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w2065.32021-05-17Soukou Akki Muramasa>Well, the VN is justly a kamige. Not so often can you encounter such a quality writing >I read it with Textractor + DeepL/Google Translate, and yet
t15683.62021-05-16Main translator left English projectThat's a definite dick move.
w2063.12021-05-16Sadistic BloodAdditionally if you like seeing guro and carnage the JAST USA version is completely demosaiced. That is much more visceral than the mosaic version in
t16045.82021-05-15I need one sad vn like planetarianNarcissu, Sayonara Utsutsu, Swan Song
t15277.62021-05-14Archival & PreservationI have it.
t16033.32021-05-12This game has no right being this good.BADONKAS BEST
t15982.52021-05-07Is this game even real ? a joke ? a illusion ?@3 he succeeded in all of that but some things are still in development.
t15978.22021-05-03How can one get in contact with George Henry ShaftHe is probably not a single person, but a collective. Shakespeare-Style.
t15963.82021-05-02Do not play with the H-Scenes ruins the experienceEntire post full of untagged spoilers. Not cool.
t15937.402021-04-29Sakura no Uta Community Translation Challenge#38 presents some giga autism before gods presence. Pitiful.
t15937.202021-04-28Sakura no Uta Community Translation Challenge@19 yeah, it's gambs army vs. FEMDIC
t15937.112021-04-27Sakura no Uta Community Translation Challenge#10 Your English skills are also more than questionable, so can you even judge that?
t15917.82021-04-25This does have an English translation.I started doing some lines. You tend to leave away many descriptive details while I put too many details into the mix. I didn't edit over your lines
t15923.42021-04-25Who's the translator?No, absolutely not french. I believe on my own account that it had Spanish in it. In particular in scenes where the characters spoke bad Engrish.
t15915.162021-04-25any good?I'll play it on sunday, then I can report on it.
t15923.22021-04-25Who's the translator?It's Bango, I think?
t10302.2232021-04-23Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadlink Obvious trollvoter.
t15908.52021-04-23Can I post controversial topics here?ban all eroge. We should become allagesdb now
t15889.32021-04-18Translation accuracy seriously lackingThere are problems peppered throughout the Dies Irae translation but none of those you mentioned. You simply haven't consumed enough Japanese to get
t15707.82021-04-15english version.:v
t15707.72021-04-15english version.@5 there is already a fix. Just disable DirectX in the config file.
t15864.72021-04-15JAST Majikoi sold fine, but not enough for SWhen asked on the JAST Discord Bloodnose already said that they can't localize Wagahime for undisclosable reasons. Take of that what you will.
t15871.112021-04-15Frontwing to localize this game.There is a patch. I have inside knowledge believe me.
t14772.82021-04-15Best girl?Aoi is jesus.
t15673.92021-04-13It's not a joke entry, it's an actual gameAn entire thread full of suspicious voters. Isn't this beautiful?
t12455.302021-04-13Possible Update from Jast coming soon#28 Another thing I faintly am aware of is that they are currently working on a specific kind of pre-build called Basque. link Googling what this
t12455.252021-04-12Possible Update from Jast coming soonhmm
t13829.92021-04-11What happened?time for kamige
t15850.32021-04-11Financial success? Yeah, no.This is the first time I have heard that anyone buys a game based on the steam description. Usually people look at the CGs or the screenshots.
w1780.192021-04-08Musicus!I thought /vn/ had good schizos already.
t15810.52021-04-05VNs like Amnesia, but for male audience?School Days or any other of the days games.
t15810.22021-04-05VNs like Amnesia, but for male audience?Hanahira. link
t15811.42021-04-05Another kamige gonna get exposed soon :3#2 The translation will not be up to par. I predict it.
t950.9162021-04-04VNDB Suggestions!Very hardline decision funner, but I would back that. And revert kivandopolus edits as well on an unrelated note.
t15800.42021-04-03Kanji DataI'm translating this game actually (eventually). It seems about right^^
t15801.122021-04-03Kanji DataMath bad. I trust the more.
t14750.112021-04-02NEED HOOK CODECould've gone for a "Twinko" somewhere in between like she bit her tongue or smth :v The jump from Dicky to Ticky is kinda forced indeed because it
t14750.92021-04-01NEED HOOK CODEThe person above my post "Meruchan" is actually the editor of the game and her work was formidable!
t14750.82021-04-01NEED HOOK CODEObviously I am not allowed to show the script but I can copypaste the lines. 「スーさん……スー、さぁんっ……! あぁ……! 名前、呼んで……!わたし、の、なまえ……呼びながら、ついてっ……!」 Deaaar
t14750.72021-04-01NEED HOOK CODEI already explained this somewhere else, but the name translation is obviously to make the twinkle twinkle little star reference work. Before Rikky
t15747.82021-04-01Denuvokek w
t15791.72021-04-01Finally!Can someone add the japanese fantranslation to it? link
t15777.52021-04-01English demoIt's not good but at least someone tried.
t15769.82021-04-01Picked up by NekoNyan#7 The translator bango already said that he wants to translate that game eventually. But given that it is free it's obviously hard to justify the
t15791.32021-04-01Finally!Nice, finally. The better april fools would've been to add back 13Sentinels :v
t10302.2162021-03-30Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadI vote shitty nukige based on the CGs. (I was held at gunpoint to post this here)
t15769.42021-03-30Picked up by NekoNyanThe battle of Yonagigahara is on.
t15773.82021-03-30This is picked up but...Nekonyan has no problems releasing things on steam.
t15757.262021-03-28hook code#23 you ruined my formidable business idea, you prick!
t15757.222021-03-28hook codeLet's open a hookcode database and trade market. There is money in this, believe me!