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t12756.22019-12-22The end.Only in the bad ending (and there is only one bad ending)
t13189.12019-11-25[spoiler]One of the best yuri visual novelYou know yuri visual novels are often about two cute girls doing cute things in a high school? Well, this game is anything BUT that. The game
t12219.22019-11-15Good soundtracksYes, this game surely has a great soundtrack. I played the opening song on loop for an hour and didn't get tired of listening to it. The sound track
t12482.12019-06-19Rip-off of Mōryō no Hako?This visual novel is strikingly similar to a Japanese novel, Mōryō no Hako (Box of Goblins). You can check the plotline here: link Many storylines
t9480.22019-06-18Hook Code for ITH VNR?If you are using visual novel reader, there is no H-code. Just run the game a little while, and the translation will appear on the screen.