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t15917.292021-11-20This does have an English translation.Looks like even the Fuwanovel mods might not be buying it.
t15917.232021-11-15This does have an English translation.The logic is also nonsense. What audience is a translation for? Primarily people who don't know the original language, right? And who are the only
t3314.26682021-11-13Traits#2667 Agreed. Might it make sense, though, since genocide is a form of mass murder, to make it as a child trait of Mass Murder? (Oh, but there is the
t8242.8412021-11-07The how to edit threadI would say custom cursors can be interesting in their own right, though it's probably unnecessary to feature one in more than one screenshot of a
t8242.8332021-11-06The how to edit thread#832 Hmm. Maybe not. But then, just how do you define a release? Probably not limited to just being able to follow a link and immediately have a copy
t17290.32021-11-02Protagonist's nameWell, I went and found a video where I could hear the name, and it is indeed "Hasegawa". Bit of a pain, though, especially since he mostly seems to
t17290.12021-11-02Protagonist's nameI haven't played this, and I'm unlikely to, but I want to ask if anyone knows if the protagonist's name is accurate here, since I have reasons to be
t950.10642021-10-28VNDB Suggestions!#1063 That's fine, if the status is actually known. It isn't always, though. I don't think a binary flag would be adequate for this.
t8242.7822021-10-16The how to edit thread"I think it's just that you can't not list a character under a game it appears in just because it appeared in anothe..." Of course not. But a single
t3314.26592021-10-06Traits#2657 Shouldn't "naru-verse" be "nasu-verse"?
t3314.26232021-08-04Traits#2615 Yeah, I figured I just haven't been looking in the right places.
t3314.26142021-08-04TraitsAre we ever supposed to mark sexual traits as spoilers? Just wondering, because as far as I remember, wherever I've looked (though probably not as
t3314.25962021-07-28Traits#2595 Well, I guess if it's classified as a sexual trait, it's not an issue in such cases, since only people who want to see those traits would end
t3314.25942021-07-28TraitsThere's also the complication that quite a few characters exist in multiple VNs where some of those VNs are all-ages, and some are 18+. In such cases
t8242.6462021-07-10The how to edit thread> I can find the place to add new releases but I can not find any spot to remove or edit the incorrect releases. I mean, there should be an "edit
t8242.6222021-07-02The how to edit threadHuh. I think an age rating that low can only be about whether someone has the mental capacity to comprehend/enjoy/get something out of it, as opposed
t8242.6132021-06-21The how to edit threadI think the logical reading would be that, for every heroine in the game, that heroine is adult, regardless of how many there are. Even if there is
t950.9392021-05-10VNDB Suggestions!The release triggering this issue is r79630, BTW, in case that's helpful.
t3314.25082021-05-06TraitsSeems reasonable, and there doesn't appear to be any better authority.
t8242.5332021-05-03The how to edit threadWow, a VN in Latin! Never would have expected to see that. So, what flag to use? The Vatican's?
t3314.24892021-04-24TraitsRight. You can't use an alias as a name for another trait. Perhaps darkness-weaver didn't realize that? I agree that aliases that are different
t3314.24852021-04-24Traits#2484 Not sure what you mean by that. One can't apply a trait that's not already in the system, right? #2483 But anyway, you as a normal user can
t15574.12021-02-20Regarding v15538.48May I ask why you changed the wikidata link from the entry specific to Vol. 1 to the one about the series as a whole? The latter doesn't seem correct
t950.8912021-02-04VNDB Suggestions!And the old long form works as well now. Fair enough.
t950.8872021-02-04VNDB Suggestions!Oh, okay. My mistake. I didn't even notice that. That said, I just tried the old long-form, which should be "
t950.8842021-02-04VNDB Suggestions!Guess you don't have to wait. The *entire* VN category (every single item on every page) has links in this format. I'd say that means the new format
t13727.3602021-01-31Flagging ImagesWeird. The image URLs on the flagging page are normally of the form, but that extension ends up stripping off the scheme
t13727.3592021-01-31Flagging ImagesOh, okay. That makes more sense.
t13727.3572021-01-31Flagging Images"the Dark Mode extension was indeed the problem, even though I didn't even have it on."Wait, how does that even work? Having one disabled should have
t13727.3552021-01-31Flagging Images"Do images load at all on the website, or is it just the image flagging that doesn't work?"I didn't think that last one would be necessary, as he
t13727.3532021-01-31Flagging ImagesTrue. Well, watsonw, what happens if you click on the box where the image should be? The box is coded to link to the image, so you should see it as
t13727.3512021-01-30Flagging ImagesCould it be you're blocking JavaScript? That's required to even load any of the images there. Then again, you have flagged a lot already, so I'm not
t15116.42020-12-02Tag for H-scene alternatives?#3 That looks like a good fit. Thanks.
t15100.152020-12-02so, we riot bois#13 Ah, so that's why she's been learning 3D sculpting and talking so much about figures. Makes sense.
t15100.142020-12-02so, we riot bois#12 Doesn't that reduce sex hormones, though?
t15116.12020-12-02Tag for H-scene alternatives?I'm wondering if we have a tag for when a VN presents choices that allow one to choose alternatives for H-scenes. Neko Para Vol.4 Neko to Patissier
t15100.102020-12-02so, we riot bois"the next 2023?"Maybe not that long. That whole business with Extra and the spinoffs and adaptations is probably what caused the delay
t15100.72020-11-30so, we riot bois#2 Um... because they're different species. Why would you expect humans and catgirls to be able to breed? Also: "I know that catgirls and humans can
t950.8462020-11-16VNDB Suggestions!"I think this selection is already being done with the old tag cloud as well, or else we would see Nukige/Low Sexual Content both under "sexual
t950.8422020-11-16VNDB Suggestions!"The "content/sexual content/technical" distinction is all over the tag tree, with technical tags being under content, etc. So I can't easily use
t950.8392020-11-15VNDB Suggestions!That is a bit of a problem, huh? It's a dag, rather than a tree, so a list format runs into that sometimes. A 2D layout (something like VN relations
t950.8372020-11-15VNDB Suggestions!"I can't even find a "sexual content" category, they are all listed under "theme" with bunch of unrelated tags." It looks to me like it's following
t3314.23542020-10-31TraitsDoesn't seem like a fit to me. Chuunibyou is mostly about an adolescent thinking they're already an adult (which is a pretty common thing really
t1052.2522020-10-05Quotes question...From Boku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma.: "It's like I'm coming on tap nowww! Aaaaah!"
t3314.22982020-08-31TraitsSo it's like that meme I've heard occasionally, "_____ in the streets, _____ in the sheets", I guess? (Wow, how many variants are there, anyway?)
t3314.22962020-08-31Traits#2295 "Bed Yakuza"?? Interesting. Not really sure what it means. Well, there's Osananajimi wa Bed Yakuza! with that phrase in the title.
t14108.82020-07-08no 18+ ContentOh, definitely. It was 18+ from the start, long before Steam allowed it, so I don't see NEKO WORKs letting Steam stop them now. The one thing I would
t14108.52020-07-07no 18+ ContentYeah, worse than simply banning adult content is banning it *with vague and inconsistently enforced rules*, and worse is doing so despite promising
t14249.92020-06-27Changed names of real thingsOh, I don't doubt they decided to do it themselves, but since you called it a "switch VN", I had to point out it being on PC. As you can see, that
t14249.72020-06-27Changed names of real thingsYeah, although I'm only talking about what I'm seeing in the PC release, so it's nothing to do with Nintendo censorship or whatever.