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t12800.822021-07-08Querying DatabasesIt does. That's strange, I'm pretty sure that I've saved queries between then and now... Well, at least I have a workaround. Thanks!
t12800.802021-07-05Querying DatabasesI am no longer able to save queries, even without any changes; it's just returning HTTP 500.
t2108.37612021-05-15Candidates for deletionr77904 needs to be undeleted - the games are available individually in the US, the forced bundle is only in Europe. (I've already fixed r77903.)
t2108.37112021-04-03Candidates for deletionr77833 is not a distinct product; it's just a bundle at the retailer giving you individual copies of r77832 and r77834. I don't think those are
t2520.5402021-01-30Minor error/sNot strictly an error, but I noticed when trying to write a query that there's no PS5 platform in the database yet. Seems pretty inevitable that one
t2520.5262020-12-13Minor error/s"It doesn't do a diff if the titles are less than 10 characters, as - typically - for such short titles the change tends to be easy to notice and any
t8962.92020-03-07Is it really a visual novel?Well, #5 attempted that already. Is there something more specific that should be provided? This screenshot is a good example of the presentation
t8962.72020-03-07Is it really a visual novel?Agree, I think it qualifies too.
t13496.52020-02-04FAQ: releases' producers"Yes, maybe set at least a global original developer and a global original language for a VN."Global original developer makes sense. Global original
t13494.12020-02-01Regarding r66780.3Not linking the developer to localizations makes sense, but you should update the FAQ page to include that rule. However, this isn't a localization
t13368.92020-01-01What happened to the lists???Well, you had the opportunity to provide feedback before they were rolled out.
t2520.3362019-12-12Minor error/sI have r56177 set to "obtained". This release contains both Steins;Gate and Steins;Gate Senkei Kousoku no Phenogram, but Steins;Gate Senkei Kousoku
t2108.29622019-11-07Candidates for deletion"I don't see where you can buy it alone. You have either to buy Elite or the bundle (featuring... Elite). So, it shouldn't have a separate release."If
t12907.92019-10-22AI: The Somnium Files -GD-The game consistently uses the novel narrative. It qualifies as a VN/game hybrid.
t13027.172019-10-16Translators as staff"This thread just made me realize that the data model for seiyuu is also too limited, it should have an additional language field as well to support
t12800.182019-09-11Querying DatabasesIs there a lookup table for the enums you're saving? (Specifically vn.length.) Also, is there any query to return the current user's userid (e.g. so