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t19726.12023-01-27Regarding r102960.4It's a clarifier to help people better identify different releases, because the English and Traditional Chinese versions of this game are sold
t2108.50492023-01-21Candidates for deletionMinikle is a stock background service/shop of Quun Plant. Considering that they might share the same team of artists, should they be merged? link "みにく
t2108.50222023-01-04Candidates for deletionDupes: Juri = Yao Ju Yin = Ju Yin Youxi
t3617.29872023-01-01Tags suggestions/fixesMultiple kinds of adventure game elements are used in VNs under Interactive Adventure Game, so I suggest we add a few child tags for it: 1) Text
t8242.13342022-12-31The how to edit thread^ Bangumi: For a /subject/ entry: Click "信息" on the left side of the page, or add "/edit" after the url (e.g. link -> link). This doesn't work for
t19579.22022-12-28Regarding r101176.1Sorry, I saw the Japanese releases use original names and thought it's allowed. I have romanized those non-Latin names in the Chinese and Japanese
t2108.50102022-12-25Candidates for deletionr95080 dupe of r87550
t19511.112022-12-17Change name to E'mo?#8 As a native Chinese speaker I agree with you about 少女. I can't see why it's so widely mis-romanized... ü and u are simply different vowels. Those
t2108.49982022-12-15Candidates for deletionr100279 should be deleted because it's translated by the same team as r94432, although they didn't have a group name when they released r94432. r4628
t8242.13252022-12-14The how to edit threadI wonder if it's possible to bulk add releases. It seems that nobody noticed DMM GAMES Store, while 3000+ Android VNs are sold there. I have added a
t19355.52022-11-11Regarding r85315.9Sadly, no. :\ According to some Chinese reviews, this version is censored (even some non-sexual, suggestive CGs are censored by lens flares or
t19355.22022-11-10Regarding r85315.9"インターフェイスと字幕に日本語チェックがありませんがゲーム内には問題無く有ります。"I'm fairly sure this line from link means the reviewer checked the game by themself and found Japanese was
t19018.62022-10-21Medium: Memory Card Vs. Cartridge[quote]we need "DL card" as medium![/quote] +1 I think we also need "USB drive". I'm not sure if it belongs to "Memory card" or not so I choosed
t2108.49042022-10-18Candidates for deletionKomi dupe of John Baumlin EvoSpace dupe of Koji Hotta link
t19186.22022-10-08Regarding v37713 and v37714I haven't played any version of the game (Chi Tu), but since the it's pretty famous in China I have heard something about it. The game tells the
t7442.9782022-10-04Game inclusion in the DBDo Refrain no Chika Meikyuu to Majo no Ryodan and Galleria no Chika Meikyuu to Majo no Ryodan really belong here? According to some "full story
t17804.1442022-09-29<insert title preference>If the store title is different from the in-game title, which one should we go by? For example, r79335.5 is titled as "ドールナイト:Dreaming On the Last
t2108.48622022-09-20Candidates for deletionPlease undelete Leoful, they will publish r95983. link
t2108.48422022-09-10Candidates for deletionWenjian Wei Mingming is not linked to anything, see r93405.2. r93405 is a partial release later superseded by r93406.
t2108.48322022-08-27Candidates for deletionKaji Hotta dupe of Koji Hotta
t2108.48312022-08-26Candidates for deletionKaitlyn Wiley is a dupe of Kaitlyn Wiley. DS55 & Roman Stuart are dupes of Roman Stuart.
t2108.48272022-08-26Candidates for deletionHatsujou Animal dupe of Hatsujyo Animal SSnyaarks dupe of SSparks, see v26987.51
t18992.102022-08-25Regarding v7723.68^ I renamed it because you can't have two editions with the same name. Sometimes an official translation is released by the author (an individual
t2108.48182022-08-09Candidates for deletionr46280 is unlikely to be released due to engine issues. link link
t2108.47702022-07-02Candidates for deletionr92368 is a dupe of r84873. r87656 Found no information about this release. The link given in the edit summary of r87656.1 is for r83632.
t2108.47692022-06-24Candidates for deletionThanks for everybody's explanation. I'm not very familiar with the franchise. Since we're keeping fault - StP - LIGHTKRAVTE, recent votes of fault
t2108.47672022-06-24Candidates for deletionI think fault - StP - LIGHTKRAVTE need to be deleted, and r91328 should be undeleted. The dev said LIGHTKRAVTE is the episode 1 of StP. link "faultシリ
t2108.47582022-06-17Candidates for deletionWenti Shaonv Mengwuyuan dupe of Wenti Shaonü Hanhuazu
t2108.47192022-05-22Candidates for deletionPET bottle Cocoa is a doujin group, not a staff (see v22707.4).
t2108.47142022-05-15Candidates for deletionThe Ghost Painter - point & click adventure link Lu Yan Gui Hang - Swallow Homing - not a VN link r45675 - digital store bundle Tateuchi - dupe of
t9752.152022-05-14To split, or not to split? General ThreadThere're some companies were previously doujin groups, and continue to operate under their old names after becoming a company, like TYPE-MOON, LOVERSO
t10302.4642022-05-12Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadSomebody voted 1-3 for a bunch of Chinese VNs on 2022-05-10: v28994, v24484, v30078, v24578, v30438 and most games of p6692, p6005, p11318, p8912, p61
t2108.46942022-05-02Candidates for deletionPIZZA PRANKS should be deleted too since all the release entries of Indiepocalypse (link) have been deleted.
t2108.46932022-05-01Candidates for deletionr81736 According to one of the main creators of the game, Swallow, the mobile release won't happen because it can't pass the review (to get a
t17804.992022-03-12<insert title preference>I think MGS:DGN is quite different from those 3 titles I mentioned above. Maybe I didn't explain it clear enough. After watching playthroughs of
t17804.972022-03-12<insert title preference>Some VNs are translated and adapted from another medium, with no (or few) changes to the original content, but not released in the language they were
t12755.1312022-02-18Linking Databases, part 2"How about booth? There are a bunch of doujin VNs there."+1. There're 644 products in the "novel game" tag currently. link And please add Vector
t2108.45382022-02-17Candidates for deletionLian'ai Moni Qi: Chaojia Pian and Lian'ai Moni Qi: Xinnian Tebie Pian are dupes of Lian'ai Moniqi. The game was released in chapters, and Chaojia
t2108.45362022-02-16Candidates for deletionv29981 has no graphics at all. Some screenshots (of r76832): link
t7442.9112022-02-15Game inclusion in the DB"The Wizard of Oz The Guild of Thieves James Clavell's Shogun Arthur: The Quest for Excalibur"There's plenty of other 80s western graphical parser IF
t2108.45352022-02-15Candidates for deletionYou Must be 18 or Older to Enter has ASCII art but no real visual in the playthrough. Only two logo images of developers are presented in the start
t7442.8992022-02-14Game inclusion in the DB@897 I read Kurikaeshi no Sekai thoroughly and didn't see any graphics. Please delete it. Thanks for the replies. I also discovered the discussion
t7442.8962022-02-14Game inclusion in the DBThere're parser games released in recent years like Don't Make Love and ナツノカナタ (both having clickable actions/keywords) get included in the DB. Is
t2108.45302022-02-14Candidates for deletionUsagi Store is a dupe of Hanayuki.
t7442.8932022-02-14Game inclusion in the DBI noticed there's a Text Parser tag, which applied to some entirely parser-based interactive fiction with graphics, such as works of Falcom and Infoco
t2108.44622022-01-18Candidates for deletionGreenTeaMilk is a dupe of Green Tea Milk. Tsujita Yuuko is a dupe of Tsujita Yuuko. makina is the representative of Bakasuka, see r79925.7
t2108.41132021-10-14Candidates for deletionr58035 was cancelled after the official Chinese translation was announced. link "2018年开坑「ことのはアムリラート」(言语情缘,或言语关系),结果眼瞅着快要翻译完了,却传来了官方中文版公布的消息,ಥ_ಥ" Koto
t2108.38812021-07-09Candidates for deletionYoukai Poetry is a dupe of Yao Shi
t2108.36612021-02-27Candidates for deletionDirectDoggo is a dupe of Direct Doggo. I have no idea why r72402 exists... According to SteamDB, the dev didn't push an update on 2019-04-11. The
t2108.36012021-02-03Candidates for deletion#3600, Omutsu, one of the writers said in 2017: "Sorry, we are stopping the project now." Once10 is a dupe of Once'. Also, Wuya Daxian is the founder