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t8145.642021-08-31Release of the translation#62 I thought you were joking so I had to check and.... yeah, if this isn't justification for a ban I don't know what is. link
t16728.1532021-08-15A VN Play Time Voting Thingthen your doing it wrong
t16728.1512021-08-15A VN Play Time Voting ThingReally not that complicated, after you've added your game executable in game detection you have to manually run your vn like normal, it gets added to
t16270.62021-06-18Need help to include these gamesThe 3rd game is "Digital Holmes" for the ps2 link
t16270.52021-06-18Need help to include these games#4 Yeah I already fixed that. I just woke up lol. to tired for this.
t16270.22021-06-18Need help to include these gamesBelieve I have located the first one. It is called "Higanbana" (not to be confused with the Higanbana already in the DB here) and it is for the ps2. l
t15937.372021-04-29Sakura no Uta Community Translation Challenge#36 can you please just go back to twitter. No one here wants to listen to your "akshually mtl isnt even that bad" rambling.
t15193.62020-12-18Potential Partnership-Visual Novel requires artistWow this is a terrible way to try and get someone on board. "Hey all you visual novel fans, instead of reading all the shite visual novels on this
t13819.32020-10-30English TranslationEnglish translation being worked on over at ulmf link
t14446.32020-08-02Could we make it possible to hide tags by default?Click the my profile link on the left under your username, uncheck the four boxes next to tags. There, now all tags are hidden by default.
t14164.32020-06-10Best delinquent main heroine?#2 Azusa isn't even a heroine.
t14072.52020-05-28I can't open this game. Can someone help me?#3 The main Tsujidou game works fine on Windows 10 for me, don't know about the fandisc. This is the only one that refused to work on Windows 8/10.
t14072.22020-05-27I can't open this game. Can someone help me?Are you using Windows 10 or 8? If so that's the problem. From my testing, I was only able to get it to work on windows 7
t13865.72020-04-25Help! Looking for a Visual Novel!Harem Party? link
t13829.32020-04-16What happened?They tweeted in February that it was in QC link
t13737.22020-03-28English patchlink
t13679.192020-03-19MG's leaked Discord chat#18 Because everyone has bad-mouthed others when they are in private. Getting upset over it when we all do the same damn thing is ridiculous.
t13679.172020-03-19MG's leaked Discord chat#16 Why is it being an official MG server matter? Please explain the difference between a private staff channel and a personal private server. Either
t13679.152020-03-18MG's leaked Discord chat#14 What mess? Staff said mean things in a closed staff only channel and now you got your feelings hurt? I guess you all are just perfect human
t13323.22019-12-24Did anyone else find Shirasaki annoying?"It made it seem like every problem can simply be solved if your passionate enough, but obviously, in real life, that's not true" This VN has
t13287.42019-12-14So yeah, this got translated.Going only off the description and screenshots, translation doesn't seem to bad to me personally. Certainly better than others I've seen.
t13128.32019-11-09Out of Beta#2 Different game, this is the fandisc/spinoff link - Release Date announced link - Release Data not
t13116.22019-11-06Rating 'bad' gamesI rate games on how good they are for their type of game. I could give a nukige a 10/10 (I never have but could) and I also gave Grisaia no kajitsu a
t12964.22019-10-03Will this visual novel ever be fully
t12908.22019-09-25Walkthrough?Game is currently bugged. Use this patch to get routes working properly. Be warned this is not a final patch and a more up to date patch should be
t12810.22019-09-02False Tags?No those tags are correct, give this a read link
t12790.22019-08-29does anyone have a copy of this game?link
t12618.42019-07-17no-CD patch#2 no-cd patchs are not exclusive to pirates. Yes pirates use them, But I also use them for some of my backups so I dont have to mount an ISO
t12563.112019-07-08Anime Expo 2019 Announcements!Imouto paradise 3 has been confirmed for weeks dude
t12543.52019-07-02Is this really a tone work's game?So pure love relies on virginity? Don't get me wrong I prefer virgin heroines as well but this is just dumb.
t12486.22019-06-20Question about routes1. Looking at the heroines I would guess 6 routes. 2. Idk 3. Most likely the two other heroines will have shorter mini routes As for release
t12441.52019-06-10What if...#4 Wait really, never realized they shared a VA, I need to hear this for myself. Finally an excuse to go and re read majikoi and Grisaia
t12411.92019-06-03Racism in the translation.1. Not racist 2. Get off the internet if jokes offend you so much
t12278.22019-05-06Should I try untranslated VNs for a change?Personally I don't think there is any point in purchasing a VN you can't read. If you don't mind the fact that you will have no idea what is
t12202.32019-04-16I don't understand the lore.You should understand everything once you read the entire trilogy. Lots of backstory is revealed in the later games for yuuji
t12165.102019-04-08Will it be removed from Steam?Eh just change the name to Crossdresser Shrine. wont have the same ring to it but it means the exact same damn thing.
t12141.112019-04-02SJW Sexual VN's?"SJW Sexual VN" Why would anyone want VN's about pink haired man hating lesbian feminazis?
t11989.42019-04-02MC is such a fucking wimpYep, and if you go public that a woman sexually harassed you/raped you people will laugh cause apparently it's funny when men are the victim.¯\_(ツ)_/¯
t11645.222018-12-14Once again, Arunaru ruins another translation...#20 Thanks my dude btw, where did you find this, that way I can look out for the patch that fixes dude
t11645.192018-12-14Once again, Arunaru ruins another translation...Apparently someone is working on a patch to fix the dude crap. there is a version of the game floating around that has yuki changed to yuuki but i