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t17728.72022-02-01h-codeif you're using the latest version of textractor you dont need a code to begin with
t15704.42021-03-15i rate 3/10>instead of stopping, he continued and splash his sister with cum. Sounds based
t15278.72021-01-01Less H-Scenesero sucks good for them
t15296.32020-12-30What happened with Tanuki Soft?They're making games under Kaerusoft link oops ninja'd
t15088.42020-11-28So what's the gameplay like?It's darkest dungeon (the combat). The prostitution slg was something they did years ago with Haru Urare link
t15047.42020-11-19So you play as human traffickers in this game.why would anyone care about western media when it comes to vns
t15012.22020-11-12Finally VN about eroge industryyou might enjoy link then (if you havent played it already)
t14930.32020-10-30Character name inconsistency - KasumiYeah you probably have to report it to Getchu or smth, it's 西野 佳純 everywhere else
t14898.22020-10-23RemakeThe scenario is exactly the same. link They discuss it at around 1:36:30
t13655.142020-04-30Eroge ZLSNo rotting skull-fucking no play
t12241.22019-04-28H - code ?/HS4@3A740:BGI.exe
t12202.62019-04-16I don't understand the lore.Yes, this is how Grisaia: Phantom Trigger was made.
t11038.152019-01-29Terrible writing (spoilers)I agree with the OP on most of his points, though I didn't hate Ann at all. The writing in this is advanced garbage and the earlier replies barely
t11602.402019-01-09Tone Work's 4th project: TsukikanaWho cares about all of that shit just wait for it to come out. link livestream with more info soonish edit: by soon I mean right now oops Alright
t11778.42019-01-07Translation engNo, learn japanese instead if you want to read it. Also isn't asking this against the rules?
t11602.292018-12-27Tone Work's 4th project: TsukikanaDon't care for Uguisu/Kikari but I'm ready for another round of Toneworks.