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v617.262018-11-12 at 03:42sy74kyaSoul LinkThe protagonist is partially voiced
r55502.102018-11-12 at 03:15sy74kyaFureraba ~Friend to Lover~ Steam EditionWe don't know the actual age rating of the Steam Edition.
c6158.392018-11-12 at 03:05sy74kyaAsuka MiraiForgot this.
c6158.382018-11-12 at 02:53sy74kyaAsuka MiraiThere. Sorted. No more shitting on my work now.
c6158.372018-11-12 at 02:49sy74kyaAsuka MiraiPretty jerky comment right there, on the revision before this one. Anyway, fixing something.
c6158.352018-11-12 at 02:46sy74kyaAsuka MiraiForgot to complete the link. Well, whatever.
c6158.342018-11-12 at 02:44sy74kyaAsuka MiraiOh... My... God... Please stop messing around with my stuff IT'S SO BLOODY ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!! Please... If I just fixed it up myself like I have now
c6158.322018-11-12 at 02:41sy74kyaAsuka MiraiReverted to revision c6158.30 I'm going to fix it up myself, okay?
c6156.252018-11-12 at 02:40sy74kyaOkaizumi HarutoIt should be fine now. Ugh, so damn annoying!
c6156.242018-11-12 at 02:38sy74kyaOkaizumi HarutoFine! Whatever! I'll remove it then! You're starting to really piss me off!
c3938.452018-11-12 at 01:55sy74kyaHisakaki KosameDeleted spoiler. There! That's what you want, right!? You're so annoying sometimes, you know.
c3932.692018-11-12 at 01:53sy74kyaHisakaki KomomoDeleted spoiler. There, that's what you want, isn't it? You're starting to REALLY get on my last nerve here.
c3107.402018-11-12 at 01:48sy74kyaSagisawa ChihoReverted to revision c3107.38
c3932.682018-11-12 at 01:47sy74kyaHisakaki KomomoReverted to revision c3932.66 You were just testing me there, weren't you?
c3938.442018-11-12 at 01:47sy74kyaHisakaki KosameReverted to revision c3938.42 Excuse me! I spent ages adding this and it's all legit info, you know?
c6158.302018-11-10 at 07:59sy74kyaAsuka MiraiUpdated alias.
r35004.272018-11-09 at 23:58sy74kyaSaku Saku: Love Blooms with the Cherry Blossoms - Download EditionDownload edition
r46949.132018-11-09 at 23:56sy74kyaSaku Saku: Love Blooms with the Cherry Blossoms - Steam EditionSteam edition
c6158.292018-11-09 at 23:46sy74kyaAsuka MiraiSpelling correction
c6156.222018-11-09 at 23:45sy74kyaOkaizumi HarutoSpelling correction.
c6156.212018-11-09 at 23:43sy74kyaOkaizumi HarutoReverted to revision c6156.19 Cut the BS, that's not funny! If you've played Hoshimemo, then you've witnessed this.
c6158.282018-11-09 at 23:40sy74kyaAsuka MiraiReverted to revision c6158.26 Nonsensial edits, my ass! Anyone who's played Hoshimemo know that this happens!
c6158.262018-11-09 at 14:18sy74kyaAsuka MiraiRe wording it a bit.
c6158.252018-11-09 at 14:15sy74kyaAsuka MiraiReverted to revision c6158.23 ever heard of the phrase "don't stick your nose into other people's business?"
c21640.192018-11-09 at 14:13sy74kyaKotarouI thnk these are minor spoilers actually.
r57053.72018-11-09 at 13:29sy74kyaFortissimo FA INTL VerAdded that it's the 15+ version that got ported.
c6158.232018-11-09 at 11:27sy74kyaAsuka MiraiCorrection
c6158.222018-11-09 at 11:09sy74kyaAsuka Mirai"Oho! Sexy pics of Hisakaki, score. All going to plan, Kogasaka!" "Don't act like I'm in on your stupid creeper stuff!" "If I sell these at Hibari
c6156.192018-11-09 at 11:03sy74kyaOkaizumi HarutoThe one at the beach trip was particularly funny: he went off out of Komomo's earshot to brag about it, but Komomo figured out what was going on and
c3882.542018-11-09 at 10:43sy74kyaKogasaka YouActually, I would put him in the Classic Tsundere category because, well, read Yume's route.
r44996.242018-11-08 at 11:52sy74kyaHoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star- Steam EditionSteam edition
r51732.62018-11-08 at 11:51sy74kyaHoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star- Download EditionWe already know the rating.
r41536.112018-11-08 at 09:02sy74kyaPrincess Evangile W Happiness - Steam EditionCalled the Steam Edition
r41536.102018-11-08 at 09:01sy74kyaPrincess Evangile W Happiness - All ages EditionThe hyphen shouldn't be there anyway.
v8900.302018-11-07 at 14:33sy74kyaPrincess Evangile W HappinessAdded cast
c77044.12018-11-07 at 14:29sy74kyaRuriko's MotherAdded character
r41536.82018-11-07 at 14:28sy74kyaPrincess Evangile W Happiness - All Ages Download EditionDownload edition
r41543.182018-11-07 at 14:27sy74kyaPrincess Evangile W Happiness - Download EditionDownload edition
c30744.262018-11-07 at 14:22sy74kyaKitamikado MisakoAdded trait
c63639.72018-11-07 at 14:11sy74kyaGardiane+2
c63642.162018-11-07 at 14:05sy74kyaKiyoshiHe said some pretty sarcastic things in Rise's route.
c3882.532018-11-07 at 14:00sy74kyaKogasaka YouAunt Shino: (to Chinami): After all, you spent a long time cooking dinner for your brother, didn't you, Chinami-chan? Chinami: Yes I did! You: Thank
c77043.12018-11-07 at 12:40sy74kyaKonomi's GrandmotherAdded character
c77042.12018-11-07 at 12:39sy74kyaKonomi's MotherAdded character
v6710.592018-11-07 at 12:37sy74kyaPrincess EvangileAccording to W Happiness
c3938.422018-11-07 at 10:19sy74kyaHisakaki Kosame"I love you, Kosame-san." "There!" Chop.
r56068.62018-11-07 at 01:11sy74kyaCROSS†CHANNEL: Steam EditionBecause it's based ff the 17+ release.
v19034.42018-11-06 at 23:50sy74kyaShoujo no Michikusa ~Dorei Idol Hakusho~I'm pretty sure that's NSFW, actually.
c3105.482018-11-06 at 13:48sy74kyaKitamikado RitsukoAdded trait
c18193.362018-11-06 at 13:37sy74kyaTsukishima HanakoSmall changes to traits