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c44773.152019-06-16 at 11:41prinzeugenzManiwa Rokashe is NOT MAIN CHARACTER
c44772.182019-06-16 at 11:40prinzeugenzKurama Koharustop messing around, pls
c72522.62019-06-13 at 02:56prinzeugenzMitsui Ruriadd trait
c72523.72019-06-12 at 15:18prinzeugenzKurose Sakurapretty scary sometime...
c72528.42019-06-12 at 08:23prinzeugenzAbe Kurumithere is no choice for her at the first time playthrough
c72527.42019-06-12 at 08:13prinzeugenzShinonome AzusaJust a side charactor you have to playthrough once to unlock her route
c12415.172019-06-08 at 08:26prinzeugenzTia Hohenwerfennot main character
c12416.142019-06-08 at 08:25prinzeugenzHinomiya Konokashe is not main char
c46831.142019-06-06 at 13:46prinzeugenzMaidspoiler
c50885.72019-06-06 at 13:42prinzeugenzAimuShe is one of side characters of this VN
c83408.32019-06-06 at 13:36prinzeugenzIse Kotoriadding personality
c66159.62019-06-05 at 15:09prinzeugenzMibu ChisakiHer route is a bonus route
c83408.22019-06-03 at 13:39prinzeugenzIse Kotoriadding traits
c83408.12019-06-03 at 13:34prinzeugenzIse Kotorimissing charactor
c12410.132019-05-30 at 15:06prinzeugenzShirley Warwickadding description
c3734.42019-03-23 at 14:35prinzeugenzMoritaHiding spoiler
c3313.112019-03-23 at 12:41prinzeugenzSaionjiFixing scrip
c3313.102019-03-23 at 12:41prinzeugenzSaionjiFixing scrip
c3313.92019-03-23 at 12:40prinzeugenzSaionjiFixing scrip
c3313.82019-03-23 at 12:39prinzeugenzSaionjifixing scrip
c3313.72019-03-23 at 12:37prinzeugenzSaionjiAdding more detail description.
c11599.252019-03-14 at 17:11prinzeugenzHirasaka KeikoRemoving wrong adding iteam
c11597.292019-03-14 at 17:11prinzeugenzHasuno SakiRemoving wrong adding iteams
c11599.242019-03-14 at 16:59prinzeugenzHirasaka KeikoAdding missing iteam
c11597.282019-03-13 at 13:44prinzeugenzHasuno SakiAdding missing iteam
c11597.272019-03-13 at 07:31prinzeugenzHasuno Sakiadding missing personality and iteams