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t12755.212019-08-25Linking Databases, part 2@14 Either a or b, and I'd go for b. Only downside with that option is that there is no external link listed on the releases section of the VN pageHi
t12755.122019-08-21Linking Databases, part 2Awesome update! With this, can we have feature to filter release by webshop later? This is one of the feature in VNDB that I wanted the most; able
t12744.72019-08-18Error once applying de-localization patchThanks sorasky & gregeval! Glad I'm not the only one who's having this error and received fixed file with short amount of time.
t12744.12019-08-18Error once applying de-localization patchHi! I saw and applied r65537 de-localization patch with my Steam release but there's error "b07.txt.scn:invalid psb file" displayed when loading save