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t2421.12012-02-13AnimeI'm wondering why there hasn't been an anime made from this game, things like Clannad and Kanon were made and were resonably successful but Little
t2413.82012-02-11Why isn't this one being translated?I hope Hanahira gets translated too =)
t2413.62012-02-11Why isn't this one being translated?lol, well so far i've liked 5 the best and i didn't want to play 7 untill i'd played 6, that's why I was wondering about the translation (´・ω・`)
t2413.42012-02-11Why isn't this one being translated?Fair enough, but what's so bad about the 6th one ?
t900.22012-02-10Great gameI agree, it is quite good =)
t2413.12012-02-10Why isn't this one being translated?I was wondering why it was that No.6 has been left out completely, they've even done No.7 now so it's not as if they're just taking their time. Could
t2316.142012-01-01VNDB 2.22 and a Happy New Year!Happy New Year!! ( ^_^)/
t743.202011-11-27anime?[SPOILERS!!] @18: if you don't know what 17 is talking about then it makes it seem a fair bit like you haven't read it. And i do believe there was
t743.152011-11-26anime?how could you say that there is no horror? have you even read it?!
t743.132011-11-26anime?I can't believe they were even aloud to release the anime of this. They changed it so much that i can bearly recognise it in the first 2 episodes
t2182.12011-11-06Chaos;Head OSThello, i was wondering if someone could post the download link for the soundtrack of this game. i've looked myself, but all i've been able to find
t2092.392011-10-19Growing out of toddlerhoodHappy Birthday!! I love you VNDB!! <3
t2082.32011-10-0111Eyes English patch sitethanks heaps ^_^ <3 -==-Hiya4321-==-
t2082.12011-09-3011Eyes English patch sitethe site where the patch was being worked on is no longer accessible so i was wondering if there was somewhere else i could go to see how far along
t2011.52011-08-23VNDB 2.21: Still not dead yet+1^
t940.1292011-07-04Where are you all from ?Hiya4321 here and i'm from Western Australia =)
t1435.32011-06-03Uta OSTthank you so much! <3
t1435.12011-06-02Uta OSThello I really liked the sound track from this VN , is there anywhere that i can download it from? =)