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t15070.42020-11-25After stories?Ah, right. But the problem is, when looking at the title screen after finishing the game, I couldn't find it there. I do remember hearing once that
t15070.12020-11-24After stories?Just a quick question. I've finished all the character routes and remember hearing that this game has after stories, but where are they? The option
t13922.42020-05-03Question about releasesI have my doubts about using patches, to be honest. I suppose it might be all right... the only concern I have here is how do I get hold of the
t13922.12020-05-03Question about releasesI've started watching the anime adaptation and I'm pretty serious about picking up this one after Aokana. But I've got a few questions. 1. Which
t13113.32019-11-05Question about promotional artThe artwork at the top of the steam page which has "The Labyrinth of Grisaia" on it. She's standing at the back next to Asako. But her hair's down
t13113.12019-11-05Question about promotional artIn the promotional art of this game (also on Steam) there's a girl with long brown hair standing next to Asako. Who is she? I didn't see her in the
t3314.17792019-09-22TraitsWell, looks like all my ideas got shot down! Not the first time that's happened. One thing I should mention though... "And I don't have the foggiest
t3314.17772019-09-22TraitsWe should add a subtrait for Actor as Commercial Actor, someone who either stars in or does voiceover for TV and web commercials. And... Fallout
t12898.12019-09-22"Blood Cherry" Biker Gang [Makina Route Spoiler]WARNING: SPOILERS We need pages for Susumu Atou, Ishikawa Tadashi and Okuda from the Blood Cherry Shuuhou-kai Biker Gang who shot up the bakery in
t12558.12019-07-06Sol Press ReleaseOkay, so when's Sol Press going to hurry the hell up and release this game officially? I'm seriously desperate to pick up IroSeka, and while I know
t12510.12019-06-25Common Route Top 10What are your 10 favourite scenes in the first 50 scenes of the common route, before the branch-off points? Mine are, in chronological order: 1
t3314.17292019-06-20TraitsAppears Only In Flashbacks should be in Role not Subject Of. Could also shorten to Flashback.
t12486.12019-06-20Question about routesOnce I've finished the Grisaia trilogy for my forth visual novel, I'm going to start this one for my fifth, along with Fureraba, playing alternate
t12441.12019-06-09What if......Kazuki had a character route? I wonder what the story would be? It's clear to me that she sees him as more than a brother as described in Angelic
t12413.62019-06-04trait suggestionNice work guys. However, shouldn't it be under Role rather than Subject of...
t12378.52019-06-03Ladder Structure#4 Good thought. But I suppose the thing is that would be confusing since this structure is currently called Ladder Structure. You're right in a
t12413.12019-06-03trait suggestionWe could have a trait called Flashback which we'd use on characters which appear exclusively in another character's past, or from a memory. We wouldn
t12378.12019-05-27Ladder StructureShould we consider changing Ladder Structure to Bus Stop Structure? It does work, since the character routes are like bus stops and you stop at each
t12280.22019-05-13Few More QuestionsSeeing as no one saw this thread, I found the answer the first question. No whole scenes appear to be removed, but certain references to cannibalism
t12280.12019-05-06Few More QuestionsI've finished Amane's route in the Steam edition, and I have three and a half more questions. 1. Compared to the unrated edition, how badly
t12094.142019-04-23Steam ReleaseI've reached Amane's route now, and I'm considering playing it again with the unrated version if the censorship of caniballism is too bad. But as
t11384.182019-04-23Yuuma and Yuuri's pagesActually, Hyberion isn't a Haraguro. He's actually a Misogynist. Also Tina should have Peeing added to her sexual traits.
t12199.12019-04-15Request for edit rights reinstating"To sy74kya: "please stop messing with my stuff". It's not *your* stuff. Nothing you contribute is your stuff; it's the community's. When you
t12094.132019-04-15Steam ReleaseIt doesn't seem that bad as far as I've seen so far. As long as whole scenes apart from H Scenes aren't taken out it's not so bad, really
t12198.12019-04-15English ReleaseIs there any chance this series will get released into English any time soon?
t12094.112019-04-15Steam Release"You can get it through as well. Should be possible to work out a PayPal transfer with them." Ah, bummer! If only I'd thought of that
t12094.102019-04-15Steam ReleaseThanks for the advice. It turns out the ladder structure was just a choice in the last few scenes that take you to the character routes. More like a
t12094.72019-04-08Steam ReleaseIt probably won't be easy for me to get the Denpasoft release, since I don't normally do transactions on American sites. I've also not used a credit
t12094.52019-04-01Steam ReleaseI wonder why they closed the site? Is it still possible to access the patch somehow? Or I suppose we're out of luck now. How come Denpasoft never
t12094.32019-03-29Steam ReleaseOh right, I see. I plan on playing Amane's route first, actually. The sequels are more like Sorcery Jokers, in the sense that they're linear plot but
t12094.12019-03-25Steam ReleaseNote: these questions are merely curiosity-motivated and not related to editing or proving a point. 1. How heavily censored is the Steam edition
t12067.32019-03-19Question about Shinku CG"I see you've been involved in an editing war, with predictable results. Is your question related to any of that and you're trying to prove a point
t12067.12019-03-18Question about Shinku CGWhen do you encounter this CG: link And this variant: link Is it quite early in Shinku's route? Is it quite late in? Is it a spoiler or something?
t11495.112019-03-18Some advice"To sy74kya: "please stop messing with my stuff". It's not *your* stuff. Nothing you contribute is your stuff; it's the community's. When you
t11384.172019-03-18Yuuma and Yuuri's pagesPersonality: Funny - Ann, Hyberion I agree with Antagonist for Hyberion as he tries to steal back Tina and often goes after Yuuma, not to mention he
t12028.152019-03-15Steam Release?#13 you got it. That's a HELL OF A PAIN when you don't have any dollars and can't use a credit card.
t12028.82019-03-10Steam Release?#7 Talk about a dumb new rule, what in hell... But why won't they allow that setting? Talk about illogical.
t12028.42019-03-09Steam Release?I don't really know what you mean by "moral panic", but as far as I know, lots of eroge are available on Steam. So I can't see why this one wouldn't
t12028.12019-03-09Steam Release?Are MG ever likely to release this game on Steam? I know they said not yet or soon, most likely not this year, but maybe in a few years time? Or has
t11384.162019-03-09Yuuma and Yuuri's pagesMio: Fainting - minor spoiler Injury - Yuma no spoiler Mio major spoiler Hospitalisation - Yuma no spoiler, Mio major spoiler
t11384.152019-02-25Yuuma and Yuuri's pagesBut the thing is, how do I add the traits if I can't even edit the database? If I could so much as add the traits myself, then that would keep things
t11384.132019-02-11Yuuma and Yuuri's pagesIs it possible to restore my edit rights so I can add the traits? Or are you thinking that I can't be trusted now?
t11384.102019-02-05Yuuma and Yuuri's pagesEngages in: Moving (Konami major spoiler) Engages in: Shogi (Tina) Personality: Serious (Kotarou minor spoiler)
t11384.92019-01-15Yuuma and Yuuri's pagesPersonality: Short-tempered (Eleonora, no spoiler)
t11384.82019-01-07Yuuma and Yuuri's pagesEngages in: Graduation. (Ann, major spoiler) Role: Student Council President (Yuma, major spoiler) Personality: Sleepyhead (Tina, no spoiler)
t11384.72019-01-07Yuuma and Yuuri's pagesWe also need a page for major spoiler character Hosoi Koharu, Sou's cousin in Makes an appearance category, she is important as she's part of the
t11674.12018-12-17Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura DokiCan I alert you to t11384? There's this whole bunch of traits that need to be added and obviously I can't be the man for the job at this time
t11384.62018-12-17Yuuma and Yuuri's pagesIn addition: Kotarou and Tina's pages: Personality: Stubborn (no spoiler) Kotarou's page Personality: Whimsical (no spoiler) Tina's page Personality
t11384.52018-12-17Yuuma and Yuuri's pagesWhile we're at it, we need a page for the spoiler character Rina. (Tina's elder sister who gave her life to save Yuuma.)
t11384.42018-12-17Yuuma and Yuuri's pagesTo be added to Yuuma's page: Subject of: Birthday Celebration (no spoiler) Also add to Mio's page. Engages in: Romantic Reconciliation (major spoiler