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t11031.42018-08-14Christmas Content?Wow, that was quick. I suppose this means it's only a package/main screen thing and not extra content? Sorry it took me a week to reply. I don't get
t844.422018-08-14I fucking hate this game.I liked the VN. Always thought a hug from Moemoe could purify the soul. @rick12 - Asumi is very ill when she meets back up with MC and ends up
t9562.32018-08-14Aoba, a virgin?No, Aoba was not a virgin. She tells you her fiance did things to her while she was with him. Also, during the H-scene, she doesn't bleed.
t11031.12018-08-07Christmas Content?I don't suppose anyone still lurking on these forums knows anything about the Christmas content of the game? I've only seen the main screen menu for