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t14025.12020-05-20Spoiler Question regarding true endSo...since this is getting a translation(when it is released is a different question) based on link Let me just be direct....Mashiro(the loli) is
t13826.42020-04-16Install, patching help@3 yup. nothing there. Or maybe it was but being unable to read japanese at the moment(i am only starting to get the hang of differentiating sa, ki
t13826.22020-04-16Install, patching helpFor the english patch, it mentioned that append 2 is required. Does anyone know what append 2 is about and where to get it? Append 1 is some extra
t13826.12020-04-15Install, patching helpHi! I recently bought this on fanza seeing that there seems to be a mostly TL-ed eng patch. I have not posted much on vndb so hope i am adhering to
t11862.12019-01-29Tentacle restraint or rape?Considering the other titles by Prekano, really surprised to see rape, of any kind, in this. Is there a mistake in the character tags?
t10429.92018-10-26nice to see this getting translatedIt is out!
t11421.12018-10-26Question about HscenesCan anyone tell me if there is anal in this since there is said tag in e.hentai/hitomi but not here. Would rather avoid it if possible.
t11233.32018-09-15Your impressions of the game@2 Isn't 2nd game about the doctor? It is also about character growth of the protag with the cooling of relationship, from his pov, with respect to
t10246.302018-09-14Rape and Group Sex?@29 I have yet to reach chapter 5 but isn't that the numbobo(can't remember name of monster) scene? The weird town at the south of the desert. Take
t10246.282018-09-14Rape and Group Sex?@25 Actually there's more h-scene with ramius even as far Raping her while you possessed with a ghost when does it occur? Anyway, I will complete
t11198.72018-09-09Question about Hscenes@kiru ah i see. Thank you for explaining! i don't buy into control skipping and since you mentioned that there isn't customisable hscene mechanics
t11198.62018-09-09Question about Hscenes@Sakurakoi Thank you for explaining!! yeah, background changing for hscenes is lame and pointless. Thought it would visually be like a cg version of
t11198.32018-09-09Question about Hscenes@kiru No refers to non-customisable hscene? or unavaoidable anal?
t11198.12018-09-09Question about HscenesI have yet to play this game, from what the description says, am I wrong to say hscenes are customisable? So let's say i do not like anal, does that
t10964.122018-07-27Question about Saints@11 well..I will test and report back(if anyone still follows this thread by then lol) if it works. But that is just rape, which is what Alicesoft
t10983.42018-07-27Append Info?@2, I have yet to complete Maya's route, but looking at the poll for favourite heroine/route, isn't Maya the best?
t10964.102018-07-27Question about SaintsOn a side note, just articulated to myself something I always find weird with Alicesoft h scenes. They have rape , anal, vanilla, yuri, etc
t10964.92018-07-27Question about Saints@8 Oh I see. I am at chapter 3 currently(dreading the Lorenzo scene, and the Natal's fate afterwards), guess I will see her personality when i reach
t10964.72018-07-25Question about Saints@4 and @6 is kind of like rape scenes. Just because ctrl skip does not mean it did not happen. But thanks for the answers! Also, I heard
t10964.52018-07-23Question about SaintsDamn....ewww. Thanks for the answers! For Silent, the wiki mentioned there is a scene and then an optional scene upon completion of her quest but
t10964.32018-07-23Question about Saints@2 for point 2 and 3. I see. Thanks! Regarding point 1, is there a choice to not go through with the anal scene of the saint, for completion of
t10964.12018-07-23Question about SaintsI am in Chapter 2 and I want to ask if the anal scenes with the saints(Silent) skippable/optional if i do the quests? I read that to do the saint
t10246.242018-07-22Rape and Group Sex?grrrr....sigh what do you mean technically? is it going to go downhill even more?
t10246.222018-07-22Rape and Group Sex?@21 Thank you! Tsk....may I know when it occurs? like is that going to be my last 1 on 1 h scene with Ramius?
t10246.202018-07-22Rape and Group Sex?I notice in CG set on hitomi there is a scene of Ramius and a monster and she has a sex with monster tag on her on vndb as well. Can someone spoil me
t10953.132018-07-22Questions about Rape Scenes@11 I think @10 was referring to the sex with monster tag on Ramius