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v24267.32020-08-26 at 18:57disjointI ♥ You!took less than 20 minutes to get two of the three endings
r54656.42019-04-28 at 01:58disjointCryste: the Faith of Fire Vol.1Fixed typo
r62915.32019-04-27 at 21:34disjointSTEINS;GATE ELITERealized I was being an idiot and undid my edit. My bad. They are two seperate games on Steam, not one.
r62915.22019-04-27 at 21:31disjointSTEINS;GATE ELITEIt's mentioned in the summary, but not in the relations section. Both novels are linked in the PS4 release already.
v10388.92019-04-03 at 21:32disjointTsukushite JanI would consider that picture NSFW.