-06-23Re;Lord ~Herford no Majo to Nuigurumi~Unless Japanese laws change, it's doubtful it will happen. Saying that though, it would nice.
w858.12021-05-28Axiom AlternativeUpdated review
t15147.62021-05-24The Final Chapter?!I can certainly see an adult version being done - it is pretty risque in parts
t15578.542021-05-14First VN?My neighbour is an Yandere on Android years ago now.
t13668.62021-05-01StatusUpdate status has regressed a bit as Sekai found that bugs were added when fixing other bugs (link)
t15578.412021-04-26First VN?My Neighbour was an Yandere
t13276.42021-04-09Next partIndeed. It ended on a bit of a cliffhanger too.
t15723.62021-03-20WarningI get the "Warning Child sexual abuse imagery is illegal If you see sexually explicit imagery of under 18s, report it. If you need anonymous
t10343.322021-02-21It's surprisingly funFortunately, it's finally being worked on (after two and a half years for silence), so it could arrive early this year, or more likely now towards
t15493.32021-02-03What VNs are coming out this year?Hopefully Re;Lord 2 will be out this year, and by the rate QA testing is going, it could be around April/May Although how you can do QA testing
w1398.32021-01-29Re;Lord ~Herford no Majo to Nuigurumi~That's right. I didn't mind re-doing it, really as I liked the story. But the fight in Hertford with those rocket firing animals was the annoying
w1398.12021-01-20Re;Lord ~Herford no Majo to Nuigurumi~I started on medium, and found that I couldn't progress about half-way through as Wilfried hadn't been upgraded enough, so had to restart from Easy
t10371.332021-01-14spoiler questionYes, does sound as though Erika and Fine couldn't have changed anything. It's a shame that a hardened nationalist like Wilfried had to find Ria, but
t10371.312021-01-13spoiler questionYes, I've seen the CG's where Ria and Wilfried embrace. It's a shame Ria has to lose her morals when she goes back in time, otherwise it could have
t10371.292021-01-12spoiler questionAh, thanks for that. I have heard it's a pretty dark conclusion. I hear Kaya gets killed as well What happens to Fine and the other witches
t13276.22021-01-09Next partApparently, there is little hope of a sequel now according to the developer
t2108.35132020-12-29Candidates for deletionIt's a mixture of shooter and VN really, both in somewhat equal proportion. I would say its a visual novel as it starts as a VN
t15275.42020-12-29Regarding t2108.3477I meant the DLC for OVN 3 is now included in OVN 3, although it does look as though I may not have added it here, which solves that problem.
t15275.22020-12-28Regarding t2108.3477There are others too - mainly the ones for WTC OVN 3 and WTC 2/2. All of these have had the DLC's removed and put into the main program.
t2108.34772020-12-26Candidates for deletionCould someone delete Welcome To... Chichester : Katherine's Game - the DLC is now included with the main game
t15147.42020-12-22The Final Chapter?!Ah - does sound planned then. The story was fun - just a pain to get access too
t15147.22020-12-21The Final Chapter?!I'm somewhat surprised. They've either run out of ideas or it's not being profitable for them. Could be a mixture of both as well. Their progress
t13668.52020-12-15StatusFinally, work has started on updating the engine
t10371.272020-12-05spoiler questionAs it looks like the remaining two episodes won't be out for while (if at all now), how does this episode actually pan out ? Ria goes back in time
t10343.302020-11-13It's surprisingly funI hope so too, but I'm thinking of getting the original and middle through that.
t10343.282020-11-12It's surprisingly funIt's been translated (a year or so ago now). However, Escu:de haven't prioritised the engine upgrade work (from Sekai : Escu:de is busy and hasn't
t14789.32020-09-26Delete a couple of characters from my entryOkay
t14789.12020-09-26Delete a couple of characters from my entryDue to a complete rewrite (and rename) of one of my visual novels (namely Welcome to... Chichester 3: Plenty Of Time To Live), a few characters are
t14691.12020-09-06VN'sHello Glad you liked my visual novels !
t14614.32020-08-28Regarding c71433.17No problem !
t14614.12020-08-28Regarding c71433.17The name change is wrong as that nickname is only given to the protagonist (by the antagonist) during one of the latter's powertrips (and only
t14607.12020-08-27Army Girls 2On Steam, there was a page for Army Girls 2, which has subsequently been removed Does anyone know if it's still going ahead ?