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r63534.12019-05-07 at 08:25akaruscarletMonochrome Wizard ~Kuro no sanka, Shiro no Chinkonka~add a release
v25748.12019-05-07 at 08:23akaruscarletMonochrome Wizard ~Kuro no sanka, Shiro no Chinkonka~add a new dusk's new game
r62735.42019-04-19 at 05:40akaruscarletStar's LoverRelease date Delay
c81593.52019-04-13 at 17:58akaruscarletHanasaka Airiadd t
c81595.62019-04-13 at 17:30akaruscarletOokouchi Rihitofix1
c81595.52019-04-13 at 16:51akaruscarletOokouchi Rihitoadd traits
c81595.42019-04-13 at 16:19akaruscarletOokouchi Rihitoadd profile detail
v25500.82019-04-13 at 15:42akaruscarletStar's Loverfix
v25500.72019-04-13 at 15:41akaruscarletStar's Loveradd support chara VA's
s18407.12019-04-13 at 15:40akaruscarletKuraou Rikuouadd Va 1
c81839.22019-03-26 at 05:24akaruscarletSuzumaru Soutatraits
c81839.12019-03-26 at 05:23akaruscarletSuzumaru Soutaadd sub chara
c81838.22019-03-26 at 05:21akaruscarletHachibuse Keigoadd pic
c81838.12019-03-26 at 05:21akaruscarletHachibuse Keigoadd sub chara
c81837.12019-03-26 at 05:18akaruscarletMomogaki Kanameadd sub chara
c81596.42019-03-24 at 06:14akaruscarletDoumae Akirapersonality
c81593.22019-03-16 at 17:27akaruscarletHanasaka AiriNameable
c81596.12019-03-16 at 17:26akaruscarletDoumae Akiraadded Doumae Akira
c81595.12019-03-16 at 17:19akaruscarletOokouchi Rihitoadded Ookouchi Rihito
c81593.12019-03-16 at 16:41akaruscarletHanasaka Airiadd heroines.
r62735.32019-03-16 at 16:12akaruscarletStar's Loverremove media
r62735.22019-03-16 at 16:09akaruscarletStar's LoverAdd producer
p8950.12019-03-16 at 16:05akaruscarletentremetsadd company
r62735.12019-03-16 at 15:43akaruscarletStar's Loveradd release.
v25500.22019-03-16 at 15:34akaruscarletStar's Loverupload visual cover image
v25500.12019-03-16 at 15:32akaruscarletStar's Lovernew vn
r25266.82018-10-11 at 09:53akaruscarletRourou Spica - Complete EditionRelay the Release to 2019
r25265.72018-10-11 at 09:53akaruscarletRourou Spica - Free EditionRelay the Release to 2019
r59913.12018-09-29 at 00:26akaruscarletGunka o Haita Neko - Trial EditionAdded Trial edition
c58332.22018-08-26 at 06:51akaruscarletSakurai Harukaadded the sexual traits.
v23194.32018-08-12 at 17:35akaruscarletGarin's Uncanny File the game : Curse of Revival Ceremonychange the the title name correcty.