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t2108.26752019-02-12Candidates for deletionlink Is an accidental duplicate of link
t11879.22019-02-03VN with Transformation?link
t11692.22018-12-19NovelIt is, but the managers at the JASTBlue Discord say that is still in development and will be translated into English.
t8242.1942018-12-17The how to edit threadThat's the Live Sex Chat trait.
t11671.42018-12-16Slipping during escape from rapeWhat does it even mean?
t3314.15952018-12-11TraitsDoes the Japanese Expadriate trait count for a Japanese foreign exchange student coming to another country for school?
t3314.15862018-12-10TraitsArggg, I hate that I can't edit a trait once I've submitted it for moderator approval. This Subject of balljob trait is supposed to say "a balljob
t3314.15852018-12-09TraitsSeems that my links for my tanning trait broke, but I still have the NSFW links in a different format NSFW Pre-Tanning 1 NSFW Post-Tanning 1 NSFW
t2108.26052018-12-09Candidates for deletionOk, that's hilarious that there's a hentai parody of Little Red Riding Hood, but if it is a hentai, how come it's not on the Anidb?
t2108.26032018-12-09Candidates for deletionAccident Duplicate: link
t3314.15772018-12-09TraitsIf a male character has been with a woman in the past but through the duration of the game only has sex with the male protagonist, does this
t3314.15732018-12-09TraitsThat works a lot better, thanks^^
t3314.15712018-12-09Traitsnvm wrote it after you said this
t3314.15662018-12-09TraitsNo, #1565 bisexual sex would be if the girls after they had sex with the man, had sex with each other. It would also count after the man had sex with
t3314.15532018-12-09TraitsSince the bisexual trait was approved, do I tag characters ONLY with bisexual sex, or for a guy I tag Men with Men sex AND bisexual sex?
t11608.132018-12-06What the actual fuck is this artWhile I agree his ahegao faces are ugly, Sei at least has a better grasp of shading and anatomy than most artists I've seen here lol
t11608.112018-12-06What the actual fuck is this artI personally don't see why you would protect Ooyari so much or what's so good about him. Ok, I don't like his art because the faces do not look
t11608.92018-12-06What the actual fuck is this artI barely know who Ooyari is but I can say with absolute conviction that his characters are absolutely hideous, worse than the artist for the maid VN
t11608.52018-12-06What the actual fuck is this artOoyari Ashito is awful too. And I thought I was terrible at drawing faces!
t3314.15432018-12-06TraitsWhat IS the reason for not adding any more sex positions? I haven't seen any explanations why.
t11572.32018-11-29(Minor Spoiler) Bestiality TagIsn't it avoidable if you don't pick the dog at all and will still lead to the true end?
t8242.1732018-11-26The how to edit thread#172 definitely rape. A violation of the mouth.
t3314.15372018-11-25TraitsWhen browsing characters, I've seen a lot with weird ear headphone...things. If I were to create a trait for them, what would they be called? Robot
t11533.12018-11-18Popularity PollingNVM it's been fixed.
t3314.15132018-11-14TraitsNSFW What is this sex position called? I don't know how to tag it.
t11512.22018-11-13Female anatomy / internal ejaculation in vnEasy answer: The artists are men and don't know how female anatomy looks and works. Why do you think there's so many yaoi VNs where the men have
t2520.2792018-11-11Minor error/slink I can't upload links on mobile without getting a "invalid url" error. I can upload the same link without a problem on my computer though.
t2108.25522018-10-29Candidates for deletionlink Is this a bot?
t2108.25462018-10-25Candidates for deletionlink Accident duplicate
t3314.14712018-10-13TraitsI tagged as NTR because Erisita is the mentor of Yuruyi and in many of the scenes she has sex with him. Since she's now having sex with someone else
t3314.14692018-10-13TraitsCan the fusion trait be undenied? The reason given was no examples, so I provided a new description and examples. "This character is fused with
t3314.14642018-10-12TraitsAccording to the Monster Girl Wiki, aliases for the Mandagora trait are Alraune and Mandrake.
t3314.14622018-10-12Traits>filtering through 4 different traits looking for one specific thing
t3314.14602018-10-12TraitsWould it work if the trait was named "Seke" then? There's a seke protagonist tag, but it doesn't explain which character tops or bottoms for the
t3314.14582018-10-11TraitsI saw that the trait for Versatile sex was denied, so I tried to write it to fit mod's standards. Engages in (Sexual) -> Versatile Sex Role "This
t3314.14492018-10-07TraitsInverted nipples are marked as sexual content. Should that be unchecked then?
t3314.14472018-10-07TraitsI don't mean to double post, but I have some more suggestions 1. Huge Penis, Small Penis, and phimosis be marked with sexual content to be SFW with
t2108.25262018-10-07Candidates for deletionAccidental dupe: link Original: link
t3314.14462018-10-06Traits#1445 it's a TAG, not a trait. It would have to be created first.
t3314.14442018-10-06TraitsIn Forced cross-dressing the sentence should be "consented by the character themself" not 'itself'.
t3314.14402018-10-05Traits#1439 What about a trait tag for sentient objects?
t3314.14372018-10-05Traits^I agree, they both are too similar to tag
t2108.25212018-10-05Candidates for deletionlink Another bot?
t3314.14292018-10-01Traitsidk, e-hentai considered unbirthing as "A person or creature being consumed by a vagina, anus, or urethra." I fixed it though.
t3314.14262018-10-01TraitsOkay, I didn't know how to tag these characters properly. link link There's a scene where the character Mark shoves his pet fish up his anus. Since
t3314.14242018-10-01TraitsWould a person being placed up an anus be considered under the trait unbirthing? Should there be a trait for anal vore?
t3314.14072018-09-26TraitsWhy was the Kissing During Sex denied? Imo, isn't it as useful as any of the sex tags? The only reason for its rejection was "My GOD! How lewd!".
t2108.25042018-09-24Candidates for deletionOkay, I cracked open the demo again. You can delete these characters as they only say one or two lines. I agree with #2501 about more clarification
t2108.25022018-09-24Candidates for deletionI played the Seiyuu Danshi game. I wasn't sure about what role to give the characters. I gave the "makes an appearance" role to characters you could
t10558.1472018-09-23Kickstarter for Venus Blood FrontierThe Kickstarter is starting to slow down. They need to make at least 4900$ a day to make the goal.