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r61066.232022-02-05 at 18:06cafeconyomiHoshi Ori Yume Miraifixed link.
r66249.202022-02-05 at 18:06cafeconyomiGin'iro, Harukafixed link.
r66249.192021-10-28 at 02:06cafeconyomiGin'iro, HarukaLast update prob.
r66249.182021-08-13 at 01:20cafeconyomiGin'iro, HarukaUpdated website
r61066.222021-08-12 at 17:15cafeconyomiHoshi Ori Yume MiraiUpdate.
p8580.72021-08-12 at 17:13cafeconyomiGalletadeyomiAdding a new website.
p8580.62021-07-22 at 00:19cafeconyomiGalletadeyomiFacebook took down my page for some random reason.
r66249.172021-02-09 at 22:46cafeconyomiGin'iro, HarukaReleased Momiji's route.
r66249.162021-01-22 at 00:19cafeconyomiGin'iro, HarukaJust another update.
r66249.152021-01-15 at 05:20cafeconyomiGin'iro, HarukaJust another update.
r66249.142020-09-29 at 02:39cafeconyomiGin'iro, Harukaupdate.
r66249.132020-09-14 at 01:28cafeconyomiGin'iro, Harukaupdated progress and waiting for bethly's route patch release (editing and stuff).
r66249.122020-08-18 at 01:29cafeconyomiGin'iro, HarukaAlmost forget update the date :)
r66249.112020-08-18 at 01:28cafeconyomiGin'iro, HarukaUpdate.
r66249.102020-08-05 at 20:07cafeconyomiGin'iro, HarukaUpdated progress.
r66249.82020-06-29 at 13:50cafeconyomiGin'iro, HarukaRelease.
r66249.72020-06-23 at 21:45cafeconyomiGin'iro, HarukaPreparing common route patch.
r66249.62020-06-19 at 02:07cafeconyomiGin'iro, HarukaUpdate at 18/06/2020.
p8580.52020-05-21 at 14:08cafeconyomiGalletadeyomiAiming Gin'iro haruka be the last project, dissolved group for this reason.
r66249.52020-04-08 at 01:26cafeconyomiGin'iro, HarukaNew PV.
r61066.202020-03-27 at 06:55cafeconyomiHoshi Ori Yume MiraiReleased full patch.
r61066.192020-03-25 at 05:15cafeconyomiHoshi Ori Yume Mirailast progress update.
r60547.192020-03-21 at 02:15cafeconyomiHoshi Ori Yume Mirai Ruta parcial Toukoupdated patch.
r61066.182020-03-17 at 20:54cafeconyomiHoshi Ori Yume MiraiJust a little update.
r61066.172020-03-01 at 22:30cafeconyomiHoshi Ori Yume MiraiI almost finish the release, but I made two entries, how I can delete one of them? Leaving only this one, as full release.
r60547.182019-12-21 at 08:17cafeconyomiHoshi Ori Yume Mirai Ruta completa de MisaUpdated patch.
r60547.172019-12-19 at 03:38cafeconyomiHoshi Ori Yume Mirai Ruta parcial de MisaUpdated patch.
r61066.162019-12-19 at 03:09cafeconyomiHoshi Ori Yume MiraiUpdated progress.
r61066.152019-12-13 at 19:41cafeconyomiHoshi Ori Yume MiraiUpdated date, I forgot change it.
r61066.142019-12-12 at 18:56cafeconyomiHoshi Ori Yume MiraiUpdate.
r67002.42019-11-26 at 20:17cafeconyomiSanoba WitchUpdated progress.
p8580.42019-11-16 at 02:56cafeconyomiGalletadeyomiUpdated from single translator to a group.
r60547.162019-11-15 at 21:22cafeconyomiHoshi Ori Yume Mirai Ruta de Ousaka SoraUpdated patch.
r61066.132019-11-06 at 16:57cafeconyomiHoshi Ori Yume MiraiUpdated progress.
r67002.32019-11-04 at 00:30cafeconyomiSanoba Witchupdated some stuff.
r60547.152019-11-02 at 15:31cafeconyomiHoshi Ori Yume Mirai Ruta de Narusawa Rikkaupdated.
r60547.142019-11-01 at 00:41cafeconyomiHoshi Ori Yume Mirai Ruta de Rikka + SoraUpdated patch for Halloween.
r60547.132019-10-23 at 22:41cafeconyomiHoshi Ori Yume Mirai Ruta de Rikka parcialUpdated patch.
p8580.32019-10-09 at 02:55cafeconyomiGalletadeyomiupdated link of website.
r61066.112019-10-09 at 02:50cafeconyomiHoshi Ori Yume MiraiNew update.
r66249.32019-09-14 at 16:14cafeconyomiGin'iro, HarukaWhy do i forget some things? Idk.
r66249.22019-09-14 at 16:13cafeconyomiGin'iro, HarukaUpdated some data.
r66249.12019-09-14 at 16:11cafeconyomiGin'iro, HarukaPV: link
r60547.122019-08-07 at 00:35cafeconyomiHoshi Ori Yume Mirai Ruta de Natsukiupdate link.
r61066.102019-07-17 at 00:19cafeconyomiHoshi Ori Yume Miraiupdate.
p8580.22019-07-05 at 01:18cafeconyomiGalletadeyomirelocated to discord.
r60547.112019-06-24 at 18:48cafeconyomiHoshi Ori Yume Mirai Ruta de Natsuki parcialNew link added.
r60547.102019-06-24 at 18:46cafeconyomiHoshi Ori Yume Mirai Ruta de Natsuki parcialUpdated patch, includes partial Natsuki's route and Marika's route.
r61066.92019-06-16 at 19:38cafeconyomiHoshi Ori Yume MiraiUpdated date.
r61066.82019-06-16 at 19:37cafeconyomiHoshi Ori Yume MiraiUpdate.