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t14807.342020-11-21ThirteenA very happy birthday to VNDB πŸ˜„πŸŽ‰. Let us continue to keep the vn community alive!!
w715.12020-10-12Time TenshiI hear you - 2015 version was like 70% fanservice, 30% plot. I did like it, though.
t13586.22020-10-11Fullscreen issueI know what you mean even if there's an option for it, game won't fullscreen. Mine barely worked: took too long to load, showed no text and
w498.32020-09-21TsukihimeGuess I missed that. Oh well.
w498.12020-09-21TsukihimeMusic? What music?
w8.12020-09-05DeathtopiaReading your review a couple of years ago was what led me to masochistically subject myself to experience the unbearable pain you get by reading
t14639.852020-09-04Reviews in Preview@58 I was really excited when I saw this new feature here as I'd been writing short reviews on vns elsewhere myself, but I'm getting mixed feelings
t10413.162020-01-02Best girlHotaru cuz she's a super cutesy and has big "eyes" ...iykwim
t13365.92020-01-01Happy New Lists!Happy New Year!!! :D
t12983.22019-12-01Blurry sprites and CGHi, ifvoid. Just installed game and started playing. I don't seem to have any issue with sprites or cgs even when running it in my almost 10-year-old
t12857.32019-09-13Deleted screenshotsThanks for prompt feedback. Will keep it in mind. γŒγ‚“γ°γ‚ŠγΎγ™οΌ
t12857.12019-09-13Deleted screenshotsHi, I'm rather new to vndb, and I've recently uploaded screenshots for this vn link. Sadly, those got rejected, here's revision link link Now I've