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t19543.12022-12-22Rate Limit?Just ran into a weird error page today. I was trying to find something and while quickly going from page to page to find it, I got a error saying
t18978.12022-08-22Version?I'm just wondering what the latest (or final) version of this game is? The version I have is 2.00h but whenever I try to scroll down in the CG
t17896.52022-03-03MusicI was curious and decided to try and search for the soundtrack on Amazon but came up empty (couldn't find anything related to this game on there
t17896.32022-03-02MusicThat's just it, I've never heard the long version of the song. Only thing I can think of is it's either on a Soundtrack I don't know about, or only
t17896.12022-02-24MusicI've seen this on a few different VN's and can't figure out what it's supposed to mean. For example, in this games music player, when i listen to
t17456.42021-12-04Is it safe?I'm just not interested in getting something from there with actual children in it, and sometimes it's hard to tell just by looking at the
t17456.12021-12-04Is it safe?I've been wondering this for awhile, but didn't know where to ask this so figured I'd try here. I'm just wondering if everything with a official
t15966.32021-09-07Nude Filter?I don't think the English version has the nude filter feature. I've 100% it and F12 doesn't do anything like it does in Fureraba.
t16869.12021-08-24Translation quality?I'm just wondering how the English translation for this is. Haven't gotten any VN's that were published by 'Shiravune' yet so not sure how good or
t11765.192021-07-18majiro.bin crashThen I'm guessing it may be video card related? While both were the same brand, the one in my desktop was about 6 years old (nvidia 970) while the
t11765.172021-07-18majiro.bin crashIf that is the case, then why'd it manage to run just fine on my desktop (never crashed even once)? They both had windows 10 and the same windows
t11765.112021-07-18majiro.bin crashThis topic is kind of old but I've run into this same problem. I just installed it on my new laptop and it worked just fine when I first launched it
t16607.12021-07-15Performance questionRecently got a new laptop (and it's a pretty decent one). I installed a few VN's to it and was surprised how hot some of them can run my system. Did
t15496.12021-02-03Is this normal?I got this from FAKKU and just started playing it today. And it seems to randomly crash occasionally. I'm wondering if this is normal for everyone or
t15479.32021-01-29ConfusedI considered buying it but decided to come here first to get a little more info on it and now I'm glad I did. Or I'd be stuck with a VN I can't even
t15479.12021-01-29ConfusedOn the English notes on this site it says the English version isn't out yet, but the game's available for purchase on Denpasoft (which I thought only
t15372.392021-01-13Advancing SearchAhh I see, my bad. Still getting the hang of the new search so didn't notice that. Reason being I had no idea what Seiyuu was (apparently it's the
t15372.362021-01-13Advancing SearchI was originally trying to do a search of a voice actress to see how many VN's she was in that I've played so far. (just looking under the actresses
t15372.342021-01-13Advancing SearchNot sure if I'm using it wrong, but sometimes I get some strange results using the new search. For example, I did a test search using these filters
t14790.82020-09-28Laptop for VN'sJust remembered I actually have another laptop (about 7 years old) with windows 7 on it. It has 8 gigs of ram and a Intel i5-3210M duel core 2.50Ghz
t14790.12020-09-27Laptop for VN'sMy current computer is on the verge of dying and don't have the money to get another one at the moment, so I'm looking into getting a laptop for VN's
t14756.32020-09-20DenpasoftThanks for the link. Well that blows. Hope they're able to get back on their feet eventually.
t14756.12020-09-20DenpasoftJust wondering if anyone knows what's going on with them? Been wanting to pick up a VN from them but their site seems to be down and has been the
t14710.22020-09-11Where does the opening starts? (spoilers)I could be wrong, but the first opening movie I believe is at the title screen. If you wait a few seconds it starts up. The in game movie you viewed
t14687.62020-09-06Voiceless H-scenes?Thanks a bunch. Didn't know the voice patch was a separate patch (didn't find it even using google). Everything seems to be working now.
t14687.32020-09-06Voiceless H-scenes?Doesn't seem to be working for me. I downloaded and copied the 2 files to replace in the game folder. And even the ingame window says it's version 1
t14687.12020-09-06Voiceless H-scenes?I'm just wondering if the h-scenes are supposed to be voiceless or if it's a bug? It'll be a bummer if it's supposed to be that way.
t13727.3412020-08-12Flagging ImagesI'm just curious. Either I'm going blind or I'm missing something. link I definitely see a topless woman on the billboard(s) in the background on
t13727.3312020-07-14Flagging ImagesIs it no longer possible to change our vote on images we've already flagged? I remember I used to be able to click on a image that I already flagged
t13727.3002020-05-26Flagging ImagesOk link Everything he flagged is explicit/brutal, even images that are anything but.
t13727.2982020-05-26Flagging ImagesNot sure if this is the place to ask, but how does one go about reporting obvious trolls who just flag every image as explicit/brutal? Either
t14012.12020-05-18Seriously?! (spoilers)Do I literally have to uninstall and reinstall the game in order to get the other 2 endings? I just finished the whole game and chose AOI at the end
t13927.32020-05-05No update?Well that's good to know they're still working on it, although a shame about the delay. Thanks for the info though.
t13927.12020-05-04No update?I'm just wondering if they still plan on releasing this or if it was canceled. Their last tweet on their website was in september of of 2018 saying
t12914.12019-09-26Heram bugI've got the official patch fix for this but am running into another possible bug. While going down the Heram route once I hit a certain point, I get
t12908.32019-09-25Walkthrough?Thanks a lot for sharing that patch. I thought something was odd when it kept just ending like that. I'll look forward to getting the official patch
t12908.12019-09-25Walkthrough?The English release just came out today so I decided to pick it up. After getting about 25% through, it just suddenly ends at the part where I
t12810.12019-09-02False Tags?There are 2 tags on this game that I feel don't belong there unless I'm missing something. Those are the "Blood-related Uncle/Niece Incest" and
t12769.62019-08-24CrashesWell I did a little research using google and decided to try running the game and changing it's affinity to use only a single core. And so far it
t12769.52019-08-24CrashesAye I got it off of Jastusa. I also got School Days awhile back and I had no problems with that one. So not sure why this one is acting this way.
t12769.32019-08-24CrashesThe game says it's already the same version as the patch so I figured the patch was for those with a older version.
t12769.12019-08-24CrashesJust got this last night and it freezes quite often. I'm using Windows 10 and even though I have tried running it in compatibility mode and as an