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t17569.42021-12-30About the engine of DVD-ROM edition#3, read carefully. This issue is not about "AI6WIN or AI5WIN" whatsoever. It is very easy to differ between AI5WIN, AI6WIN and Silky Engine. Also I
t17569.22021-12-30About the engine of DVD-ROM editionOkay, some clarifications. "Inverted" not in sense of bytes, but in sense of structure order. Also in rare cases AI5WIN may use other archives, like
t17569.12021-12-30About the engine of DVD-ROM editionThere was an issue with it's engine, therefore I'd like to put an end to it, because this version is rather confusing, you see. It cannot be
t17513.42021-12-19Japanese difficultyThis feature would be very beneficial to learning Japanese ones. Still it may be problematic just to define some "difficulty score", before it may
t17443.22021-12-01WalkthroughSeems I cannot edit the first post, so I'll post a fix here. It seems that 1st Choice may appear not after Hana+Tsukiko, but after all routes. I don
t17443.12021-12-01WalkthroughA walkthrough of the game, written by me. It could be beneficial to someone. ========= Abandon all hope, ye who read the game. Recommended route
t8242.8672021-11-27The how to edit thread"Transliteration from Russian is not really Russian anymore, so it doesn't necessary have to follow Russian rules" > Maybe, but, firstly, there are
t8242.8592021-11-26The how to edit threadSome problem with editing has been occurred with capitalization of transliterated titles, which are not entirely uppercase and lowercase characters
t17401.12021-11-23Words DataSome useful words data, obtained via my JSScriptScanner. === Уникальные слова/Unique words (831): 落とす; お菓子; 重い; 皿; いーえ; 既に; 背徳; 袋; どんなに; ちる; 否定
t17400.12021-11-23Kanji DataSome kanji data, obtained via my JPScriptScanner. === Частотные ряды кандзи/Kanji frequency row: У — уникальные/U — unique. Ч — частотные/F
t17399.12021-11-23Words DataSome data about words used in this game. Obtained via my tool JPScriptScanner. ===== === Уникальные слова/Unique words (2183): ボタン; 期間; 待つ; ぴたり
t17398.22021-11-23Kanji DataObtained via my tool JPScriptScanner.
t17398.12021-11-23Kanji DataSome data about kanji used in the game. It may be useful for readers in Japanese. ===== === Частотные ряды кандзи/Kanji frequency row: У
t16649.52021-08-20SLGSystemScriptToolAlso I have written a big article about technical work with this engine (currently Russian only, but I think in this case a translator can work
t14213.42021-08-20That Takoyaki Guy!!!!!!! (Story Of a Certain Man)Also I'll extract the findings here, since it's pain to get in other way.. Maybe someone will find it helpful. (I haven't tested the original version
t14213.32021-08-20That Takoyaki Guy!!!!!!! (Story Of a Certain Man)I have tested it a bit (not original version, but close to it). So there is a method to certainly get all part of stories. Still this method is quite
t16804.42021-08-14About that TL projectFandisc's patch is not flagged, yet there seems to be the same issue with it (both main game and fandisc were "translated with hyper speed").
t16794.82021-08-13WTF? A masterpiece level OELVN?"No question the best EVN out there unless there's another hidden masterpiece lurking somewhere." I can remember another OELVN about of this level --
t16794.42021-08-12WTF? A masterpiece level OELVN?"you also have to deduce 35% of the entire game in sekimeiya then?" ...Not quite. Only before the rather abrupt questions sequence, where game
t16794.22021-08-12WTF? A masterpiece level OELVN?It definitely closer to Remember11 than Ever17 and such, especially first two chapters, which are rather confusing. And the novel may be even more
t16649.42021-07-20SLGSystemScriptToolHmmm... Well, it isn't the game itself or something like this. Just a testing files. Also part of them are different from the original files, since I
t16649.22021-07-20SLGSystemScriptToolAlso, in case of anyone interested. I have extracted and decrypted main scripts (compiled) of Sengoku Hime 1-6 and Shihen 69. I have temporary
t16649.12021-07-20SLGSystemScriptToolAfter some time tampering with SLG System engine, I did create a tool to work with it's scripts. And not just simple string editor, no. SLGSystemScri
t7744.242021-07-17Any plan for a translation ?"it couldn't be solved"> It is correct, if I remember right. > Still, I'll write a solution I found as tested it years ago. Maybe it will be useful
t16610.72021-07-15Full Metal Daemon Muramasa - English translation"What's next, actual giant robots?"Soon. After BETA invasion.
t16054.812021-07-13Reporting MTL releasesActually, can this be an MTL, given this, that and that? Or it's just a very bad translation?
t16054.772021-07-05Reporting MTL releasesActually, can this and probably even that be considered not an MTL? Some time ago one man asked the main translator, from what did they translating
t16302.252021-06-30'Denpa' should be renamed to 'Dempa'"so that I can return the romanized letter back to the Japanese letter without resulting in an invalid result when it is re-romanized " Well, you can
t16331.172021-06-28Will a restoration patch be possible in the futureIf speaking about a possibility, you'd probably need to decompile (or at least disassemble) CatSystem2's scripts, edit them (while adding translated
t16054.572021-06-24Reporting MTL releases"It's definitely MTL"Actually, is it really an MTL? I have an argument against this. Translator seems to be Grobodel (actually, it even may be him
t2108.38302021-06-21Candidates for deletion"Either use it properly like System3.0, System3.5, System3.6, System 3.8, System3.9 (the information is there or can be retrieved) or use 3.X. Mixing
t2108.38282021-06-21Candidates for deletionOkay, I did clear most of questionable data. I think I have mistook 2008 re-releases with official ports. Other should be mostly fine. And yes, I
t2108.38242021-06-21Candidates for deletion"why adding "AliceSoft System3.X" and "AliceSoft System3.0" is a thing"AliceSoft System3.X is totally different from AliceSoft System3.0 (or just
t2108.38012021-06-14Candidates for deletionThis. Release cancelled (see notes).
t15939.432021-06-07Play length edits#19 has a point. But there could be arguments such as "not all are listening for all voices". So we could test this out: maybe the game is 50+ even
t15939.412021-06-07Play length edits#39 Only works for unvoiced and non animated vns without video, you forgot part in it.
t16054.312021-06-03Reporting MTL releasesThis release is probably an MTL too. See here.
t16054.262021-06-02Reporting MTL releasesThis release is probably MTL. See notes.
t16127.52021-05-29Amount of unique kanji"If anyone has a list that could help a lot."Actually, you can extract the script and get words and kanji data via this tool. Of course, just
t16054.112021-05-15Reporting MTL releasesTotally forgot about another MTL, that is quite famous in Russian visual novel community. KNS 2 "translation" by Ilya Medvedev (Илья Медведев) is
t16054.72021-05-15Reporting MTL releasesThis and that. Russian MTL by Oji-san, who, as he said himself, did use an MTL.
t15635.622021-05-09Amayui castle meister Translation"I really do not understand this, if i follow your logic tag rating systems or vn rating systems as a whole are also a bad idea. Yet here we are, we
t15635.602021-05-09Amayui castle meister Translation"create a tag to put on these entries as well stating it is MTL "> Tags are for all VNs, not for just releases, no? "why i would find a rating
t2108.37472021-05-06Candidates for deletionOji-san is Russian MLTer, who MTLed a few novels and then started to ask for donations. This producer ought to be deleted along with his releases. I
t15978.62021-05-03How can one get in contact with George Henry ShaftWell, some people said, for instance, that GHS did translate Cross Channel to match his ideas. If it's true, then it's unlikely to fall into "Machine
t15939.52021-04-27Play length editsScriptsize is actually quite bad comparsion criteria. Script formats may be very different, even between the versions of scripts of the same engine
t15801.472021-04-12Kanji DataThat number was before new modification. Now I have 11383 unique words in Itsusora (without that list). Before the tool did not try to convert verbs
t15801.452021-04-11Kanji DataOkay, you can delete PyCharm now if you don't need it. I finally did hunt that wild bug now. And I also did a few modifications (you'll see in
t15801.442021-04-11Kanji DataThe same? The same?! How?! I need to think and test more... (I did use only mecab-python3, kanji-lists, unidic-lite, pip and setup-tools in my
t15801.412021-04-11Kanji Data"The 22 words problem was from itsusora.txt"Hmmm... Current progress wouldn't be 50% and then 100%, if there'd be only one file in in_files folder