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t10302.1412020-02-29Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadAll votes 1 from "hidden" on almost every title Anim within date 2020-02-28 - 2020-02-29 link link link link link link link link and many others
t13498.162020-02-03Downvote -2 -1 ?Sometimes users are not sure whether this tag makes sense or not, and therefore they put -2, -1 that is, they think that this tag does not need to be
t13498.112020-02-03Downvote -2 -1 ?That's exactly what I meant what tyr and ramaladni said
t13498.72020-02-03Downvote -2 -1 ?Well, I rarely do this, but it is still extremely necessary sometimes so as not to confuse other users
t13498.52020-02-03Downvote -2 -1 ?Well, I read unpopular VNs and VNs in Japanese, so there are too few users who put tags, mostly 1-2 votes per tag/ 1-2 users per vn, even VNs which
t13498.32020-02-03Downvote -2 -1 ?Why is this "make no sense"? For example, if someone made a mistake and put a 3.0 on some tag, but the tag has an actual value of ~1.0, if I set -1
t13498.12020-02-03Downvote -2 -1 ?Am I doing something wrong or where did downvote -2, -1 go to?
t13365.82020-01-01Happy New Lists!Happy New Year! Great update, thanks for developing VNDB !
t12923.22019-09-28Problem with hookI just tore my ass in search of a solution, because in this t2774 I didn’t understand anything I lost all day, but now I found a more detailed
t12923.12019-09-27Problem with hookI am using Textractor. 2008 game version (seems) All that I tried does not work, Textractor cannot correctly find the text output And the main
t3314.17902019-09-24TraitsOh my God, people want so add Ara-Ara already, it's like a fetish or Talking Patterns, like Desu for example
t12794.192019-09-01How often do you listen to the full voiced lines?Voice acting is a very indispensable part of visual novels. Although I don’t understand Japanese, the voice acting helps me to join the atmosphere
t12774.92019-08-27Super CuteAny kawaii top is a trash if there is no Nekopara series Neko Para Extra: Koneko no Hi no Yakusoku (No Sexual Content) Neko Para Vol.0 Minazuki Neko
t12750.12019-08-19It needs to be fixed!Maybe someone wrote it before, but it doesn’t matter. This is a serious problem that interferes with the search for VNs and breaks the system itself
t12720.152019-08-13Can we get a H scene count stat?#12 Anyway, VN which, having at least 20-30 unique CGs, can be Low Sexual Content , because the number of CGs is not an indicator of the number of
t12720.92019-08-12Can we get a H scene count stat?#8 Because the fact that the first appears on the list in the search is what I look at: [VN name] cg gallery. And first requests always e-hentai and
t12720.72019-08-12Can we get a H scene count stat?Well, 3 H-scenes in VN can be High Sexual Content or maybe Low Sexual Content , depending on the duration, we conclude And if you want to watch a
t12663.222019-07-27Youtube translationsIn some VNs (in which there are many choices, several options in every choice and they do not affect the further plot, but small branches of the
t12602.272019-07-20Which tags do you exclude by default?A bit late but My tags that I can clearly explain: Male on Male Sex - Simple because I can not read this, like most of the guys. Someone can tell me
t12543.1072019-07-04Is this really a tone work's game?I’ll write, perhaps, the most welcome comment, while I can here (I will say right away that I did not play this VN, so I just write an opinion
t12543.802019-07-03Is this really a tone work's game?So, I did not read all this and still can repeat someone’s thought First, we have different values. See for yourself that all VNs made purely in
t12527.12019-06-29Oh god finallyA character filter finally appeared along with a search for VNs and releases. Congratulations! It remains only to do: separate tags to different
t950.5522019-04-19VNDB Suggestions!I ask users and administration to read my suggestions and express your opinion. link
t12216.12019-04-19About Versions, Traits, Tags and SuggestionsPlease admins / moderators read this, as this is important information and nobody can fix it with extensions! ### About Versions-Releases ### I
t12135.12019-04-01Huh?Wholesome Family Entertainment Wholesome Family Entertainment, huh? xD
t11863.102019-02-07What is the best way to learn Japanese?Thank you very much for the answers. I tried what you all recommended and what I found on other pages. #3 The problem is that in my city there are
t11863.12019-01-29What is the best way to learn Japanese?I don't need to be able to write or speak Japanese. I just want to learn Japanese to read VNs. I also learned English just by sitting with a
t11847.512019-01-28VNs who text files are in game folder?#49 I think that he has no bad intentions in general, but how he reinforces his arguments is the highest level of absurdity. If no one wants or can
t11847.482019-01-28VNs who text files are in game folder?^ || Oh my gosh what is going on there? Stop it
t11847.162019-01-27VNs who text files are in game folder?#15 Yes, true, but it all depends on the understanding of the person who is doing the translation and how he can convey it. I read the same
t11847.132019-01-26VNs who text files are in game folder?#12 Yes, I understand, but I meant in general (not only VNs) If most amateur translators thought this they would never have started their
t11847.112019-01-26VNs who text files are in game folder?I don’t want to raise even more aggression, I’ll just write about myself - I knew English very poorly about 2 years ago, but I started to teach it
t11838.122019-01-24Something similarI just thought I would try Rance at least the first part, as it turned out it does not have voice acting. I thought well in the later parts it is, as
t11838.102019-01-23Something similar@harp Evenicle was already in my wishlist but now I’ll take it a step higher) About Rance probably yes, need to try. Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden it's
t11838.62019-01-23Something similar@harp (I do not know how to refer differently) Thanks for the recommendations. I don't know, but in Rance isn't the whole point about sex, is there
t11838.12019-01-22Something similarDoes anyone know a similar visual novel with a plot like this anime? link Something like a master-servant (preferably in a medieval fantasy / drama