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t12883.32019-09-21Bondage, really?Haha. Yeah, but the only thing out of the ordinary (physically) in this VN is some vague stuff about the gods manipulating nebulous "Fates" (the plot
t12883.12019-09-19Bondage, really?Anyone know what's up with Iori's second H-scene (see NSFW screenshot)? Supposedly she's immobilized, but it sure doesn't look like it. It's not like
t12745.22019-08-30Switch and PS4??Okay, I found out it's included as an "extra story" in Vol. 1.
t12613.392019-08-20Start the Engines!@23 For example, many of KID's VNs seem to run on nameless in-house engines. And they clearly didn't use a completely new engine for each one, though
t12745.12019-08-18Switch and PS4??Was this really released on Switch and PS4? The releases listed for them have the Vol. 1 title, the Nintendo page linked to doesn't mention Vol. 0 or
t12731.32019-08-14Uncertain namesThey're definitely both being used as given names in this case, though. Also, with some searching around, I find that suhama and awayuki are both
t12731.12019-08-14Uncertain namesI want to add a couple of characters. However, at this time, AFAIK, their given names have only been given in kanji, and the VN isn't released yet
t11425.12018-10-27Character name pattern?Something I just noticed. Look at these names: Miu, Makoto, Misaki, Michiru. Is it just a coincidence, or did they give four of the heroines names