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c72120.172021-07-01 at 09:35fllthdcrbAcheval Dreissen+trait
c72206.72021-07-01 at 09:34fllthdcrbFeltonAdd detail about him being the White Knight.
c72120.162021-07-01 at 09:29fllthdcrbAcheval DreissenAdd detail about him being the Black Knight.
c88810.92021-03-26 at 05:55fllthdcrbMinazuki SuhamaCharacter links
c88811.92021-03-26 at 05:54fllthdcrbMinazuki AwayukiCharacter links
c84864.112021-03-26 at 05:52fllthdcrbBeignetCharacter links
c48451.42021-01-18 at 00:33fllthdcrbSylviTraits
c48306.52021-01-18 at 00:31fllthdcrbCeriTrait
c48304.82021-01-18 at 00:30fllthdcrbYomiTrait
c22716.452020-11-29 at 13:48fllthdcrbMinazuki KashouAdd trait (Vol. 4)
r76061.32020-11-29 at 13:44fllthdcrbNEKOPARA Vol.4 - 18+ PatchAdd official site
r74602.42020-11-26 at 20:09fllthdcrbNeko Para Vol.4 - Download EditionEngine
r76061.12020-11-26 at 17:04fllthdcrbNEKOPARA Vol.4 - 18+ PatchAdding release
r74602.32020-11-26 at 16:45fllthdcrbNeko Para Vol.4 - Download EditionMake sure it's the *right* link.
r74602.22020-11-26 at 16:44fllthdcrbNeko Para Vol.4 - Download EditionAdding DL links
c32888.172020-11-23 at 09:23fllthdcrbQDMore personality
r74600.32020-09-25 at 21:20fllthdcrbNeko Para Vol.4 - Deluxe EditionTypos
c80507.62020-08-21 at 12:04fllthdcrbBeisukeName from English trial
c80491.52020-08-21 at 11:38fllthdcrbShakutori LefthandName in English trial
c80500.82020-08-21 at 11:36fllthdcrbTaurusSpelling from English trial
v28590.52020-06-09 at 15:54fllthdcrbWhen The Tiles CryFrom title screen
c84865.72020-05-05 at 22:48fllthdcrbFraiseInfo from 5/5 pixivFANBOX post
c38915.332020-04-21 at 19:43fllthdcrbRyuusenji AifaReplacing traits that got removed because they're no longer directly applicable
c38915.322020-04-21 at 19:36fllthdcrbRyuusenji AifaAdding speech trait
c21325.112020-04-20 at 02:03fllthdcrbReimei KahoAdding trait
c21331.32020-04-14 at 19:31fllthdcrbOosumi ChisaAdding mole
c88811.62020-03-20 at 00:37fllthdcrbMinazuki AwayukiSayori has referred to her as such.
r46186.132020-03-15 at 02:44fllthdcrbNeko Para Vol.3 Neko-tachi no Aromatise - Download EditionAdding DLsite links
r44307.112020-03-15 at 02:42fllthdcrbNeko Para Vol.2 Shimai Neko no Sucre - Download EditionAdding DLsite links
r37183.152020-03-15 at 02:37fllthdcrbNeko Para Vol.1 Soleil Kaiten Shimashita! - Download EditionAdding DLsite links
r64510.42020-03-15 at 02:04fllthdcrbNeko Para Vol. 4 ~Neko to Patissier no Noel~Languages and resolution based on all previous entries in series. I fully expect this entry to do the same.
c84862.62020-03-10 at 06:10fllthdcrbMilkAdding footwear
c84862.52020-03-09 at 08:58fllthdcrbMilkAdding portrait
c31031.212020-03-03 at 06:59fllthdcrbGuriguraAdd Japanese of nickname
c88810.42020-02-28 at 04:49fllthdcrbMinazuki SuhamaCorrecting eye color
c84864.52020-02-26 at 21:07fllthdcrbBeignetEyes
c88811.42020-02-26 at 21:07fllthdcrbMinazuki AwayukiEyes
c88811.32020-02-26 at 21:05fllthdcrbMinazuki AwayukiApparent age
c88810.32020-02-26 at 21:05fllthdcrbMinazuki SuhamaApparent age
c88811.22020-02-26 at 21:01fllthdcrbMinazuki AwayukiNot forgetting Shigure
c88810.22020-02-26 at 21:00fllthdcrbMinazuki SuhamaNot sure about type of kimono
c88811.12020-02-26 at 20:59fllthdcrbMinazuki AwayukiInitial creation
c88810.12020-02-26 at 20:54fllthdcrbMinazuki SuhamaInitial creation
c28341.102019-11-06 at 11:21fllthdcrbDaisukeAdding original name
c73709.102019-10-20 at 21:25fllthdcrbShitaka IoriAdding trait
c73711.92019-10-20 at 21:21fllthdcrbHigashiboujou AkiraAdding trait
c86104.32019-10-20 at 15:55fllthdcrbHenshuuchouClarifying
c86104.12019-10-17 at 02:00fllthdcrbHenshū-chōCreating
c84865.62019-10-16 at 18:54fllthdcrbFraiseVenier -> Beignet
c84864.42019-10-16 at 18:52fllthdcrbBeignetMore likely spelling