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t14907.52020-10-24Age announced KimiNoze in EnglishLol, imagine comparing the anime adaptation of a VN with the original material. Like, the anime of School Days was nothing more than a trainwreck but
t14877.82020-10-23Single sex mode?Sexy Beach series, the infamous Rapelay, and the latest Koikatu/Koikatsu have that kind of mode.
t14868.22020-10-221.01 UpdateThanks for this. I think the latest update is the 1.03 patch though.
t2108.33982020-10-22Candidates for deletionr45605 Main website dead. Nothing since years ago.
t14741.122020-10-22Official Announcement and New Charecterslink Hype!!
t14883.42020-10-19Johren User QuestionnaireFun fact - this survey is posted in ShiraVN Discord server but not in Johren official Discord. Seems they understand that peeps who come to Johren
t14883.12020-10-19Johren User Questionnairelink Johren is an eroge storefront owned by DMM. There are a couple of eroges that you can buy there along with some gachashit. This is their first
t2108.33822020-10-10Candidates for deletionDidn't realize this has a new remake, pls delete.
t14840.22020-10-10Eng transd6#8
t12971.82020-10-10Nexton's localization poll"Hey guys! How's everyone doing? =X We have collected 621 results for the compulsory section of the poll and I'm here to update everyone about the
t14834.112020-10-07Adding sponsus for sponsoring vndbWell, it's not just about porn though. Paypal is also known for their arbitrary bans.
t14739.152020-10-07about the patch with loli contentAfter a few days, users no longer be able to edit their old posts. Though, you can ask the moderators/admins to delete yours by using the report
t14830.282020-10-06VNDB Moderators eacil and beliar behaviorI think we should start treating descriptions with the same level of scrutiny as screenshots. Like Hata says, people may or may not read a VN based
t14819.22020-10-04Which is your favourite vndb theme to use?I use Neon Black since it's easy on my eyes and I prefer simplicity and functionality than flashy design. The designers for the default skins are
t2108.33712020-10-01Candidates for deletionr37850 From the same dev as the above. Nothing since 2014.
t14808.22020-10-01Need help finding a specific visual novellink Search among these.
t14807.22020-09-30ThirteenHappy Bday VNDB!!!
t2108.33662020-09-29Candidates for deletionr37006 Last post was from 2016. No news since then.
t2108.33652020-09-29Candidates for deletionr73171 "Status: Done (TL v4.53; fixed MTL)" From ULMF.
t14785.32020-09-26DLsite's official subredditWonder if those subreddits will turn into graveyards just like their Discord server lol.
t14785.12020-09-26DLsite's official subredditlink Also, this one is kinda outdated but they're now in the process to merge the English and Japanese sides of the site into one.
t14739.102020-09-26about the patch with loli contentIt's okay to discuss loli here, it's an eroge board after all. I mean there's this guy who asked more extreme stuff like this and no one blinked an
t3617.24112020-09-25Tags suggestions/fixes#2410 Thanks, I'll revert my votes.
t3617.24082020-09-24Tags suggestions/fixesAlready done some of those but then this happened. There's no guarantee new peeps won't upvote those tags as well so...
t3617.24062020-09-24Tags suggestions/fixesCorrect me if I'm wrong but since we already have fields for relations, shouldn't the mods made most tags from this parent category non-applicable
t14768.222020-09-23This game felt kinda racist@20 yeah sure, the moment your realize that spamming will get you nowhere, you leave. If only you didn't draw much attention because of your
t14768.182020-09-23This game felt kinda racistEh, don't expect much from a dude that had been banned from a couple Discord servers cuz he's spamming reviews all over the place.
t14768.112020-09-22This game felt kinda racistSnowflakes lol.
t2108.33482020-09-19Candidates for deletionr74160 r74363 Duplicate.
t14732.32020-09-15Game CancelledThe demo has been released, so it stays here. Edit: I do wonder what's the difference between the prologue on Steam and the demo version on both
t2108.33432020-09-14Candidates for deletionWoosk is part of Sinical Network. At first I want to link both with "succession" status but since Woosk has been working with the group for years
t3314.23222020-09-14TraitsWell, to my understanding, creating specific tag like that is only acceptable when there are enough entries to justify its creation.
t14720.22020-09-13Re: screenshots resolutionI remember Yorhel said in some thread that any image not linked to a VN will eventually be deleted.
t14715.22020-09-12Regarding r65663.37link link
t950.7902020-09-12VNDB Suggestions!"You must play the game in order to get at a number, can't guesstimate"How can we even know if a dude has played a game till the end? Forcing them to
t14708.12020-09-10List of ShortcutsVNDB links Engine list Tagless VNs List of (Mostly) Free Indie Producers agony/Kinshiiku Aho-chan to Watashi DIGICLA Gracias half Kanna MihiRisu min
w189.12020-09-09WAS ~Lepidoptera no Sunadokei~There won't be part 2 nor sequel of any kind since the developer caught manipulating Steam reviews and got banned from the store. After that, Sekai
t2108.33372020-09-09Candidates for deletion^ link
t14698.22020-09-08image flaggingSafe if you ask me. Also, there's a dedicated thread for image flagging discussion. Please post there next time you have any question about it.
t14639.1092020-09-07Reviews in Previewlink
t14686.122020-09-07Few untranslated lineslink
t14686.112020-09-07Few untranslated linesDmed one of their staff about it. Waiting for a response.
t14686.72020-09-07Few untranslated linesWell, that's why I advise people to join their Discord - so that they will be able to directly report translation issues and pester the staff there
t2108.33302020-09-07Candidates for deletionr74199 "Hi there perverts, I’m going to start translating now some nukiges made by the great Pin-Point. I’m right now studying some Japanese but
t14645.142020-09-06Romanji patchTake screenshot of the untranslated lines and the broken CG, and then report it in their Discord server.
t14686.42020-09-06Few untranslated linesTake screenshot of the untranslated lines and the broken CG, and then report it in their Discord server.
t14639.992020-09-06Reviews in PreviewYou can turn it off in "My Notifications" setting.
t2108.33282020-09-05Candidates for deletionr73295 The old version of the game's demo build. Should've just update the initial entry without adding more release entry.
t14677.22020-09-05Determining game length"Very rough estimate of the time required to finish all endings of the visual novel. To determine the length of a game, it's often better to ignore