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t686.252014-02-12"no translation"regardless of language or source material translation is always going to be an imperfect art, not sure why anyone would try to argue otherwise here
t5054.22014-02-12Favorite WritersHardly comprehensive, but I'm bored so have a sampling of where I'd rank some random writers. F: Shimokura Vio (Sumaga, Totono) - Easily the worst
t5039.352014-02-07Did you get tired of VNs over time?I'm very much still here, I even posted in this thread...
t5039.192014-02-05Did you get tired of VNs over time?i'd be interested in knowing what genres are missing because there's a lot of weird shit in eroge that you won't really find elsewhere and that's one
t5016.72014-01-28after stories ?If you expect serious/satisfying romance out of a Kinugasa game I think you're barking up the wrong tree, to be honest. But yeah, you should play
t5011.72014-01-26Is this "Night of the Sickle Weasel?"Kamaitachi no Yoru is a pretty famous game, though; I think it's worth paying one's respects to the original content. And removing the kamaitachi
t5011.52014-01-26Is this "Night of the Sickle Weasel?"Talk about a case of unnecessary localization. I hope they're happy with ruining the greatest and most classic sound novel of them all. And adding in
t3821.72014-01-20Another idiotthe original MB is a terrible game where like every character has infinites so you should play it if you enjoy playing bad anime fighting games
t4981.122014-01-16MangaGamer release all but confirmed (not really)don't anger the tlwiki mafia or you might find yourself sleeping with the fishes ;)
t4981.42014-01-16MangaGamer release all but confirmed (not really)why would anyone want to play awful shit by ryuukishi in 2014
t4931.22013-12-30Are the endings horrible as the reviews say?Kinugasa can't into endings so all of the routes end abruptly and in unsatisfying ways without really utilizing the full potential of the setting
t806.412013-12-26Your opinionFYI there is literally nothing more hilarious than rape, except maybe for the holocaust
t4918.132013-12-24Best of 2013I guess Natsukuru, Otome Riron, and Rakuen were pretty good. Who cares about 2013 though, 2014 is gonna be fucking amazing. We already have so many
t4905.52013-12-22Free on playstation plus (japaneses)Don't forget that PS Plus lets you use cloud saving, useful if you switch memory cards a lot or use multiple devices or whatever. I've been meaning
t4294.542013-12-18Danganronpa Review (Completely Spoiler-less!)but there are multiple people in this thread who agreed with me, more or less also yes no one will ever share my opinion that DGR1/2 are good games
t4294.382013-12-18Danganronpa Review (Completely Spoiler-less!)looks like someone has a bad case of autism btw there's such a thing as a wrong opinion, which is why people are trying to "shove things down your
t4294.322013-12-18Danganronpa Review (Completely Spoiler-less!)I really don't think it matters how Junko wiped their memories, make up your own explanation if you really care. The second game goes into more
t4294.302013-12-18Danganronpa Review (Completely Spoiler-less!)Man, I'm not sure what you were expecting from a game where the villain is a crazy robot plushie thing voiced by Doraemon, the plot is supposed to be
t4294.282013-12-17Danganronpa Review (Completely Spoiler-less!)There's an entire novel covering the backstory and the second game builds a lot on the revelations from the end of the first game, so it's a bit
t4294.202013-12-17Danganronpa Review (Completely Spoiler-less!)you know there's a skill (you get it from togami in the first game) that makes the cursor waver less, right. it's called 冷静沈着 in the jp version they
t4294.182013-12-17Danganronpa Review (Completely Spoiler-less!)Man, if you think the gameplay in the first game is hard, you're probably not gonna enjoy the second game, which adds a lot more stuff to the trials
t4886.32013-12-14Cannibalism?Uhh you might wanna change the topic title since it's kind of major spoilers that this character even exists. Anyway there are a lot of things in
t4873.52013-12-10Ikikoi ReviewActually, I dunno if I'd say I'm that big of a fan of Keromakura's artstyle in general, tbh. Karory is good, but I vastly prefer her stuff outside of
t4875.22013-12-10QuestionA word of advice: Don't play Alicesoft games, especially Rance, if you're not prepared for various horrible things to happen. Alicesoft really doesn
t4873.32013-12-10Ikikoi ReviewEhhhh I don't think you can really call Makura's art "average." There's a reason why their genga are all highly sought-after and a lot of them have
t4872.82013-12-10Your Prized VN PossesionsI have the Steampunk series full voice boxed set which apparently sells for a decent amount nowadays. I guess that's cool. Also don't start
t4859.22013-12-05Western Novel recommendations? also a 'Thank You'My favorite English novel is Catch-22, I suppose. I've also always been a fan of A Confederacy of Dunces, which isn't terribly well-known compared to
t4824.722013-12-01Ikikoi -GD-so you guys know about the production circumstances of this game there were originally two writers working on it, but they were being way too slow
t4832.282013-11-29[Spoiler Warning] Incest?i don't really give a shit, do whatever you want man
t4832.262013-11-29[Spoiler Warning] Incest?wow you fucking deleted my obvious trolling, how retarded can this site even get and that dude wrote a wall of text too fucking lol
t4824.142013-11-25Ikikoi -GD-:(
t4822.72013-11-24ISML VN Tournamentpretty sure there are a lot of good translated VNs without anime adaptations, bro even for just stuff with a bishoujo focus, sharin/g-sen and
t4810.102013-11-22New announcementi don't think you can really say their newer titles have the best writing either
t4325.102013-11-20Rance 01 - Remakeuh, Rance 01 has like over 10 times as much text as the original game, reusing a script would be completely pointless anyway
t4810.72013-11-19New announcementYes, this is worth its own VN entry in the database, it's clearly a completely new product and not just a quick update of the original Similarly
t4800.432013-11-18Regarding Votestop 5 is something like romeo jackson masada urobuchi... i dunno setoguchi or mareni or someone for the last spot. i'd say akiyama but he doesn't
t4800.402013-11-18Regarding Votesif you're so bothered by people stating their opinions maybe you should get off the internet, not everything needs to be a ~serious debate~ with
t4800.372013-11-18Regarding Voteswhat proof am i supposed to offer other than my opinion, i've read a lot of famous and well-regarded english language authors and i honestly think
t4800.242013-11-17Regarding Votesulysses would be a lot better if it weren't unreadable, pretentious tripe
t4800.192013-11-17Regarding Votessure is cool when gaijin retards who don't know japanese or anything about eroge and japanese otaku culture try to talk about writing quality the
t4800.52013-11-17Regarding Voteswhat the fuck, the guy who made this thread has over 700 votes and they're almost entirely on OELVNs i didn't even know that many OELVNs existed and
t330.242013-11-14yesno i think this game is pretty shit
t4779.192013-11-13Questions about these gamesconsidering you have both umineko series rated higher than 9 i'm not sure you're the one to be talking about writing quality and storytelling prowess
t4779.152013-11-13Questions about these gamesthere are actually a lot of random games with voiced protagonists v191, v197, and v825 are games you would probably not expect to have voiced
t4779.32013-11-11Questions about these gamesit's like you're actively trying to play the worst games possible just go play baldr force and sky and be done with it, they're better than 99% of
t4773.182013-11-11Dlsite sale 2/3 offwhy would anyone ever buy a book, you're only going to read it once right also if you only have 10 dollars a week to spend on food why are you
t4719.32013-10-27Age rating & LengthAlso the description for this is wrong, this isn't the first game Champion Soft made... hell it's not even the earliest game they made listed on vndb
t101.142013-10-26What ever happened with the translation?This guy's translation is arguably worse than Ixrec's, which is saying a lot. It's hard to say who has more actual translation mistakes (both have a
t4058.32013-10-24DraKoI Short ReviewI know the original post here is months old but the ending that's not faithful to the "story" is the true ending and I don't know how anyone could
t4697.62013-10-23VNs' Best Best FriendSon from Akatsuki no Goei. No one else even comes close. Also, Miya from Ruitomo. Even though she's not a guy. Her scenes with Tomo in the common