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t12894.122020-05-22someone give me a reason to keep playing?Everyone has different tastes so yeah if ur not enjoying it, even through its a nice romance title, then stop reading it. Just bc some1 sad its good
t14017.42020-05-19I need helpWell getting on her good side is easier than pissing her off. If u piss her off enough u get Aoi catgirl, Miyuki possing as Aoi and another? sex
t14017.22020-05-18I need help U will have to get on miyukis good side by giving her the answers she wants while u collect infos for the 10 questions later or u piss miyuki off
t14012.32020-05-18Seriously?! (spoilers)well to be more precise u have to got to C:\Users\Name\AppData\Roaming\Nitroplus and delete the Totono folder to start the game again but thats also
t14005.32020-05-17Scenario completionNo what i mean is for example "quests" like for say in Rains route early in ch1? kill all enemys without taken dmg or in the dominion base around the
t14000.152020-05-17Help (Spoilers)Well normaly the game tells you where to get the 8 digit number but for the sake of it. Its in the Totono Manual 1. page bottom right is a code. So
t14000.132020-05-17Help (Spoilers)You can get the secret ending when your running away from Miyuki in her world in the school. If u have the right nr already figured out u can input
t14000.112020-05-17Help (Spoilers)Well that would be 3 endings in total i guess. Aoi, Miyuki and the secret ending if u will.
t14005.12020-05-16Scenario completionSo i only started playing Baldr Sky and finished Rains route both endings. After that i got that scenario thing and wanted to ask if there is a guide
t13831.462020-05-15Thoughs of the game and questions#43 at least read Kurehas route bc she continues the common/main route. The other heroines are up to ur taste. Hatsune's route is about the family
t13988.22020-05-14Confused (Spoilers) The is no "true" ending as there are only "3" endings. Miyuki, Aoi and a secret ending which is not rly a good one anyway. In regards to Aoi my view
t13975.32020-05-12Help pleaseThe game sad what u had to do but here again. Gods Nr. - Manuel Nr. + ceampies of Miyuki = Code to escape
t13972.72020-05-12Getting all the cg *spoilers*#6 u can trigger that CG if u piss Miyuki off in her loop world. I only choose answer she didnt like and down the road she kills u 3? times and after
t13972.42020-05-12Getting all the cg *spoilers*As far i know and heard u can get all CGs with a secret ending. When ur in the loop of Miyukis world and your on the run to the classroom where u can
t13922.22020-05-03Question about releasesRegarding releases i wouldnt count to much on dates bc of corona sht delay etc. But overall you can look forward to november at the earliest and well
t10404.92020-05-03Who's the main heroine?well if we would decide regarding on which heroine would be the "canon" route its most likely Narukana but since we have no sequel atm we dont know
t13914.22020-05-02Help needed with the interfaceI think what u described would be the "hint" function which shows the next location and the colour around the border means which route u might enter
t13889.42020-05-02Ai's and Madori's roleOk Ai's was excepted so ty for that claryfication and regarding Madori eww well it was hinted regarding some stuff but yeah. Ty for giving me the
t13889.12020-04-28Ai's and Madori's roleSo tbh i gave up after reading 3 routes bc it didnt quite hit my spots. So i would like to give some1 me a run down what Ai and Madori are about? Fro
t12973.162020-04-26Is this the last game in the series?#15 well since i didnt read the other 2 games yet (i hope SP will hurry up) i wouldnt mind a 5. game if it gives a good clousure and not just new sex
t12973.142020-04-25Is this the last game in the series?#12 so if i got that right (only read first 2 titles) Sora,Haruka and Noa get a "happy" end in their routes but Miyako not? If i remember right the
t13861.52020-04-23[SPOILERS] Promise at startMaybe watching the anime helps also a little but regarding the questions. Yes Masaya is the girl which got pretty much revealed in Misakis route but
t13831.72020-04-17Thoughs of the game and questionsOk i only understood half of it but im looking forward it anyways. Since i dont wanna spoil myself to much. Im just glad Madoka will get some lovey
t13831.52020-04-17Thoughs of the game and questionsWell i can get behind the idea that he isn able to choose some1 bc in my book that would feel more natural after what happened to Madoka in ch10 even
t13831.32020-04-17Thoughs of the game and questionsRika is the red bodach who is inside Shinji. So the 2. game is direct sequel in the story but more of an what if in both cases? Madokas i could
t13831.12020-04-16Thoughs of the game and questionsSo overall i really liked the story and setting as it was my 4. Moonstone game and didnt think they would make such a game. The overall Horror theme
t13802.22020-04-16favorite heroineIf we go simply by heroines alone Madoka is just top tier in the story for many reasons i wont list for spoiler reason. If i had to choose which my
t13808.42020-04-12Character questionwell im just hoping that the Madoka route in the 2. game will be decent if MG decides to translate it. Through i already read something about a
t13808.22020-04-12Character questionCan only say from where i am in the story ch 10 and no it doesnt seem like. My only guess would be the 2. game has something in store for us but what
t13662.112020-04-10One True End and/or Multiple Endings@10 na i plan to finish the game ofc. Just beat Mosiyasu in that dream and woke up Was just wondering bc ppl sad only read common route bc normaly
t13662.82020-04-10One True End and/or Multiple Endings@7 what do u mean common route? isnt it normal that the common route splits into heroine routes at some point? or is it like if i avoid all heroine
t13789.52020-04-09Which was your favorite route??After having finished the game now i can agree that Karen was the best heroine. Personally i liked Reina/Sakis ending rly much but yeah. Mashiro was
t13662.62020-04-09One True End and/or Multiple EndingsBtw is there a specific route i should read or doesnt it matter in terms of story reveal?
t12549.232020-03-21Review#22 i think u mean Gin'iro, Haruka bc Hoshi Ori is already finished <3
t12549.212020-03-21ReviewWell i just hope Tsurezure Scans will pick it up for the fans at least. So i only read some rough summarys here and there but overall is this game
t13698.52020-03-21English translation projectGood luck with the project ill be looking forward it!
t13697.32020-03-21how long to beat whole game ?Well how long u need in terms of reading would depend on 1. ur reading speed and 2 if u read while clicking or auto-mode. but overall the 45hour
t12968.142020-03-17favorite heroineJust finished and tbh at first i was going for Asuka but after reading Mashiro/Misaki route which were the best routes imo Misaki was so good in her
t13651.22020-03-08Q: Best route to Worst route? Recommended order???Yoshino, Murasame, Mako and Lena are the main heroines and Roka/Koharu are the side ones. Also further spoiler! Yoshino and Murasame are the main
t12973.72020-03-07Is this the last game in the series?since i dont know what happens in the 3. games bc no english release atm and from what i heard i also would suggest at most a takeru episode if this
t13536.42020-03-05True Ending confirmation + discussion [Spoilers]First of ty for the link but is there maybe an english summary or something D:? woud like to know about that short story. 1. We know that Nanami
t8079.152020-02-25Thoughts on the gameOverall i rly liked the game, as any other yuzusoft game i read so far, but here and there could have been some improvement or better explaination on
t13561.22020-02-21Music of this game.Can only agree here, each soundtrack fits the situation and the overall feeling is very pleasent. Can only say and agree very good OsT
t11207.642020-02-03Remake or orignal?So after finally finishing the game at 100% and checking the CGs old/remake i have few things to say. Overall i would say the remake is ok but the
t12957.82019-10-03Is there NTR in this game?u shouldnt phrase the charas like that. Read the game and make a desicion urself each character has her reason and most of them dont end bad.
t11207.612019-10-03Remake or orignal?Just wondering since this should be a 1:1 remake except for the 2 new jewels. Does the same old Walkthrough/Guide work for the remake now? Should be
t12847.162019-09-27Question regarding some left stuffHave to ask this since i only have 2 routes left. In the pdf data skit translation there is a cg i dont find in the game itself. Called "Parting
t12847.152019-09-13Question regarding some left stuffWell thats still better than no sequel but only the future will know :/
t12847.132019-09-13Question regarding some left stuffMeaning the game wont be produced or is on hiatus atm?
t12847.112019-09-12Question regarding some left stuffWell anyway ty for the big infos you provided^^ While the Aselia or better Eternity Sword series isnt amazing its good enough to keep me hooked