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t13900.92021-11-24Leaf pulled all their stuff from DMM?One of my friends had issues running WA1 Remake on Windows 10 so I wouldn't be surprised if they pulled it due to incompatibility.
t13900.72021-11-24Leaf pulled all their stuff from DMM?#6 They pulled their stuff because they want to move on from eroge. Their site puts all titles (expect WA2) as 'discounted'. Also it's likely a lot
t2108.41462021-11-11Candidates for deletionRemove Mystereet F ~Tantei-tachi no Curtain Call~ as the development has been suspended/cancelled per the latest interview with MAGES. (link).
t17298.52021-11-04Is this still worth playing in 2021?The writing didn't age well at all. If you go into it expecting it to be similar to newer titles (like me), you'll be disappointed.
t950.10092021-08-29VNDB Suggestions!Just like somebody already pointed out there (also I didn't know someone already suggested it before my bad) SC readers usually have more trouble
t950.10072021-08-29VNDB Suggestions!VNDB should separate Chinese into Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. It's annoying having to put if it is TC or SC in description of
t16712.62021-07-30Question on spoilers via voice seiyuu & their role#5 Does this mean I can remove some VAs from certain characters? I know few visual novels where that can be considered a spoiler and official
t8242.7332021-07-30The how to edit threadYou can also bring back Infinity from deletion since the original Infinity page used to be there. No need to make anything new.
t16710.22021-07-30IOS/Android release featuring other languages?NekoNyan confirmed it in their Discord server.
t8242.7252021-07-30The how to edit threadThe thing is with Never7 is that you can't judge its story the same way if you read Infinity only. Never7/Infinity Cure exclusive content change your
t8242.7182021-07-30The how to edit thread#717 And how was I supposed to know that there was a new consistency faction? Nobody posted anything about it in this thread. My entire point is that
t8242.7162021-07-30The how to edit threadI don't care if you locked it (I'm not the one who changed it back to Never7 to begin with, I just removed the JP title) so I'm not sure how I'm
t8242.7132021-07-30The how to edit threadThis entire site has inconsistencies. Look at 9-nine and Higurashi, Umineko. 9-nine's episodes are, for some reason, separated while Higurashi and
t8242.7102021-07-30The how to edit thread#708 I have read Never7 and I know content of Infinity and I can confirm that the true route and the said new plot point/plot twist changes your
t8242.7052021-07-30The how to edit thread#703 It's a long story. Players were not happy with Infinity's original true route and they decided to write new one and add a new plot twist that
t8242.7022021-07-30The how to edit threadInfinity is just another game. Never7 is just a remake and KID, Cyberfront and now MAGES. separate those 2 versions. For fuck sake Never7 contains
t8242.6982021-07-30The how to edit threadI don't understand the point of this change. Literally everyone refers to Never7 as Never7, not 'Infinity'. Sure it was the original release but
t2108.38922021-07-14Candidates for deletionI think r51903 should be deleted. Light went bankrupt 2 years ago and we haven't had any news on Dies irae's Vita version. It's safe to assume that
t13840.32021-06-23Please consider undeleting this entryHey beliar, now that additional console arcs for Higurashi got their own separate entries, I feel like Reincarnation should get its own one as well
t2108.36902021-03-11Candidates for deletionOh, I haven't even seen that. My bad.
t2108.36882021-03-11Candidates for deletionr71815 and r71816 can be deleted since Steam version is 18+.
t2108.36182021-02-15Candidates for deletionr49687, r49688 and r49689 cancelled. Source: link.
t15528.22021-02-14Regarding DMMYes, MAGES. licensed it to DMM back in 2015. They did the same with Steins;Gate 0 and Chaos;Child's PC versions. Here's the source: link MAGES. only
t15078.42021-01-07What happened to the Remake for PCs later 2020?!Releasing January 22nd r76933.
t15269.402020-12-29"Not a VN"?I know about special games article and it's dumb. I don't see a reason why we should give those games a special exception (hence why I said in
t15269.382020-12-29"Not a VN"?" Precisely my point - the fact that its adventure elements are bad (as in you just go a few steps to proceed) doesn't make it more of a VN in my
t2108.34952020-12-28Candidates for deletionThen go nuke Ace Attorney please. It's not a visual novel according to your rules. I'm sure everyone would be happy about that right? Also Ar
t2108.34932020-12-28Candidates for deletionThen simply ignoring the problem isn't going to fix anything. If you guys are going to have rules then enforce it on all stuff that is added to the
t2108.34912020-12-28Candidates for deletion" That just moves the problem. Or rather, it doubles the problem, we'd have discussions about what are considered VNs, and what is considered VN-like
t15269.242020-12-28"Not a VN"?After you finish the prologue, you get access to this menu link. Remembrance parts are pretty much adventure/visual novel parts while destruction is
t15269.212020-12-28"Not a VN"?" That said, for me the greatest obstacle for the inclusion of 13 Sentinels IS the interruptions. "That for the most part only happens in the
t2108.34882020-12-28Candidates for deletionJust add them under a custom tag or something similar. If people don't want to see them then they're free to filter them out. That's my take on it. "
t2108.34842020-12-28Candidates for deletionDeleting something just because you watched "5 minutes of somebody else playing it" doesn't mean you should delete. I'm currently playing it and it
t15269.152020-12-28"Not a VN"?" Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the recent remake get rid of most of the gameplay elements, thus making it a pure visual novel? "No, the
t2108.34012020-10-25Candidates for deletionr46668 and r46674 can be deleted as the Vita version got cancelled. Source: link and link
t14435.22020-08-07Regarding r45595.26All ages. Sorry for late reply.
t2108.31682020-05-07Candidates for deletionr62425 can be deleted since it's a duplicate of r66300.
t2108.31502020-04-27Candidates for deletionr58514 can be deleted since r69997 exists.
t2108.30092019-12-30Candidates for deletionr56192 can be deleted since r57721 already exists.
t2108.27642019-05-01Candidates for deletion^ He was referring to the PS4 and Switch ports of Robotics;Notes Elite.