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v7002.102021-07-18 at 22:32massterKunoichi San Shimai ~Ichi no Maki・Inhou San Shimai Kenzan!~It is a short nukige VN. Finished it recently.
r68869.42021-06-07 at 16:42massterCherry BoyThere is no voice acting or animations. Just finished playing the game.
v23515.32021-05-06 at 12:13massterNatsuaneVery short animated 3D VN.
v25962.32021-04-16 at 12:52massterCat & RoomsIt's a very short Nukige. Can be done in less than 1 hour.
v29720.32021-02-13 at 20:56massterTokyo Love +Added VN's length. I own it on Steam and playing currently.
v22549.32020-12-16 at 11:49massterFenghuang JieAdded game description