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t950.6372019-10-13VNDB Suggestions!Please add Game Jolt as one of the official store links. It has over 1,800 Visual Novels listed on their site.
t6094.1722019-10-12Steam saleI hope to see all of them flop then. Not to mention, the gaming industry is already in poor condition because of greed.
t6094.1702019-10-12Steam saleCloud-gaming is still unreliable. Just look at WOW classic and its queue time. Besides, I dislike the idea of buying only the license to play a game
t13010.102019-10-12Support VNDB on PatreonI think is a better alternative than Patreon.
t2108.29302019-10-09Candidates for deletionlink Their crowdfunding campaign was a success. But after reading the dev's last post on the "update" tab, I don't think this one will ever see the
t12995.12019-10-08A questionJust curious but what are the differences between the 1999's release and the "standard" version of this VN? Just graphic update or is there something
t12984.62019-10-07Which english visual novel company is bigger?More like storefront.
t12972.42019-10-05Curling?Curling?! Wtf?! Lmao.
t12971.12019-10-05Nexton's localization polllink
t2520.2902019-10-04Minor error/sWorked fine on my side.
t12957.162019-10-03Is there NTR in this game?You guys just gotta git gud. We're all playing the biggest NTR game of all time anyway (called "life").
t12965.52019-10-03Patch link got hijackedThe owner of Hongfire has abandoned the site since some years ago. It's now pretty much dead.
t12965.22019-10-03Patch link got hijackedLooking for the archived version of the site.
t12879.132019-10-02(recomend me) hard porn with plotEuphoria and Dustmania.
t12912.22019-09-25does english release contain mother route patch?Ya, it does.
t11968.232019-09-23Mangagamer Translation@Decay I was just trying to point out to Jikorde here that those terms are not exclusive only to the Rance series like he implied in #10. Those are
t11968.132019-09-23Mangagamer TranslationI'd guess its because the class names are in-universe things, while onii-chan is just part of the standard language. Nope, terms like ashigaru
t12869.32019-09-15Hope its a huge success.^^^
t8242.2122019-09-14The how to edit threadSince we already have the engine field for each release entry, I think it's time to omit the engine tags.
t2108.29022019-09-07Candidates for deletionlink I think this one is dead. link the OP's last post on Fuwa is in December 2016, after that radio silence....
t2108.29012019-09-07Candidates for deletion^ Proud of what? Butchering a good game with your engrish? Lmao
t12830.32019-09-06only one mammary gland?Wtf.
t2108.28982019-09-06Candidates for deletionlink
t12084.122019-09-04What do you think?^ Eiyu Senki iirc.
t8242.2102019-09-01The how to edit threadRoger that sir.
t8242.2082019-09-01The how to edit threadlink link These two producers are actually the same person, please merge them.
t12800.22019-08-31Querying DatabasesThanks for your continuous hardwork for this DB.
t12483.82019-08-25WOW Just WOWlink
t2108.28722019-08-22Candidates for deletionlink I don't think this one can be classified as a visual novel.
t7744.182019-08-20Any plan for a translation ?Learn Japanese or forget it.
t12753.42019-08-20How do you guys feel about the JVN industry?Yeah, with added bonus of censorship.
t12735.32019-08-16A little helpDone. Thank you for your assistance Yorhel-san. :)
t12735.12019-08-16A little helpLucky Special Games has sold their old domain name and now that domain is being used as an online casino site. I found out that the dev has an Itch
t12712.62019-08-15Linking Databases, part 1Is it just me or some of the producer's homepages no longer visible because they are replaced by VNstat? Edit: example link
t7442.5422019-08-05Game inclusion in the DBThanks for the answers. :)
t7442.5382019-08-05Game inclusion in the DBJust curious but are those deleted entries still included and counted as database stat? (Currently 25199)
t12660.332019-08-03Sadpanda is leaving...(?)It's just a temporary solution, sadly. Not permanent.
t12672.62019-07-29This has an English translation...I've asked them directly on Discord, they said "nope".
t12666.52019-07-28Otakon 2019 Announcements!Beside Sakura the other two looks meh imo.
t12660.272019-07-27Sadpanda is leaving...(?)link
t12660.32019-07-26Sadpanda is leaving...(?)link Discord server for exhentai archiving.
t11388.122019-07-19And so, another Cabbit title dies to SakuraGamesakura game ALWAYS MTLing shits. If you don't believe me try reading it yourself.
t8342.32019-07-18A hidden gem...?Pabloc was the translator of KonoSora ReTrans y'know.
t8669.142019-07-05Mangagamer translation?!^ not gonna lie.
t12534.42019-06-30Fan TranslationYeah, I can confirm. Several fan translators on ULMF have their own Patreons.
t12521.32019-06-28Does anyone know who made the art for this game?Is this any good?
t11264.172019-06-27Another one bites the dust.One thing for sure; it ain't worth anyone's money.
t11264.122019-06-27Another one bites the dust.^ because they uses machine translation instead of hiring proper, decent translators.
t12511.42019-06-26VNs with nonstandard kanjiMaybe KKK? I heard the game uses archaic form of Japanese language.
t12097.122019-06-21Came across a 100% translation of thisThe older version's art is... meh. Hope he translates the more recent ones.