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Title ▴StatusReleases*Vote
21-Two One-Stalled1/1-
2001-06-08  21-Two One- Regular EditionObtained
Amber QuartzStalled1/1-
2009-01-23  Amber Quartz - First Press EditionObtained
Arcana ~Hikari to Yami no Ecstasys~Stalled1/1-
2002-11-15  Arcana ~Hikari to Yami no Ecstasys~ DVD-ROM Edi...Obtained
Bullet ButlersStalled1/16
2007-07-27  Bullet Butlers - First Press Limited EditionObtained
Twinkle ☆ CrusadersStalled1/1-
2008-09-26  Twinkle ☆ Crusaders - First Press Limited EditionObtained