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t16207.22021-11-23How to get the voices ?Did you ever figure this out? I'm reading the Japanese pc version and would love to get voices
t16740.52021-08-04 it really that much of the game?
t16740.42021-08-04 idea! Thanks a lot for pointing that out.
t16740.22021-08-04 right, should reword that - skipped all of the H scenes
t16711.392021-08-04Thoughts on Yuzusoft doing an all game?I think it's really neat that they are doing all ages. I really hope that it goes well, I could see them putting out smaller all ages vns more
t13365.122020-01-01Happy New Lists!Happy New Year!
t13136.192019-11-14Early beta: New lists featureI like the comment thing, might type up my thoughts on a bunch of VNs once it releases. (I know it's been there for a long time, but it's too
t9625.92018-07-27Favorite route? *SPOILERS* (of course)I really liked all of the routes, except for Yukino and Maya, though overall Midori was probably my favorite (: