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r102976.12023-01-27 at 16:38qpoBETA-SIXDOUZECopied from r102960.3
r102975.12023-01-27 at 16:38qpoBETA-SIXDOUZE (Traditional Chinese)Copied from r102960.3
r102960.32023-01-27 at 16:36qpoBETA-SIXDOUZE (English)title, links
r102873.12023-01-25 at 06:15qpoFirst Diversadded
p17078.12023-01-25 at 06:15qpoTeito Insatsujoadded
v42209.12023-01-25 at 06:06qpoFirst Diversadded
r102872.22023-01-25 at 04:42qpoAffectionfix
r102872.12023-01-25 at 04:42qpoAffectionadded
p17077.12023-01-25 at 04:42qpoYouadded
p17076.12023-01-25 at 04:41qpoKitakazeadded
v42208.12023-01-25 at 04:39qpoAffectionadded
s29770.22023-01-25 at 04:38qpoSharouorig name, links
s32271.22023-01-25 at 04:34qpoNicky Caseno cap, links
p17074.22023-01-25 at 04:27qpoZhaoyun Shename, link
g3743.12023-01-25 at 02:47qpoDisco Elysiumfangames of Disco Elysium in the DB: v31421, v32543, v42191
r102863.12023-01-25 at 00:37qpoRito Fin - Package EditionCopied from r93391.2
r93391.22023-01-25 at 00:35qpoRito Fin - Download Editionedition, date link, booth link
r102862.12023-01-25 at 00:26qpoBokutachi no Time Capsule - Download EditionCopied from r102861.1
r102861.12023-01-25 at 00:25qpoBokutachi no Time Capsule - Package Editionadded
v42204.12023-01-25 at 00:23qpoBokutachi no Time Capsuleadded
r102860.12023-01-25 at 00:19qpoSoukou Kairai Havoc - Download EditionCopied from r102859.2
r102859.22023-01-25 at 00:18qpoSoukou Kairai Havoc - Package Editionfix
r102859.12023-01-25 at 00:18qpoSoukou Kairai Havocadded
v42203.12023-01-25 at 00:11qpoSoukou Kairai Havocadded
v42202.22023-01-25 at 00:05qpoBoku to Youjo no Ikkagetsustaff
r102858.12023-01-24 at 23:46qpoBoku to Youjo no Ikkagetsu - Download EditionCopied from r102857.1
r102857.12023-01-24 at 23:45qpoBoku to Youjo no Ikkagetsu - Package Editionadded
v42202.12023-01-24 at 23:42qpoBoku to Youjo no Ikkagetsuadded
r102855.22023-01-24 at 23:06qpoTeyvat Shijianbu - White Day Trial Editionfix
r102855.12023-01-24 at 23:04qpoTeyvat Shijianbu - White Day Trial Editionadded
p17072.12023-01-24 at 23:02qpoTeyvat Shijianbu Zhizuozuadded
v42201.12023-01-24 at 22:59qpoTeyvat Shijianbuadded
v33903.102023-01-24 at 22:40qpoXiangzhe Xingchen yu Shenyuannot a mobile-only game
s25903.22023-01-24 at 22:33qpoRenncredited under 连 in v33903 link link
v33903.92023-01-24 at 22:25qpoXiangzhe Xingchen yu Shenyuanunfinished, only 4 routes out of 8 have been released
r87175.72023-01-24 at 22:19qpoXiangzhe Xingchen yu Shenyuanunfinished, only 4 routes out of 8 have been released initially released on 2021-07-05, last updated on 2022-07-24
p13478.22023-01-24 at 22:14qpoGe Yi Yong Zhi Chanliang Daduiv33903 is developed by a team named 鸽已永治产粮大队, while 季长浮 is one of the team members link
r102852.12023-01-24 at 21:51qpoLiu-mang Dengtaadded
p17071.12023-01-24 at 21:50qpomandala of owladded
v42200.12023-01-24 at 21:48qpoLiu-mang Dengtaadded
v38648.42023-01-24 at 21:11qpoMirai e no Methodalias, img link
r102851.12023-01-24 at 20:41qpoJihanki no Turandotadded
v42199.12023-01-24 at 20:38qpoJihanki no Turandotadded
r102846.12023-01-24 at 20:31qpoBound Cake de Mata Ocha oadded
v42198.22023-01-24 at 20:29qpoBound Cake de Mata Ocha otook a quick look into the game, it's an intentional mispronunciation "「これがおすすめの"バ"ウンドケーキ?」 [...] 「パ! パっ、ウンドケーキ! バじゃない! パ!」 「お、オッケー、オッケー、パね。パウンドケーキ
p17070.12023-01-24 at 20:19qpoAmedama Koubouadded
v42198.12023-01-24 at 20:17qpoPound Cake de Mata Ocha oadded
v42197.22023-01-24 at 19:07qpoKoukyoukyoku Dai Juu Ban 'Yuugou'fix
r102843.12023-01-24 at 19:06qpoKoukyoukyoku Dai Juu Ban 'Yuugou'added
p17069.12023-01-24 at 19:04qpoHaru no Sakuraadded