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t14109.22020-06-05Where are they?They still exist, there is a big discord server with around 10000 members of this group. link
t13987.52020-06-05Updates ?Covid-19 makes it hard for eroge companies to do anything... I'd not bet on a release before 2021
t12283.132020-06-05Time worthy VN?Trinoline is worth it, but theres a game coming out this summer which is putting trinoline to shame. Keep your eyes out for ATRI ~ My Dear Moments
t14117.32020-06-05Miyu Futaba Fate [Spoiler]Miyu is not a good character at all, as soon you see her with a paper bag on her head you know shit is going down. I admittedly did her later than
t12482.52020-06-05Rip-off of Mōryō no Hako?Even if it carbon copied it...Kara no Shoujo ruined the original with this copout dumbass true ending, thats even canon! I'm upset!
t14086.222020-06-05How to easily find Best Moege ?Try the Moege awards.
t11863.232020-06-05What is the best way to learn Japanese?The immersion meme.
t14114.52020-06-05Anyone have Hook code for this?Should hook fine, I don't need them though.
t14068.152020-05-29Sol Press quits the VN marketSpeaking about Sol Press. I wrote a small article about them remembering of the shit theyve done and how this statement doesn't address any of the
t14070.42020-05-29Can anyone help me find this VN?I can't believe that someone actually managed to find this.
t14075.52020-05-29Playable Without H Scenes ?The censored version is so completely bad without the restoration patch. It's nearly unintelligible from the original. I would not play it that way
t14081.62020-05-29Steam editionStrangely you can get the game + patch on steam for 24.04€ at the current time. On JAST on the other hand the same package costs 31.77€ Something is
t14013.42020-05-29Game mechanic helpIt's such a simple game. Not really happy with it...
t14084.22020-05-29Rape Eroge Fanss Discord serverThere are like three users on there. Wouldn't it be smarter to join one of the established biggers ones with more people to discuss with? link
t14085.22020-05-29From where can I download this for free?Ask the local police department. More seriously: Probably on some chinese pirate sites.
t14068.112020-05-27Sol Press quits the VN marketDevastating news. They could've really changed something in the market. But the market moves so fast..
t13383.82020-05-22List of VN related discords as of 2020#7 Damn, I'm retarded xd
t12664.112020-05-22VNs with graphic human childbirthHajimete no Okaa-san like my predecessor said.
t12405.1402020-05-22The worst translation I've ever seenThis thread sucks. Shut up lads and chill. Sankaku sold big time and y'all jealous.
t14034.92020-05-22Is windows xp sweet spot for us otakus & weebsPC-98 is what you should have.
t14015.32020-05-21Is this 2236 AD prequel available anywhere?I talked to the developer and he considers making it available on Steam one day. link TL: Me: Come to think of it, do you have plans to publish the
t14030.62020-05-21Is this nukige ?Yeah. It's a standard one route moege with even a bit of drama. I can still remember when the heroine did a courageous jump from the balcony.
t13383.52020-05-20List of VN related discords as of 2020Very useful page. Can I bookmark this thread somehow??
t14019.22020-05-19Not actually twinsBig lolicon!!!!!!!
t13574.162020-05-19VNs where the MC is a terrible personShuusaku. Natsu no Kusari. Isaku. Kisaku. There are a lot.
t13977.32020-05-14When does Kyonyuu Fantasy 3 take place?So pretty much Assassins Creed with big jugs.
t13574.72020-05-13VNs where the MC is a terrible personHoly god. Natsu no Kusari is the perfect one.
t13891.62020-05-13Yukiwari no Hana youtube translation(partial)That's pretty cool :D
t13712.72020-05-07Why does this site doesn't have...We profile ourselves based on our eroge read. If you haven't read a certain canon you aren't human xd
t13908.92020-05-04No yuka route?!Welcome to reality. Best girl never gets a route. Look at Rusalka and Dies Irae :(
t13755.82020-05-03MAGES. sold to a company specialized in mobageNice. Finally a good Mobage :)
t12865.72020-04-29What is this about?Wholesome love and brain damage.
t6592.222020-04-28What is it that draws you to this game?Jast needs to bring this game to steam to make hella profit.
t13879.132020-04-28How in the world do they justify the $64 price tagYumeutsutsu Re:Master is a pretty good game, but it's not stellar or invents the wheel new. I would not pay this price honestly. But as a review code
t13755.32020-03-31MAGES. sold to a company specialized in mobageLiterally noone cares.-
t13698.232020-03-22English translation projectImagine contributing to the destruction of kamige-status on a voluntary basis :(
t12456.22019-06-13Kyudo is not archery and it is under its ownNonsense suggestion.
t12356.62019-05-19Wrong title translationUrban dictionary is just the very peak of a reliable source.
t12356.32019-05-19Wrong title translationダメる。くそEOP
t11282.42019-04-15How long is the trial version?5000 lines.
t10975.152019-04-10Zanki Zero ReviewI don't even know where to start. link
t12162.62019-04-09Tutorial of reading VNs in JPSorry for my rude comment. I just think you are not fit to make a tutorial about this. and toms setup is a total mess... :v
t12162.42019-04-08Tutorial of reading VNs in JPDon't teach others how to hookcuck. You'll lead the sheep astray.
t12146.42019-04-06People that played thisJust because you hate it the game isn't bad. Stop such a solipsistic view. The world doesn't turn around you.
t12148.122019-04-05Is the entire game pointless?@tabasaki That is the point. Thats what Steins Gate is.
t11178.52019-04-05World End Syndrome ReviewThe sound being bad kills it for me... such games need atmospheric buildup by music. Still gonna get it, eventually.
t12148.72019-04-05Is the entire game pointless?Steins;Gate is a somewhat egoistic story, because it does not really consider the fucked up timelines that are left over. But in a way this doesn't
t12105.42019-03-31Sol Press looking for newer translatorsTo seriously answer this its kinda strange how they are looking for amateur translators just like that... If they at least promised something like a
t12127.12019-03-31Sprite now completely defunctOn the 27th March Sprite posted that with their discontinuation of their Shop sprite is now completely dead. Read the full statement here: link
t12119.92019-03-30Greenwood (light's parent) is shutting downWhy don't you guys just read the report. It says exactly what they are planning to do and what will happen.