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t12094.142019-04-23Steam ReleaseI've reached Amane's route now, and I'm considering playing it again with the unrated version if the censorship of caniballism is too bad. But as
t11384.182019-04-23Yuuma and Yuuri's pagesActually, Hyberion isn't a Haraguro. He's actually a Misogynist. Also Tina should have Peeing added to her sexual traits.
t12199.12019-04-15Request for edit rights reinstatingTo sy74kya: "please stop messing with my stuff". It's not *your* stuff. Nothing you contribute is your stuff; it's the community's. When you
t12094.132019-04-15Steam ReleaseIt doesn't seem that bad as far as I've seen so far. As long as whole scenes apart from H Scenes aren't taken out it's not so bad, really
t12198.12019-04-15English ReleaseIs there any chance this series will get released into English any time soon?
t12094.112019-04-15Steam ReleaseYou can get it through as well. Should be possible to work out a PayPal transfer with them. Ah, bummer! If only I'd thought of that
t12094.102019-04-15Steam ReleaseThanks for the advice. It turns out the ladder structure was just a choice in the last few scenes that take you to the character routes. More like a
t12094.72019-04-08Steam ReleaseIt probably won't be easy for me to get the Denpasoft release, since I don't normally do transactions on American sites. I've also not used a credit
t12094.52019-04-01Steam ReleaseI wonder why they closed the site? Is it still possible to access the patch somehow? Or I suppose we're out of luck now. How come Denpasoft never
t12094.32019-03-29Steam ReleaseOh right, I see. I plan on playing Amane's route first, actually. The sequels are more like Sorcery Jokers, in the sense that they're linear plot but
t12094.12019-03-25Steam ReleaseNote: these questions are merely curiosity-motivated and not related to editing or proving a point. 1. How heavily censored is the Steam edition
t12067.32019-03-19Question about Shinku CGI see you've been involved in an editing war, with predictable results. Is your question related to any of that and you're trying to prove a point
t12067.12019-03-18Question about Shinku CGWhen do you encounter this CG: link And this variant: link Is it quite early in Shinku's route? Is it quite late in? Is it a spoiler or something?
t11495.112019-03-18Some adviceTo sy74kya: "please stop messing with my stuff". It's not *your* stuff. Nothing you contribute is your stuff; it's the community's. When you
t11384.172019-03-18Yuuma and Yuuri's pagesPersonality: Funny - Ann, Hyberion I agree with Antagonist for Hyberion as he tries to steal back Tina and often goes after Yuuma, not to mention he
t12028.152019-03-15Steam Release?#13 you got it. That's a HELL OF A PAIN when you don't have any dollars and can't use a credit card.
t12028.82019-03-10Steam Release?#7 Talk about a dumb new rule, what in hell... But why won't they allow that setting? Talk about illogical.
t12028.42019-03-09Steam Release?I don't really know what you mean by "moral panic", but as far as I know, lots of eroge are available on Steam. So I can't see why this one wouldn't
t12028.12019-03-09Steam Release?Are MG ever likely to release this game on Steam? I know they said not yet or soon, most likely not this year, but maybe in a few years time? Or has
t11384.162019-03-09Yuuma and Yuuri's pagesMio: Fainting - minor spoiler Injury - Yuma no spoiler Mio major spoiler Hospitalisation - Yuma no spoiler, Mio major spoiler
t11384.152019-02-25Yuuma and Yuuri's pagesBut the thing is, how do I add the traits if I can't even edit the database? If I could so much as add the traits myself, then that would keep things
t11384.132019-02-11Yuuma and Yuuri's pagesIs it possible to restore my edit rights so I can add the traits? Or are you thinking that I can't be trusted now?
t11384.102019-02-05Yuuma and Yuuri's pagesEngages in: Moving (Konami major spoiler) Engages in: Shogi (Tina) Personality: Serious (Kotarou minor spoiler)
t11384.92019-01-15Yuuma and Yuuri's pagesPersonality: Short-tempered (Eleonora, no spoiler)
t11384.82019-01-07Yuuma and Yuuri's pagesEngages in: Graduation. (Ann, major spoiler) Role: Student Council President (Yuma, major spoiler) Personality: Sleepyhead (Tina, no spoiler)
t11384.72019-01-07Yuuma and Yuuri's pagesWe also need a page for major spoiler character Hosoi Koharu, Sou's cousin in Makes an appearance category, she is important as she's part of the
t11674.12018-12-17Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura DokiCan I alert you to t11384? There's this whole bunch of traits that need to be added and obviously I can't be the man for the job at this time
t11384.62018-12-17Yuuma and Yuuri's pagesIn addition: Kotarou and Tina's pages: Personality: Stubborn (no spoiler) Kotarou's page Personality: Whimsical (no spoiler) Tina's page Personality
t11384.52018-12-17Yuuma and Yuuri's pagesWhile we're at it, we need a page for the spoiler character Rina. (Tina's elder sister who gave her life to save Yuuma.)
t11384.42018-12-17Yuuma and Yuuri's pagesTo be added to Yuuma's page: Subject of: Birthday Celebration (no spoiler) Also add to Mio's page. Engages in: Romantic Reconciliation (major spoiler
t11519.12018-11-14What's with you?What is it about the way I edited Komomo and Kosame's pages as well As Asuka and Okaizumi's pages that you can't stand? I got rid of all the spoiler
t11495.42018-11-12Some adviceI gather the reason you keep reverting back the description on Komomo's page is because of that spoiler? Well I removed the spoiler so now we're all
t11495.22018-11-11Some adviceHow long is it before I can edit again? A week or something?
t11468.12018-11-03Will this title get an official release?Does anyone know if Astral Air is set to be released officially by a licensed publisher any time soon? If so, when is it likely to be released
t11384.32018-11-01Yuuma and Yuuri's pagesTo be added to Yuuma's page: Subject of: Breakup (major spoiler) Subject of: Headache (no spoiler) To be added to Yuuri's page: Engages in: Breakup
t11384.12018-10-15Yuuma and Yuuri's pagesI see Yuuma and Yuuri's pages are locked. Is it possible to unlock them? If it is, I'd appreciate if someone could please unlock them because I need