Length votes by tester

2022-01-17Kurai Nichiyoubi - Sombre Dimanche10h3mNormalr11372Used Windows stopwatch (see here). Began on the slow side (time for to accustom to writing and such), but after that read not slow, since it was not hard to write and "get into". Yet not really fast, since the game may be pretty confusing sometimes.
2022-01-01Nightmare x Sisters ~Ingoku no Sacrifice~9h37mNormalr80791My Japanese proficienty is not very good, I admit, yet the game's language is very easy, so reading speed was not slow by any means. Do note, sometimes I was forgotting to turn a second meter on for a couple of minutes.
2021-11-30Yubikiri Ancient2h47mNormalr55333A bit on the slow side, yet not completely it. Measured with a stopwatch (yes, I am not joking, see this and that).