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v617.262018-11-12 at 03:42SHIMAKOSoul LinkThe protagonist is partially voiced
r55502.102018-11-12 at 03:15SHIMAKOFureraba ~Friend to Lover~ Steam EditionWe don't know the actual age rating of the Steam Edition.
c6158.392018-11-12 at 03:05SHIMAKOAsuka MiraiForgot this.
c6158.382018-11-12 at 02:53SHIMAKOAsuka MiraiThere. Sorted. No more shitting on my work now.
c6158.372018-11-12 at 02:49SHIMAKOAsuka MiraiPretty jerky comment right there, on the revision before this one. Anyway, fixing something.
c6158.352018-11-12 at 02:46SHIMAKOAsuka MiraiForgot to complete the link. Well, whatever.
c6158.342018-11-12 at 02:44SHIMAKOAsuka MiraiOh... My... God... Please stop messing around with my stuff IT'S SO BLOODY ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!! Please... If I just fixed it up myself like I have now
c6158.322018-11-12 at 02:41SHIMAKOAsuka MiraiReverted to revision c6158.30 I'm going to fix it up myself, okay?
c6156.252018-11-12 at 02:40SHIMAKOOkaizumi HarutoIt should be fine now. Ugh, so damn annoying!
c6156.242018-11-12 at 02:38SHIMAKOOkaizumi HarutoFine! Whatever! I'll remove it then! You're starting to really piss me off!