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t12214.22019-08-12Easter egg from the previous gameIf this is true, thank you. I appreciate the detail.
t10132.302019-01-27Sorcery Jokers -GD-Minor correction in my last post. Christmas pic took place after reunion. But they did hang out in the mall area before that event.
t11836.42019-01-27Which scenario writer is in charge of which route?I basically marathoned this VN, and from what I can tell the writing in Senri's is pretty different in both tone and diction when compared to Haruto
t10132.292019-01-06Sorcery Jokers -GD-I don't think I've seen this plot hole brought up at all in either reddit or here. And speaking of reddit, thank god I read this VN without reading
t11769.132019-01-06Restoration patch?I've been using an older version of 7-zip. When I updated to the 2018-12-30 version it finally opened. Thanks for that tip and thanks to everyone
t11769.92019-01-05Restoration patch?Looks exactly like that. So you're saying don't open the rar file and just drag it where exactly? I get the standard "can't open file" or "file is
t11769.62019-01-05Restoration patch?Yuuridudester, not sure if you're being condescending or not, but either way you're pretty unhelpful. If someone asks "I can't access vndb, is the
t11769.32019-01-04Restoration patch?I meant the patch zip file. Am I not supposed to unpack/unzip it? It's not letting me unzip it.
t11769.12019-01-04Restoration patch?Can't open it even after download. Is the file corrupted or do I need version 1 or something?
t11740.12018-12-29Choose protagonist?Do you get to see the other route later? Accidentally forgot to save at that part and game won't let me go back to that point so I'm wondering.
t11361.32018-10-11Installation girl?Damn. Thanks for the reply though.
t11361.12018-10-11Installation girl?Anyone know where the installation girl is from? Is she original or is there more of her elsewhere?
t11331.32018-10-11Save fileThanks sir.
t11331.12018-10-03Save fileAnyone got a complete save file they're willing to share?