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t11201.22018-09-09Great yuri incest VNHow many H-scenes are there? I love the art.
t11200.22018-09-09Impossible to findWhat licensing companies did you contact? It would be pretty cool if MangaGamer uncensored this game.
t950.5062018-09-09VNDB Suggestions!Thanks for changing the color!
t11175.102018-09-06The state of VNs on SteamWhat is that #9?
t11180.12018-09-06No Uncensoring?MangaGamer has translated four of Ammolite's games being Sweet Switch, Sweet Sweat, Haburare, and Sweet Young Bride. Why are all these visual novels
t11175.52018-09-05The state of VNs on SteamThis is so cool #1, I'm curious on how long it took you to compile all this information. Will you ever analyze sales and copies sold on MangaGamer
t11171.32018-09-04Please revive Djibril!lmao there's too many VNs that have unnecessary sex scenes. I'm all for all ages version because I'm there for the plot ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
t11168.82018-09-04I created a top 40 favorite H-Scene list.Why? What's the point of this? Did you sit down, just playing each H scene and make a list according to your preferences? That's peak autism right
t950.5042018-09-03VNDB Suggestions!Can the color for simple animations and only ero voice be changed? Perhaps an orange? On my computer, it's just as red as not voiced or animated.
t11164.22018-09-03A new tool for non-japanese reader !How well does it translate?
t11143.12018-08-30NamesThank you for helping with the accurate Japanese names. I do not know how to read Japanese nor furigana so I had to use good ol' Google Translate
t950.4992018-08-27VNDB Suggestions!It would be great if you could add a twitter account to the Producers page. Some producers on create one game and leave it, but it IS the
t11109.42018-08-24History of Weekly Rankings?I bought MYTH in February and my order number was 297666. I thought MG would have sold more games because of the variety they own. People on the
t11109.12018-08-23History of Weekly Rankings?On MangaGamer's website, I can see how well a game translated by them is selling. I think it's super interesting, but is there a way to see the
t11094.22018-08-21KiriKiri EngineI am not trolling. When I was visiting the tags one time, the Tyranobuilder tag was deleted at point because someone said it was originally made from
t2108.24552018-08-21Candidates for deletionlink A duplicate
t11082.22018-08-18Thank you!No problem!
t8242.1392018-08-18The how to edit threadSince today, I have been unable to edit the format selection of releases. Does anyone know what is wrong? I can click on any other button, but when I
t2108.24472018-08-17Candidates for deletionYou're right. Metamorphoser 2.0 was a reboot with improved art and story. Beat Angel got a reboot with a longer story and more art and its still
t2108.24452018-08-16Candidates for deletionPretty different. Additions: Increased resolution - 1280x720 2 new characters 2 new routes - Carter can now pursue the doctor and Jack Reworked
t2108.24432018-08-16Candidates for deletionMetamorphoser had a reworked story with new characters, story, and routes called Metamorphoser 2.0 link the link for the Metamorphoser 2.0 demo and
t11073.22018-08-16Sounded cool.The link is in the description. It's free to play on Steam.
t11069.12018-08-15Any More Insect Waifus?I think monster girls that are giant insects are an amazing idea. Are there any other visual novels with characters that are part or fully insect
t11060.42018-08-14/r/vns most desired VN English TL nominationsWhat happens to the winner? Their desired game gains a fan translation?
t11058.62018-08-14when will this be translatedHow do you know how well a VN is selling? Is there a special website for that?
t11055.112018-08-14Sekai Project Lays off StaffWow, didn't know this. Thank you #10. I've bought a lot of VNs from them on steam.
t11055.92018-08-13Sekai Project Lays off StaffWhy do people here not like Sekai Project? They've brought a lot of great games to America. Also, why are they firing so many workers?
t11052.122018-08-13Steam's Material Girl#11 that FAQ was super long when I joined the website, I must have missed that page about allowed games. I was surprised that I could find
t11051.52018-08-13Official English LocalizationSteam is more widely used, so more people across the hub will be more likely to notice it. MangaGamer or JAST are more obscure to find. I only found
t10942.52018-08-13About photo guidelinesI do not have it open in full mode. I open Cat Girl.exe, the game takes up a fourth of my screen. I do not touch it.I execute Infran. I get that ugly
t11052.92018-08-13Steam's Material GirlI have never been to DL Site, I only bought and heard of it on steam. I know a visual novel has heavy narration, little gameplay, and plenty
t2108.24362018-08-13Candidates for deletionOn the talk page of Material Girl, I responded on why it should not be deleted. Please check again.
t11052.52018-08-13Steam's Material GirlOkay #4 I played this VN several months ago, I'm using my phone so I have no screenshots at the moment, but you can look at the steam page. This is a
t11052.32018-08-13Steam's Material GirlThen yes, Material Girl fits all those qualifications. I'll try to add it.
t11052.12018-08-13Steam's Material Girllink This is a RPG maker game that includes many elements froma visual novel such as long text scenes and anime sprites appearing on the GUI. You
t10942.32018-08-13About photo guidelinesI downloaded IrfanView and it still gives me wonky screenshots (Please look at my photos of Onna Kaitou and anime studio simulator). Why aren't they
t11050.22018-08-13Demo release date?I just checked the Kickstarter's campaign and updates and it said nothing about a new demo being R18. It's been R18 for 2018 is all that I know.
t950.4932018-08-13VNDB Suggestions!Could there be a warning if you have a staff member that you are trying to add to the database but already exists like with producers or visual
t2108.24322018-08-13Candidates for deletionlink link Didn't know these two already had VNs, I thought the names would have stopped me.
t11043.142018-08-12Why Still Picked Up?Even so #11, Hashihime has been 100% since November, where I first discovered MangaGamer. How do you know the freelancers and translators so well for
t11043.52018-08-11Why Still Picked Up?Bokuten has been 100% for that long? Wow. Seems like the only thing MangaGamer translates quickly is yuri. Sisterly Bliss was announced recently and
t11043.12018-08-11Why Still Picked Up?For several months, this VN's status on MangaGamer has only remained "Picked Up!" AKA 0%. Every other VN by MangaGamer has been worked on except this
t1052.2172018-08-07Quotes "Mikako, don't let that dick escape!"
t950.4742018-08-02VNDB Suggestions!Is there a way to add quotes from visual novels to the bottom page of the website? I have some hilarious goodies.
t950.4702018-08-01VNDB Suggestions!There's no way to add voice actors. It's not a button in staff or an option when creating a new character. I need help please.
t2108.24192018-07-29Candidates for deletionI accidentally created the VN called Witch Boy Magical Piece: link Not knowing there was already a version in its Japanese name: link
t10942.12018-07-18About photo guidelinesHello Beliar, I saw that you undid my photo submissions for several visual novels. I obtained the screenshots directly from the store page of steam