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9FinishedAkai ItoRead it twice.2018-09-27
7DroppedAoishiroWhile I appreciate the wonderful world building, I was super annoyed by the pace. The story drags way too long! Do they need to talk about food for every single meal? It's not even related to the story. When threats come, focus on the tension, not food for god's sake. I only finished Yasumi's route. Don't know if I have the patience to do the rest.2019-07-10
7FinishedAozameta Tsuki no Hikari2019-10-09
8FinishedA Summer's End — Hong Kong, 1986Nice artwork and music. The storyline is way too rushed though. Up to the stargazing part is fascinating, but after that, it all went downhill. How can you convince me that these two are meant to be together just after meeting for three times? No, not even lesbians would jump into a relationship this fast. I do enjoy the part where two women visit the graveyard, have lunch, and stargaze though, since they actually talk and try to understand each other. Communication, communication ladies. I feel related to the protagonist, having similar upbringing as her. However, her determination of becoming an out and proud lesbian is, again, too rushed. She would've struggled more than what's depicted in the VN. With that said, I still gave this VN a high grade, because it makes me ruminate on some of my personal experiences.2020-08-10
10FinishedAtlach-NachaEvery line counts! What a rare scene in VNs. As the protagonist is a monster, she spares no time talking about daily lives. Go to hell, boring conversation and a slice of life! The relationship between Hatsune and Kanako carries throughout the entire VN. The ending is heartbreaking yet bittersweet. The redemption plotline of the MC is extremely well done. 10/102018-09-27
6DroppedBishoujo Mangekyou -Norowareshi Densetsu no Shoujo-2019-05-26
5DroppedBishoujo Mangekyou -Tsumi to Batsu no Shoujo-Can't finish it. As much as I enjoy psychopathic protagonist, this one fails me, maybe due to the pacing issue? Too many sex scenes disturb the flow of the story. Have to skip most of them.2019-11-19
7FinishedBlackberry HoneyAnother fluffy yuri story. I was worried the maid uniform was just for fanservice but it turns out these ladies are indeed doing their bits. It's easy to understand why Lorina is attracted to Taohua, the mysterious and seemingly powerful woman. However, the game fails to explain why Taohua falls for Lorina.2020-08-25
5-Blossoms Bloom Brightest2019-11-26
8FinishedCastle Fantasia ~Erencia Senki~2019-05-26
8FinishedCastle Fantasia ~Seima Taisen~2019-05-26
6FinishedDare ga Koroshita Komadori oJust a typical hentai storyline, girls are blackmailed by a psycho and too stupid to report him. But writing is surprisingly good.2019-08-14
6-Dark Blue2019-06-04
6FinishedDESIRE - Haitoku no Rasen2019-06-12
8FinishedDoki Doki Literature Club!2019-11-17
8-Doukyuusei 22019-06-08
7FinishedeuphoriaWhat an opening and ending! The final chapter, or the true ending, sets this game apart from other nukige games. Still feel the last chapter's a bit rushed, too many expositions and too many twists. Writing seems to get worse, lack of the hauntingly captivating quality as the first chapter. I don't think MC and Nemu deserve the happy ending. They need to redeem.their behavior. Yes, crimes happening in a virtual world are stll crimes.2019-11-14
8FinishedEve: Burst Error2019-06-09
6-EVE: The Lost One2019-06-06
9FinishedEVE ZeroMy first VN. Still remember the explicit gore and shocking plot twists. It doesn't take any effort to love the two MCs, both with quick wits and a couple of tricks in their sleeves. They're SMART, which is better than most of VNs. The ending is a bit rush and leaves tons of plotholes. But I love theses character too much to give this VN a low grade.2019-05-27
8FinishedFatal Twelve2019-11-21
8FinishedFate/Stay NightCould be a masterpiece if all the nonsense daily conversation was removed. Adrenaline-filled action scenes, surprising plot twists, good character development. However, I dislike the MC the most, as Shirou is a misogynist. Saber is a knight, let her be a knight! Stop making her a girly girl.2018-09-27
-PlayingFlowers -Le Volume sur Été-Much better than spring. I hate forced relationships and love triangles, like the one portrayed in Spring. Summer is heartwarming and humorous, making it an enjoyable read.2020-08-27
7FinishedFlowers -Le Volume sur Printemps-I had a high expectation of this VN, thinking this would be the next Maria Sama Ga Miteru. I mean, the theme of these two are so similar; girls become sisters and support one another, and along the way, love quietly blooms. What can go wrong? It went wrong in every single way. There's no slow-burn romance as in Marimite - they all fall in love at the first sight, and for the wrong person. I feel like Mayuki changes her love interest faster than she changes shoes. Art is gorgeous though, only if the story could keep up.2019-06-17
5FinishedGalaxy Girls: Starlight Blossoms Bloom BrightestThe only merit of this game is its character design and these women's boobs... But for that purpose I would rather watch hentai than playing this one.2019-12-19
7FinishedHakuisei Aijou Izonshou2018-09-27
9FinishedHakuisei Ren'ai ShoukougunOne of the best yuri VN, with a solid storyline, character development, and believable settings. I understand readers might be annoyed by the numerous medical jargons, but I personally love them. They give this VN a serious tone, making it more realistic. I didn't know being a nurse is such a bother, for instance. I didn't give it a perfect score because some romances (e.g. Ami) feel forced and they don't add much to the storyline. Later I learned these characters were not introduced as a love interest in the original edition and only added later in the re-master. No wonder. And MC could have more personality.2018-09-27
6-Highway BlossomsA cute, fluffy yuri story. Nothing more. The gold treasure hunting storyline could be more exciting.2019-06-22
7FinishedJisatsu no Tame no 101 no Houhou2019-09-04
7-Kakyuusei 22019-10-13
6DroppedKanojo to Kanojo to Watashi no Nanoka -Seven days with the Ghost-too much torture for my taste.2019-07-10
6FinishedKara no ShoujoOverrated. The main storyline is a replica of a Japanese novel, Box of Goblins. I really want to feel sympathized to the main girl, Touko, but she's creepy as hell. Like, keep rejecting her would make her love you more. What kind of masochist is that? The other Touko feels more like a real girl than her. The detective part is fun, but it's just a copy from the novel.2019-06-16
9DroppedKimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi.Dropped because I hate hurting Miyuki. Watch the playthrough online, though. This game is better at integrating 'Breaking the Fourth Wall' trope than DDLC. Who doesn't like a real Yandere?2018-09-27
7FinishedKotonoha Amrilato2019-12-05
7FinishedKurenai no Namida2021-01-12
5DroppedLadykiller in a BindStory is ridiculous. All the girls are either bitchy or a pushover. Pros: players can choose either males or females as love interest. Your choice does matter.2019-12-03
7FinishedLove Ribbon2019-11-25
7FinishedMugen Renkan ~Chijoku ni Mamireshi Fushiki no Rinbu~2019-07-21
5FinishedMy Fair AngelA foster father must rape his 6-year-old girl for her to survive? Nice, Japan. Art is amazing. The other two routes (which only involve adults and consensual sex) are nice.2019-06-13
6FinishedOkujou no Yurirei-sanI can't get emotinally invested to any of the characters. The only interesting girls are the two ghosts. Unfortunately they don't have much screentime.2019-05-27
8FinishedPlanetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~2019-10-14
8FinishedPrincess Maker 42019-05-26
9FinishedSakura Taisen2019-06-12
8FinishedSakura Taisen 2 ~Kimi, Shinitamou koto Nakare~2019-06-12
8-Sakura Taisen 3 ~Paris wa Moeteiru ka~2019-06-12
7DroppedSakura Taisen 4 ~Koiseyo Otome~2019-07-13
10Playing, Wishlist, Wishlist-HighSeaBed2019-11-26
9FinishedSentimental Graffiti2018-09-27
3DroppedShiniyuku Kimi, Yakata ni Mebuku ZouoI'm usually okay with gore, having played Euphoria and similar games, but this one went too far. Also, the game's main theme is a copycat of Mugen Renkan, another work from the same writer. Seems like he just recycled ideas, only with less convincing character development. Art is nice but has no personality, similar to hundred other galgames these days.2019-05-26
8Wishlist, Wishlist-MediumShin Sakura Taisen2019-07-11