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t14893.12020-10-22Is there any bad romantic VN that must be read?I know this may sound odd that I want to read a bad VN, but my philosophy goes, the only way to appreciate how good a VN can be is by seeing how
t14890.12020-10-21Which route was your favorite?Not sure why there hasn't been a pole like this yet with the introduction of the 5 new routes and 4 expansions. Hopefully we can now see which route
w74.22020-09-14Hoshi Ori Yume MiraiI honestly though I was the only one which felt like all the routes were boring and uneventful. With these glowingly high reviews and also the
t13340.32019-12-28Any new information on the english translation?@2 Thanks for the insight on Sol Press's past history. This will definitely save me time and disappointment at the end. I happily and surely will
t13340.12019-12-28Any new information on the english translation?I was wondering if anyone has any relevant information on the ongoing English translation by Sol Press? I'm scared that they might use a translating
t4914.252019-12-24Boring?I though I was the only one that also hated the gilder scenes. like, it was kind of interesting at the start, but when majority of the game is about
t13323.12019-12-24Did anyone else find Shirasaki annoying?I can't be the only one that couldn't stand Shirasaki throughout the game. All of her ideas and proposals seemed extremely far fetch and insane, yet
t175.1402019-11-22Katawa Shoujo: Favourite RouteShizune, any day of the week. Act 2 was so strong, I was completely engrossed into the scenes.
t12254.102019-11-22favorite heroineSerizawa was hands down, the best girl out of rest. The route was also pretty enjoyable too.