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t10616.272018-05-11Too much sex@23 All ages nukige: Twins of the Pasture released on Steam without an 18+ patch. It was originally 牧農物語, from Dieselmine. Although it looks like
t10616.222018-05-10Too much sexRemoving H-scenes for most games doesn't hurt the game itself. But a bad job of editing can ruin any game, whether it has H-scenes or not. Kanon and
t5035.252017-09-03Offspring?That's not a rabbit...
t8941.42017-03-15My Fair Angel -GD-My Fair Angel is pretty old at this point, but yeah, it was rather shallow. Maou no Musume-tachi is a better version, released several years later
t8542.82016-12-15Stat and skill related personalityThere are 4 personalities. There is a *very* detailed Japanese language walkthrough here if you want all the details, but basically: When she's small
t8555.52016-12-14Dragon Girl -GD-It's been a while, but I remember the ending parts being very different for each personality type. Worth replaying it that many times (without
t3553.172016-11-04Dracu-Riot -GD-Which has never really made much sense. Vampires: "Hi! We're vampires, magical creatures that drink human blood to survive. But please don't fear and
t8296.62016-09-30What would happen to archer if Shirou dies?Nothing - the instance of Archer created for this Grail War is taken from out of time, basically. Remember that both time travel and multiple
t8052.72016-07-24NetorareIt's been a while, but I remember that the NTR was all "bad end" stuff. I don't remember there being any rape, either... But if was bad end, it
t7731.42016-04-27Is it necesery to start with aselia ?It is a direct sequel to Aselia, but follows a different cast. Two characters from Aselia appear in Seinarukana as major characters plus a few cameos
t7644.72016-04-15any eroge like this one?Slave + romance? Slave Market comes to mind.
t6110.122015-05-10WTF is wrong with this MC@11 Maybe it's because I read it in Japanese, degozaru. The language includes all sorts of meaningless phrases and repetition, degozaru. I got used
t6473.22015-05-09Plot ?Yes, those are the minor spirits from the original Eien no Aselia game. And No, the protags sword master teacher is not Uruka - it's Mula, the
t2663.1392015-02-17English translationThe other way to think of it is as a relative scale. When you look at something like Dracu-Riot that has an 8 average, don't think "This must be good
t2663.1352015-02-14English translationIt has an average 8 rating, which is pretty close Erogamescape's rating of 77. I think the high ranking has more to do with the lack of English
t6029.22014-12-25Only a single Heroine?The premise is that the heroine changes (body and personality) according to the choices made. So, no, there is only one heroine.
t5541.32014-07-13What is this game and Photonmelodies?It appears to be all old side stories, taken from other publications. Stuff from Supplement, Fanclub disks, Chronicles 1, 2, and 3, KimiIta and a
t5540.42014-07-13Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki, opinions?I don't think EGS and VNDB tend to differ that much for things that are still Japanese language only. Highly rated stuff here is also usually highly
t5321.622014-06-12This... was translated...?Hint: Dieselmine.
t5401.22014-06-08tentacle discriminationWhy? Perhaps because it is a nukige? It's amusing - seeing a tentacle monster get raped is certainly unusual. But it doesn't have a lot of non-sex
t5100.92014-03-01Boob Wars 2 -GD-Well, softhouse-seal is a nukige company. Their products are slightly higher quality than Norn or Miel stuff, but not much. The GRANDEE branch just
t4175.142014-02-08Impressions about the gameThe game had excellent art, excellent voice acting, good music, and good characters that made up for cliche'd and underdeveloped storylines. The
t4625.212013-10-01Nasu's writing styleI've made the comparison before, but I say that Nasu is like a Japanese e. e. cummings or James Joyce. He can write amazing scenes, or dull
t4175.62013-06-28Impressions about the gameThen we Akane fans can rejoice! As you said, it looks like they finally offically announced the Walkure Romanze Fandisc, Walkure Romanze More & More
t2989.82012-07-28Coμ -GD-Ruitomo is better than Comyu. It's not without flaws, but in general I thought the smaller number of characters allowed more development time for
t2315.42012-06-27Kagetsu Tohya TL discussionWell, Nasu's Japanese is like ee cumming's English. Anything that tries to bring across all of the non-literal meaning will end up looking "odd" at
t1362.512012-04-27I already looking forward to the whole thing!@moogy I think there's the "Must have happy ending!" crowd, yes, but I think there are plenty of people like me that were just annoyed by how sudden
t2624.42012-04-21Spitan -GD-I did enjoy the battle system, so I was willing to grind my first few games to unlock everything and get power characters... but if you're not
t2624.22012-04-20Spitan -GD-Spitan was a great play, truly what a spinoff should be: Strong enough to stand on its own yet with all the tie-ins back to the original. That said
t1362.372011-05-27I already looking forward to the whole thing!I almost feel that since the non-main endings consist of almost no new material (other than an H scene), it would have been far better to leave them