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v24618.262020-05-26 at 11:35shining17Aikagi 2...
v27147.42020-05-26 at 10:17shining17Wet and Soft...
r67887.92020-05-26 at 06:20shining17Wet and Soft - DemoJust weird to set the demo of an hentai vn to all ages lol
r12460.62020-05-23 at 11:26shining17Zenith ChroniclesImpulse was dead since years ago
r12460.52020-05-23 at 11:23shining17Zenith Chroniclesarchived
r30177.42020-05-23 at 11:11shining17The Buried MoonArchived and working link
s7763.42020-05-23 at 11:10shining17Minklink
p3876.42020-05-23 at 11:10shining17Metal OrphansArchived and actually just one-woman team based on the "about" page on her website
r67494.62020-05-22 at 21:15shining17Karma - Multi-language versionDonation period ended
r67887.82020-05-22 at 20:38shining17Wet and Soft - DemoNothing really explicit in the demo