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t2108.32362020-06-24Candidates for deletionGrinning Heart: The Moment 's page has barely any content, and the game was apparently supposed to come out 2016 according to the official home page.
t2108.31882020-05-27Candidates for deletionReleases r46639 and r48063 are redundant; they're released on the same date with identical content, just that one is playable in the browser and the
t14044.32020-05-24I am running a Kickstarter for my vn game...Don't have the funds to help kickstart anything. But good luck! That said, I see that you wrote that the game might not get created if you don't
t11107.12018-08-23Should we replace or add demo screenshots?Although the game is still in demo phase, it appears that the Screenshots on the page are out of date (see character graphics on the page