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c73709.82019-09-12 at 16:31fllthdcrbShitaka IoriAdding trait
c73711.72019-09-12 at 16:31fllthdcrbHigashiboujou AkiraAdding trait
c73710.112019-09-12 at 16:30fllthdcrbAmabane NodokaAdding trait
c73711.62019-09-12 at 16:27fllthdcrbHigashiboujou AkiraAdding traits
c73708.62019-09-12 at 16:19fllthdcrbTsuzurigi IchinariAdding trait
c73710.102019-09-12 at 16:18fllthdcrbAmabane NodokaAdding trait
c73710.92019-09-12 at 16:17fllthdcrbAmabane NodokaAdding trait
c73710.82019-09-12 at 16:17fllthdcrbAmabane NodokaAdding trait
c73709.72019-09-12 at 16:13fllthdcrbShitaka IoriAdding some traits
c73710.72019-09-12 at 16:07fllthdcrbAmabane NodokaWrong character
c73710.62019-09-12 at 16:07fllthdcrbAmabane NodokaFix spoiler
c73710.52019-09-12 at 16:06fllthdcrbAmabane NodokaAdding some traits
c73708.52019-09-12 at 16:05fllthdcrbTsuzurigi IchinariAdding a couple of traits
c31.112019-09-12 at 15:08fllthdcrbMatsunaga SaraAdding speaking pattern
r57697.32019-08-30 at 14:45fllthdcrbNeko Para Vol.1 Soleil Kaiten Shimashita!Adding note about inclusion of Vol. 0.
r55464.112019-08-30 at 14:44fllthdcrbNeko Para Vol.1 Soleil Kaiten Shimashita!Adding note about inclusion of Vol. 0.
p4488.92019-08-20 at 01:15fllthdcrbNEKO WORKsAdded Wikidata ID
v26052.92019-08-20 at 00:39fllthdcrbNeko Para Vol.4 Neko to Patissier no NoelAdding Wikidata ID
v22020.152019-08-19 at 23:02fllthdcrbNeko Para Extra: Koneko no Hi no YakusokuAdding Wikidata ID
r40818.112019-08-19 at 18:10fllthdcrbNeko Para Vol.0 Minazuki Neko-tachi no Nichijou! - Package EditionAdding info about C88
v19385.242019-08-18 at 11:50fllthdcrbNeko Para Vol.3 Neko-tachi no AromatizeChanging Wikidata ID. The previous one was for the series.
v18713.292019-08-18 at 09:15fllthdcrbNeko Para Vol.2 Shimai Neko no SucreChanging Wikidata ID. Previous one was for the series.
v17763.292019-08-18 at 08:30fllthdcrbNeko Para Vol.0 Minazuki Neko-tachi no Nichijou!Changing Wikidata ID. The previous one was for the series.
v15538.462019-08-18 at 07:09fllthdcrbNeko Para Vol.1 Soleil Kaiten Shimashita!Changing Wikidata ID (existing one was for the series)
c20881.542019-08-17 at 17:16fllthdcrbVanillaAdding to Nekopareiten!
c20880.552019-08-17 at 17:16fllthdcrbChocolaAdding to Nekopareiten!
v26171.22019-08-17 at 17:14fllthdcrbNekoparaiten!Adding VA for character
c84864.32019-08-17 at 15:30fllthdcrbVenierLinking name in description
c20881.532019-08-17 at 15:26fllthdcrbVanillaFixing spoilers
c20881.522019-08-17 at 15:24fllthdcrbVanillaFilling out traits a little
c20886.412019-08-17 at 15:23fllthdcrbMinazuki ShigureFilling out traits a little
c20882.412019-08-17 at 15:18fllthdcrbMapleFilling out traits a little
c84865.42019-08-17 at 15:17fllthdcrbFraiseFilling out traits a little, fixing spoilers
c20885.462019-08-17 at 15:14fllthdcrbCoconutFilling out traits a little
c20883.472019-08-17 at 15:13fllthdcrbCinnamonFilling out traits a little
c20884.472019-08-17 at 15:12fllthdcrbAzukiFixing spoiler
c20880.542019-08-17 at 15:12fllthdcrbChocolaFilling out traits a little
c20884.462019-08-17 at 15:11fllthdcrbAzukiFixing spoiler
c20884.452019-08-17 at 15:11fllthdcrbAzukiFilling out traits a little
c84865.32019-08-17 at 15:04fllthdcrbFraiseAdding more info from Twitter announcement
c84865.22019-08-17 at 15:02fllthdcrbFraiseAdding info from image and link
c84862.42019-08-17 at 14:48fllthdcrbMilkAdding bell per link
c84863.52019-08-14 at 19:40fllthdcrbFraiseChanging reference to Benier -> Venier.
c84864.22019-08-14 at 19:39fllthdcrbVenierChanging to more likely romaji
c84863.42019-08-14 at 16:34fllthdcrbFraiseAdding traits
c84862.32019-08-14 at 16:30fllthdcrbMilkAdding brief description for the instance.
c84863.32019-08-14 at 16:28fllthdcrbFraiseAdding a couple of details.
c84864.12019-08-14 at 16:27fllthdcrbBenierAdding character based on Twitter announcement
c20881.512019-08-14 at 15:54fllthdcrbVanillaAdding character based on cover art
c20886.402019-08-14 at 15:54fllthdcrbMinazuki ShigureAdding character based on cover art