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w1798.52021-04-23Waga Himegimi ni Eikan oAnyone can send the link to the results of the poll? Cant find it
t11772.22019-01-06h code?Found it, try the two codes /HS4@2DD80:宿星のガールフレンド2.exe ※パッケージ版 /HS-20*0@7D606:宿星のガールフレンド2.exe ※DL版
t11772.12019-01-05h code?Anyone has an hcode for this?
t11459.62018-11-01Poll for favorite girlThey'll see it anyway when they check VNDB. Also yeah some EOP may be interested in checking out which heroine was the best according to the people
t11459.12018-11-01Poll for favorite girlNot gonna use the word best since that's really objective and hard to specify. Which heroine did you like best?
t11438.12018-10-29How to hook?Tried ITHVNR and both VNR, is there an h-code or am I just doing something wrong
t10849.12018-06-24HCode?Anyone has hcode?